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This article is about the Goomba character in Mario Party Advance. For the Goomba character in Super Mario Odyssey, see Goombette.
Sprite of Goombetty in Mario Party Advance
MPA Goombetty.png
Species Galoomba
First appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)
“Oh! I'm so nervous, happy, too!”
Goombetty, Mario Party Advance

Goombetty is a female Goomba who appears in Mario Party Advance as Goombob's crush. One of the game's missions involves finding a seashell for Goombob to give her. After Goombob gives her the shell the player collects, Goombetty arrives at the manor, and Goombob gives her the shell and asks her on a date. Goombetty accepts, and leaves to prepare. The ending of the game says that Goombetty loves Goombob madly, and she has made a hobby of collecting seashells.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リボンちゃん
Pun on "ribbon" and「クリボン」(Kuribon, Galoomba/Goombob) + Japanese honorific「ちゃん」(-chan)
French Goombetty -
Italian Goombetty -