Small Goomba Gang

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Color Splash Enemy
Small Goomba Gang
Location(s) Sacred Forest
Type Normal
HP 1
Attack 1
Defense 0
Strong None
Weak None
Cards Type D
PMCS Goomba Card.png

Usual: "All together now...get 'em!" ~ "We can do this if we stick together!" ~ "We're not scared..." ~ "Where did everyone go?"

Small Goomba Gangs are enemies in Paper Mario: Color Splash. They are gangs of Small Goombas, and they appear in the Sacred Forest. A large group of them break the blue Mini Paint Star into five pieces and scatter them throughout the level. Another large group of Small Goomba Gangs guards the fourth Paint Star Piece, and they must be defeated with a Super Star to collect the piece.

In battle, Small Goomba Gangs attack by crowding around and jumping on Mario, doing 1 HP of damage each. Despite their low attack power, the large number of Small Goombas in the gangs cause Mario to lose large amounts of HP with each attack. Every time Mario attacks a Small Goomba Gang, a few Small Goombas are defeated.