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Mario traveling through Belome Temple
Belome Temple, as seen in Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch).
The temple in the remake

Belome Temple is an underground location in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and its Nintendo Switch remake, and a sub-area of Land's End.

The temple honors the monster Belome, and has been buried in the vast caverns underneath the desert of Land's End due to the shifting sands over many ages, making it hard to find.[1] Shamans inhabit the temple and will offer their services to anyone who has entered it for a price. One of them offers Mario a shortcut back to the desert for 100 coins, while another one requires 50 coins to let him get his fortune told by hitting the tongues of the three Belome statue-heads from below in a certain order. The fortune and prize the player gets is determined by the order in which the heads were hit.

Order Fortune Reward
Left - Middle - Right "If you proceed through the pipe next door...
Looks like you'll have a great meal sometime in the future."
Mushroom (full HP-recovery) or Yoshi Cookie
Left - Right - Middle "If you proceed through the pipe next door...
Some tasty snacks are awaiting you in the future."
Yoshi Cookie
Middle - Left - Right "If you proceed through the pipe next door...
You'll have many friends in the future."
3 Chows
Middle - Right - Left "If you proceed through the pipe next door...
You'll have plenty of good things to look forward to."
3 Chows or 1 Beezo
Right - Left - Middle "If you proceed through the pipe next door...
You'll find some rare items."
1 Frog Coin or 100 coins
Right - Middle - Left "If you proceed through the pipe next door...
You'll pick up great items."
100 coins

Further in the temple, there is an additional fortune room with one Belome statue-head, a Shaman, and a tile elevator that appears to be enchanted to move down after receiving a random free fortune that resets when entering the room. Dependent on the fortune, the tile's bottom exit will either bring Mario to the treasure room or the path to the pipe at the end of the temple, which is the only entrance to Monstro Town. If the fortune reads "Sorry, I'm not accepting visitors past my bedtime.", the player will be sent to the treasure room blocked by Belome's sleeping form, which is that of a golden statue; he will vanish if the player gives him the Temple Key. If it reads "Mmm, I'm so hungry! Wish I had something to eat!", the player will be taken to the path to the pipe; the awakened Belome will be encountered and refought when passing through here the first time. Lastly, the mysterious "Gassox" also wanders around the temple.

Enemies found[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ベロ~ムしんでん
Bero~mu Shinden
Berōmu Shinden

Belome Shrine

Chinese (simplified) 长舌妖神殿
Chángshé Yāo Shéndiàn
Belome Shrine

Chinese (traditional) 長舌妖神殿
Chángshé Yāo Shéndiàn
Belome Shrine

Dutch Tempel van Smakker
Temple of Belome
French Temple de Langloute
Belome's Temple
German Belloms Tempel
Belome's Temple
Italian Tempio di Slingordo
Belome's Temple
Korean 낼름이 신전
Naelleumi Sinjeon
Belome Shrine

Spanish Templo de Canvoraz[3][4]
Belome's Temple


  • In the SNES version, the six-fortune chamber has an unused safeguard in the event of an invalid combination which, in the Japanese version, implies that Belome is communicating through these fortunes.[5]


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