Brain Drain

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The cover of Brain Drain

Brain Drain is the twelfth and final book in the Nintendo Adventure Books series. The book was written by Matt Wayne. Its title is a pun on a term that refers to the negative effects of human capital flight.

Plot summary[edit]

The story from the back cover:

Yoshi's Head Aches
Evil Iggy Koopa has created a device to switch the brains of the creatures in the Mushroom Worlds. When he gives Yoshi the brain of a sinister Koopaling, Mario and Luigi jump into action. With the help of Dr. Sigmund Shrinkasaurus, they try to stop Iggy before all of their friends in Dinosaur Land lose their heads!

As in all Nintendo Adventure Books, you control the action. Only you can make the choices that allow Mario and Luigi to halt the chaos caused by Iggy Koopa's brain twister machine. Help them crack codes, solve puzzles, conquer mazes, and subdue enemies. You and the Super Mario Bros. must outwit a whole new generation of Koopa creeps—or go down in final defeat.


An unidentified piece of paper is shown as well, but it is never collected. Presumably, it is the Plumber's Oath that Mario has Luigi memorize so they can identify each other no matter what bodies they are in.




Score chart[edit]

  • Over 800 pts. – Tidal Brain Waves
  • 600 to 800 pts. – Super Stream-of-Consciousness
  • 400 to 599 pts. – Sewer Smarts
  • 200 to 399 pts. – Brain Needs a Wash
  • 0 to 199 pts. – Spaghetti Synapse