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The large Marrymore chapel where weddings are held

Marrymore is a marriage resort that only appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It is where Raz and Raini were going to get married, before Booster runs in for his wedding with Princess Peach. Mario, Mallow, Geno and Bowser all go into the resort to stop Booster and his Snifsters. If Mario quickly finds Peach's missing accessories, she will kiss him; otherwise Mario may end up getting a kiss from Bowser and/or Booster, as both of them want a kiss from the princess as well.

Just as Mario and Peach are leaving, Chef Torte comes in with a living cake named Bundt, which Mario fights. Afterwards, Booster eats the rest of the cake. Later on, after the adventure is complete, during clips of the various characters from the game continuing with their lives, there is a clip of Booster and Valentina getting married at Marrymore.

Marrymore also has a large hotel, complete with the option (for 200 coins the first night and 100 coins thereafter) to stay in a luxury suite, complete with shower. Mario can continually sleep here, and rack up more cost than he can pay, and have to work as a bellhop for a while. This can allow the player to earn various healing items, coins, and even a Flower Tab or Flower Box as tips from the Inn's guests.

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Japanese メリー・マリー村
Merī Marī Mura
Merry Marry Village
Chinese 梅莉瑪莉村
Méilì Mǎlì cūn
Merry Marry Village
Dutch Bruidsburg From "bruid" (bride)
French Cité des Noces Wedding City
German Ehelingen Ehe (Marriage) + "-lingen", a common suffix for towns
Italian Nozzelandia Marriage-land
Korean 메리 마리 마을
Meri Mari Ma-eul
Merry Marry Village
Spanish Nupcialia Nuptialia