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Not to be confused with Boom Boom.
Goom Goom
PMTTYD Piratesgrotto Goomgoom.png
Species Goomba
First appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
“I came out here to enjoy island life, but now that I'm here, I just feel lonely... There is no one to date. I mean, NO ONE. I'm chatting up sea turtles, here.”
Goom Goom, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Goom Goom is a Goomba found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. After taking on his trouble, Mario discovers Goom Goom in the Pirate's Grotto's storeroom. Goom Goom is looking for a female companion, and, as such, Mario introduces his traveling companion Goombella to the lonely Goomba. However, Goombella, albeit touched by him opening his heart, reluctantly rejects Goom Goom. Heartbroken, Goom Goom runs away, dropping a Couple's Cake on the way out. Goom Goom will only like Goombella; if Mario shows him a different party member, even if the party member is female, he will not like them and turn each one of them down.

Comments on Mario's partners[edit]

Goom Goom showing his love to Goombella
Goom Goom showing his love to Goombella

If Mario shows him a partner other than Goombella, Goom Goom will make a complaint depending on the partner.

  • On Koops: "Whoa! That is one attractive shell...but that makes you...a Koopa of some kind. Not only that, but you're a dude. This is all wrong!"
    Response: "Wow. I am not feeling attractive right now..."
  • On Flurrie: "Whoa! Now that is a very glamorous woman, indeed... But you're kind of...old... And you're not even a Goomba! This is all wrong!"
    Response: "Well, I never! How rude! Go get your eyes checked, young man! I am a PRIZE!"
  • On the Yoshi: "Whoa! Hey... You're petite, just like I asked... But you're a Yoshi! This is all totally wrong!"
    Response: "Hey, take a long walk off a short pier, you dork! Who'd date you, anyway?"
  • On Vivian: "Whoa! You sure are cute... But, um... That whole goth shadow thing is a bit... Creepy! There, I said it! This is all so very wrong!"
    Response: "You're not really doing much to impress me either, bud!"
  • On Admiral Bobbery: "Whoa! How very, um... What's WRONG with you, huh? This is some crusty old dude! Do I look like I date old Bob-ombs? This is all wrong!"
    Response: "Well, you're hardly my type, either, you young scallywag!"
  • On Ms. Mowz: "Whoa! Well, well, well... This IS a cutie, oh yes... But you're some sort of rat! Close, but no Goomba! This is all so very wrong!"
    Response: "Mmmm... I'd stay out of dark alleys for a little while if I were you..."

The following is Goom Goom's response to Goombella before he begins to woo her:

"Whoa! Yeah! Wow! Yow! She's cute! REALLY cute! And that ponytail! Man! Perfect! Slam dunk, man! Yes! Suh-lam duh-unk! This may be a bit soon... But I have to confess my love to this girl!"


Goombella can use Tattle on Goom Goom only when Mario finds him in the storeroom of Pirate's Grotto while taking on his trouble but before Mario talks to Goom Goom with Goombella as his active partner.

  • "That's Goom Goom, who asked us for help, remember? Looks like he's enjoying life here on Keelhaul Key, but he's a bit lonely. By the way, you don't suppose I'd qualify as a cute Goomba gal, do you?"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリチェロ[1]
From「クリボー」(Kuribō, Goomba) and common Italian masculine name "Marcello"
French Goombanova Cross between "Goomba" and "Casanova"
German Gumberto Cross between "Gumba" (German for Goomba) and "Umberto" (Italian given name)
Italian GoombAAA The sign "AAA" is often used at the beginning in ads, but it has only a pratical function; Ads are always paginated in alphabetical order, and this sign's aim is to make the ad appear before the others
Spanish Goombinson Cross between "Goomba" and "Robinson", possibly alluding to "Robinson Crusoe".


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