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Blooper Nanny
Artwork of a Blooper Nanny in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
A Blooper Nanny with Blooper Babies artwork from New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
First appearance Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)
Latest appearance Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition (2024)
Variant of Blooper

A Blooper Nanny is a Blooper with Blooper Babies that first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3.


Super Mario series[edit]

Bloober with kids
A Bloober with kids

Super Mario Bros. 3[edit]

In Super Mario Bros. 3, there are two types of Blooper Nannies: the Bloober with kids[1] appears in Water Land, and the Scattering Bloober[1] (or Scattering Blooper)[2] appears in Ice Land and Pipe Land. The latter glows when approached until its children swim away in different directions, and generate more children a few moments later. Just like normal Bloobers, both types follow Mario in an attempt to hurt him.

New Super Mario Bros.[edit]

Two Blooper Nannies appear in a bonus room of World 3-3 in New Super Mario Bros. This time, they will flash rainbow instead of glowing.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii[edit]

Blooper Nannies later appear in New Super Mario Bros. Wii in World 4-4. Instead of flashing or glowing, the Blooper Babies will circle around the Blooper Nanny before dispersing.

New Super Mario Bros. 2[edit]

Blooper Nannies also appear in New Super Mario Bros. 2, where they are only found in World 3-5.

New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]

Blooper Nannies also reappear in New Super Mario Bros. U in the secret level Blooper's Secret Lair. They are one of the few enemies that do not appear in New Super Luigi U.

Super Mario Maker subseries[edit]

Blooper Nannies reappear in Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS and Super Mario Maker 2. The player can shake or hold a Blooper while editing a level and it will become a Blooper Nanny. It functions identically to a normal Blooper, only with Blooper Babies in tow. Unlike in previous installments, Blooper Nannies do not shoot their babies. Blooper Nannies and their babies can be stomped on if out of water. New sprites for them have been made for Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World (along with normal Bloopers) styles.

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3[edit]

Bloober with kids
A Blooper Nanny seen in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode, "Oh, Brother!"

Bloober with kids make occasional appearances on The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, serving as aquatic nuisances to Mario and Luigi.

Nintendo Adventure Book[edit]

In the Nintendo Adventure Book Leaping Lizards, two Blooper Nannies (known here as "Bloober Nannies") compete in the International Mushroom Games as members of a team known as the Sneaks. What events they participate in besides the Beetlebowl, an all-team game, are unspecified.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars[edit]

Only one Blooper with kids appears in the Sunken Ship during the events of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Touching her or any of her babies results in a battle with a single Blooper.

Mario Kart series[edit]

In Mario Kart Tour, a Blooper Nanny makes a cameo appearance on the Blooper Hanafuda glider. Additionally, in the Booster Course Pass for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Blooper Nannies make a cameo alongside Blooper Babies as a mobile in the background of Squeaky Clean Sprint. The course returns in Mario Kart Tour.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 子連れゲッソー[3][4] / こづれゲッソー
Kozure Gessō''
らしゲッソー[3] (Super Mario Bros. 3, scattering type)
Chirashi Gessō
Accompanying Blooper

Scattering Blooper

Chinese (simplified) 鱿鱿亲子档
Yóuyóu qīnzǐ dàng
Blooper Parent-child

Chinese (traditional) 魷魷親子檔
Yóuyóu qīnzǐ dàng
Blooper Parent-child

Dutch Blooper Nanny
French Nounou Bloups
Bulle et ses petits (Super Mario Bros. 3 instruction booklet)
Blooper Nanny
Bubble and her children
German Blooper-Sitter
Blooper Sitter
Italian Bloober e i suoi figli; Scattering Bloober[5]
Calamako Sitter
Bloober and its children; Scattering Bloober
Blooper Sitter
Korean 징오징오패밀리[6]
Jing'o-jing'o Paemilli
Blooper Family

Russian Блупер-нянька
Blooper Nanny

Spanish (NOA) Mamá blooper
Blooper mom
Spanish (NOE) Mamá Blooper e hijo/s
Blooper Mom & son/s


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