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Mario jumping to the ground in Bandit's Way

Bandit's Way is a location southwest of Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Although geographically a part of the Mushroom Kingdom, Bandit's Way is largely controlled by thieves and other crooks, similar to Rogueport. The bandits are very protective of their hideout and will defend their territory from outsiders. Bandit's Way is the place where Mario and his new ally Mallow chased down the crook Croco during the events of the game. The level also features the first appearance of gravity-defying blocks. Although filled with criminals, many people from all over the world have traveled to Bandit's Way to experience these hovering platforms.[1]


Second area

Third area

Fourth area

Fifth area


First area
Second area
Third area
Fourth area
Fifth area

Names in other languages[edit]

GateBowser's KeepVista HillMario's PadMushroom WayMushroom KingdomBandit's WayKero SewersMidas RiverTadpole PondRose WayRose TownForest MazePipe VaultYo'ster IsleMolevilleBooster PassBooster TowerBooster HillMarrymoreStar HillSeaside TownSeaSunken ShipLand's EndMonstro TownBean ValleyNimbus LandBarrel Volcano
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Language Name Meaning
Japanese どろぼうロード
Dorobō Rōdo
Thieves' Road


  • The music of Bandit's Way heavily resembles that of "The Russian Dance" from {wp|Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky|Tczaikovsky}}'s The Nutcracker.


  1. ^ Pelland, Scott, and Kent Miller. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Player's Guide. Page 22. "The curious travel from all over to experience Bandit Way's gravity-defying platforms. The scientific principle behind these marvels remain unknown."