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The Bonus Board that comes packaged with Mario Party Advance.
The Bonus Board in its entirety

The Bonus Board is a board game that came packaged with Mario Party Advance. It can be played with up to four players, with the goal being to collect a single Star, which wins the game. It requires cutting out the paper board from the manual, cutting out the character pieces and Star Piece from the board, and using the game to roll a die, play a Gaddget, or get a chance at collecting a Star. Though the manual encourages players to create new rules themselves as they see fit, it does come with some baselines: players move around the board in an attempt to collect a Star, which can be placed on one of the four Star Spaces on the board. When a player lands on the space with the Star Piece, they can open one of six boxes in the video game, with one of them holding the Star. If they open an empty box, their turn ends; if they find the Star, they win the game.


  • Yellow Space - nothing happens when a player lands on it
  • E. Gadd Space - the players must play a Gaddget, with benefits for the winner
  • Star Warp Space - the Star Piece is moved to a different Star Space
  • Pipe Space - the player who lands on it moves to its corresponding space
  • Star Space - the player who lands on it gets a chance at collecting the Star if the Star Piece is there; nothing happens otherwise

List of Bonus Board Gaddgets[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Plateau Bonus Bonus Board
German Bonus-Brett Bonus Board
Italian Tabellone Bonus Bonus Board
Spanish Tablero Extra Extra Board