Beetles Are Us

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The Beetles Are Us store in Seaside Town

Beetles Are Us is a store that buys beetles in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It is seated in Seaside Town and is run by a Snifit. Beetles Are Us is the "biggest beetle market in the known world."[1] Mario cannot buy beetles here; however, he can catch some and sell them to Beetles Are Us. To begin, Mario must first buy a Beetle Box for 150 coins. Mario must then go to Booster Hill and catch beetles while running down the hill in the beetle-race minigame. After catching beetles, Mario is paid money depending on how many and what kinds of beetles he caught. Regular female beetles are worth one coin, regular male beetles are worth fifty coins, and golden beetles are worth one Frog Coin each.


  • Beetles Are Us's name likely comes from the now-defunct toy store Toys R Us and its spinoff stores.


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