Bowser Pad

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BowserPink MPA.png
The Bowser Pad in Mario Party Advance

The Bowser Pad, also referred to as Bowser's Bachelor Pad, is a location in Mario Party Advance. It is located in the Town Area of Shroom City, but it can only be accessed through the Pipe House. It is a luxury home for Bowser, with a variety of pink and purple decorations (including a giant throne, a flower vase, and a picture frame on a small ledge), and a purple sunset for its backdrop. One of Bowser's quests, Bestest Buds, takes place here. It involves giving Bowser a gift that he would enjoy the most from a selection of a Ring, a Bracelet, and a Necklace. After grabbing the correct gift (the Ring) from Junk and giving it to him, as well as beating the Peek-n-Sneak minigame, Bowser awards the player the Shroom Bloom Gaddget, which he used to steadily produce snacks for himself and for Koopa Kid.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Piaule de Bowser Bowser's Pad
Italian Residenza Bowser Bowser Residence