Duel Tower, 2F

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Mario Party Advance quest
Duel Tower, 2F
Duel Tower, 2F in Mario Party Advance
Duel Tower, 2F in Mario Party Advance
Salvo's greeting
Type Duel
Location Duel Tower 2F, Seaside area
Client Salvo
Reward Volleybomb
Description "Before the player can reach the Duel Tower's third and final floor, Salvo challenges the player to the duel minigame Volleybomb."
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Duel Tower, 2F is a quest in Mario Party Advance. It is the second of three quests at Duel Tower between Duel Tower, 1F and Duel Tower, 3F. It starts after completing Duel Tower, 1F and defeating Whomp. After the player is complemented by Mouser on their skills, the quest is initiated (with no option to back out), prompting Salvo the Slime to jump down and challenge the player. He boasts that his abilities are unlike anything the player has seen before starting the duel minigame, Volleybomb. If Salvo wins (and if the player does not or cannot sacrifice one of their Mushrooms), Salvo insults the player's skills before kicking them out, forcing them to restart this quest and its preceding quest. If the player wins, Salvo allows them to advance to the third and final floor, concluding the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デュエルタワー 2かい[1]
Dyueru Tawā nikai
Duel Tower 2F

French Le duel du 1er étage
The duel of the first floor
Italian Torre Duello, 1º P
Duel Tower, First Floor


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