Wrench (Brain Drain)

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The Wrench in Brain Drain

The wrench is an item in Brain Drain. It is a tool from Mario and Luigi's toolbox that Luigi can pick up when Mario asks him for a spanner. Although Mario is referring to the large and heavy soda spanner so that he can fix the leak in the Mushroom King's soda machine, Luigi can instead grab the smaller and lighter wrench. If he takes the wrench, Mario attempts to plug the leak with his own hands while ordering Luigi to fix a nearby staticky radio. Luigi then stuffs the wrench into his pocket and begins working on the radio. The wrench later comes into play if Luigi and Princess Toadstool (who is currently in Mario's body, as their minds were swapped by Iggy Koopa's Synapse Switcher) end up stuck in a series of sewers. At the end of a corridor, Luigi notices a large valve that can be opened only by the wrench. If he has the wrench, he quickly opens it, and he and Toadstool crawl through a pipe until they reach a manhole that leads to the top of a hill. If Luigi does not have the wrench, he and Toadstool end up trapped in the sewers by a deluge of water, leading to a Game Over.