Nerd Force V

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Mario Party Advance quest
Nerd Force V
Nerd Force V in Mario Party Advance
MPA Nerd Force V Screenshot.png
Lantern Ghost introducing the club
Type TFV
Location Horror Condo (Basement), Horror area
Client Lantern Ghost
Reward Poochy Pal
Description "To join the TFV Fan Club, the player needs to give Lantern Ghost a Toad Force V Figure."
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Nerd Force V is a quest in Mario Party Advance that starts in the Horror Condo's basement. It houses the TFV Fan Club, centered around the television show Toad Force V, and the group's leader, Lantern Ghost, asks the player when they enter if they are a fan of the show. The player can respond with a mocking confusion about what Toad Force V is, Lantern Ghost gets angry at the player for making fun of them, but if they respond affirmatively, the quest begins. At the quest's start, Lantern Ghost asks the player to prove that they are fan by displaying a Toad Force V Figure, and as the player is completely unable to obtain one before the quest begins, they present him with nothing. Lantern Ghost then says that the player must find one in order to join the club; he points them in the direction of Junk, the item shop, and sends them off. At the store, the player has the option of asking for either a Toad Force V Figure or a Toxic Toad Z figure. However, as the Toxic Toad Z Figures are all sold out (although Paratroopa elaborates further about the show's events), the player can only pick up the Toad Force V Figure, with Paratroopa saying that they picked up the last figure. Once the player returns, Lantern Ghost quickly takes the figure from the player, noting that it's in mint condition, and to celebrate the player's arrival into the club, he gives them the Poochy Pal Gaddget. The quest ends after he encourages the player to discuss Toad Force V with others.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アニメファンのへや[1]
Animefan no heya
Anime fans' room
French Le fan club The fan club
Italian Pazzi Forza V Crazy Force V


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