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A Goombomb in Monster Mix-Up
A Goombomb being juggled

Goombombs are a species in Monster Mix-Up. They are created when Goombas are combined with Bob-ombs, which gives them the ability to explode. They are Bob-ombs with Goomba heads but look more like Koopa Troopa heads, making them look identical to Goomba Troopas. Mario, when trying to capture Goomby and Foomby, accidentally grabs two Goombombs as well and starts to juggle the four of them as he figures out who is who. If he correctly finds the Goombombs, he throws them away and then proceeds to dodge the resulting Goombomb shrapnel. If he does not, the Goombombs explode in his face with a blinding light, and he later finds himself in a desolate valley with Toad.