Lichen Cola

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Lichen Cola in Brain Drain
A glass of Lichen Cola

Lichen Cola is a purple-colored soda in Brain Drain. It first appears as Mario and Luigi are repairing the Mushroom King's soda machine. It suddenly sprays out from a burst gasket, and Mario orders Luigi to get him a soda spanner while he holds the leak shut with his hands. If Luigi brings him the soda spanner, he promptly shuts off the leak. If he instead fiddles with a nearby radio or grabs a wrench instead of the spanner, the leak remains unplugged as Mario and Luigi become distracted by Yoshi having his mind swapped with that of a Koopaling. Lichen Cola later appears as a part of a puzzle: With there being twice as much Lichen Cola as Morel Moxie (which has three ounces), and three times as much Lichen Cola as Fungus Up, the player must deduce how many ounces of Fungus Up are there. As there are six ounces of Lichen Cola, the answer is "two."