Monstro Town

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Mario in  Monstro Town.
Mario outside the Monstro Town item shop
“Oh, my! A traveler from afar. Welcome to Monstro Town, where many monsters mingle.”
Monstermama, Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)

Monstro Town is a cliffside town in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It is accessible after Belome Temple is successfully cleared. The town is home to a mixed group of reformed monsters as well as a Toad woman by the name of Monstermama. Goomhilde and Jagger, who fled Bowser's Minions, have relocated here; the former is managing a store with her children, and the latter is accepting challenges with his sensei Jinx at the dojo.

Of the notable monsters, there is a Chow who keeps track of the number of Super Jumps Mario has performed, and who awards prizes at 30 and 100 consecutive Super Jumps. There is also a Comeon who tells Mario how many invisible chests are left to be found, and a Starslap who dances to a tune (which is the third song for Toadofsky at Melody Bay). Sleeping in the free bed causes the Three Musty Fears to visit Mario and send him on a scavenger hunt.

Culex, statistically the strongest boss in the game, can be encountered by using a Shiny Stone (traded in Moleville for a Fireworks) on the sealed door. However, fighting him is entirely optional.

Names in other languages[edit]

GateBowser's KeepVista HillMario's PadMushroom WayMushroom KingdomBandit's WayKero SewersMidas RiverTadpole PondRose WayRose TownForest MazePipe VaultYo'ster IsleMolevilleBooster PassBooster TowerBooster HillMarrymoreStar HillSeaside TownSeaSunken ShipLand's EndMonstro TownBean ValleyNimbus LandBarrel Volcano
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Language Name Meaning
Japanese モンスタウン
Portmanteau of "monster" and "town"

Chinese 怪物鎮
Guàiwù Zhèn
Monster Town

Dutch Monsterdorp
French Monstrepaire
Portmanteau of monstre ("monster") and repaire ("lair")
German Monsterschlupf
Monster hatch
Italian Mostroburgo
Korean 몬스터 마을
Monseuteo Ma-eul
Monster Town

Spanish Monstroburgo