Hey, UFO!

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The title card for Hey, UFO!
The titular UFO

Hey, UFO! is a quest in Mario Party Advance that begins at the Mushroom Condo's rooftop. Mr. E visits the rooftop to find "mysteries" and asks the player to help him. Rejecting him causes him to conclude that the player simply wants to search for another mystery, though the quest can only begin if they agree. Once the quest begins, Mr. E elaborates that he had heard rumors about a UFO being spotted on the rooftop. He questions Fly Guy about the UFO, and Fly Guy promptly asks Mr. E if he wants to summon the UFO right now. Mr. E immediately agrees and urges the player to help Fly Guy with the summoning. The UFO is summoned by waving a couple of flags in a specific order. The two flags are labeled "A" and "B", respectively, and the player must follow Fly Guy's lead; whenever Fly Guy raises or lowers a flag, the player must follow suite in order to summon the UFO. As the player correctly matches Fly Guy's signals, the UFO lands closer and closer to the rooftop until it eventually arrives. If the player messes up a signal, the UFO flies farther away, and if the player isn't able to follow Fly Guy's signals, the UFO eventually flies away completely, forcing the player to start the quest over. Once the UFO is summoned, Mr. E panics at the sight of the flying object, and Fly Guy thanks the player for helping him with a "special" Gaddget, Morse Maker, concluding the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Alerte OVNI UFO Alert
Italian Ufo in vista? UFO in sight?