Goomba idols

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Goomba idols
Wario standing before the Treasure Chest of the Goomba idols
Wario, standing before the treasure and Goomba idols
Species Goomba
First appearance Mario Party 8 (2007)

The Goomba idols are a pair of speaking Goomba statues seemingly representing deities that appear in Mario Party 8. The player can see their dialogue if the player reaches their special treasure chest on a sacred island. The sacred island is accessed by having a character land on the Lucky Space in Goomba's Booty Boardwalk. If a character reaches the idols' special treasure chest, they give the character a Star and send them back to the Lucky Space (after asking them to take the Star and go away).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Allmächtiger Gumba
Omnipotent Goomba
Italian Goomba onnipotente
Omnipotent Goomba