Bowser Pad

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Bowser Pad
Bowser Pad in Mario Party Advance
First appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)
Greater location Town area, Shroom City
Owner Bowser
Inhabitants Bowser, Koopa Kid
BowserPink MPA.png

The Bowser Pad, also referred to as Bowser's Bachelor Pad, is a location in Mario Party Advance. It is located in the town area of Shroom City, but it can only be accessed through the Pipe House. It is a luxury home for Bowser, with a variety of pink and purple decorations (including a giant throne, a flower vase, and a picture frame on a small ledge), and a purple sunset for its backdrop.

One of Bowser's quests, Bestest Buds, takes place here. It involves giving Bowser a gift that he would enjoy the most from a selection of a Ring, a Bracelet, and a Necklace. After grabbing the correct gift (the Ring) from Junk and giving it to him, as well as beating the Peek-n-Sneak minigame, Bowser awards the player the Shroom Bloom Gaddget, which he used to steadily produce snacks for himself and for Koopa Kid.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパラブハウス[1]
Kuppa Rabu Hausu
Bowser Love House

French Piaule de Bowser
Bowser's Pad
Italian Residenza Bowser
Bowser Residence


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