Jinx Clone

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Super Mario RPG Enemy
Jinx Clone
Location(s) Bowser's Keep
HP 320
Attack 180
Magic Attack 0
Defense 120
Magic Defense 35
Speed 22
Spells None
Sp. Attacks Jinxed, Triple Kick, Quicksilver, Bombs Away, Silver Bullet
Items None
Exp. points 0
Coins 0
              Misc. stats
FP 0
Evade 30%
Magic Evade 0%
Strong Fear, Sleep, Critical
Weak None
Bonus Flower None
Yoshi Cookie None
Morph Rate 0%
"I'm the REAL thing!"

A Jinx Clone is a monster that Magikoopa can summon in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The enemy is a clone of Jinx, the master martial artist of Monstro Town. A Jinx Clone hatches from a strange Yoshi Egg after Magikoopa casts a magic spell on the egg. When a Jinx Clone is present, Mario and his party can not attack Magikoopa until the summoned creature is defeated. A Jinx Clone has the same appearance as Jinx, and these copies know many of the original's fighting moves, including Jinxed, Quicksilver, Triple Kick, and Silver Bullet.

Overall, Jinx Clones are relatively weaker than Jinx himself, although in some regards they surpass Jinx's original, less powerful form (the first of three forms). A Jinx Clone has significantly less HP and magic defense than Jinx (in any of his three forms). On the other hand, a Jinx Clone's defense is even with Jinx's second (middle) form, and the monster actually has the same amount of attack power as Jinx's most powerful form.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ニセジャッキー
Nise Jakkī
Fake Jackie