Block Punch

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Block Punch in Mario Party Advance
A steel block in Block Punch

Block Punch is a Gaddget found in Mario Party Advance. It is available from the beginning and has no requirements to unlock. As the name implies, the Gaddget is used to play a block punching game. It is a four player game and can be played on the same Game Boy Advance. The objective of the game is to break the block before the other players. Each player has a corner equipped with a boxing glove. There are three types of blocks; wooden, metal, and steel. Wood is the weakest, metal is intermediate, and steel is the hardest. The player who lands the final blow is the winner.

This Gaddget appears in the Bonus Board mode.


  • L Button – Punches upper-left glove
  • R Button – Punches upper-right glove
  • +Control Pad (any direction) – Punches bottom-left glove
  • A Button / B Button – Punches bottom-right glove


  • "Break the block with up to four friends! Whoever hits the block last wins!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Tirapugni
Brass knuckles