What's That Line?

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The title card for What's That Line?
Lakitu's request

What's That Line? is a quest in Mario Party Advance that is initiated by Lakitu. While visiting the Lakitu House, Lakitu asks the player for a favor; the player can complain that the house is too cloudy and leave (referring to the cloud that Lakitu uses and the decorative clouds in the background), which causes Lakitu to mutter that he knew the player would not help him, but the player must ask him about his favor for the quest to begin. Once the quest starts, Lakitu explains that he is a huge fan of Toad Force V, being able to quote nearly every line of dialogue from the show, but he has completely forgotten one of the most famous lines from episode 28. He suggests that the player asks a fan of the show who lives in Mushroom House and sends them off (if the player revists him, he simply repeats the same information). The only fan of Toad Force V in Mushroom Condo is Mushbert, who lives on the first floor and is willing to explain the show to the player. The player can also ask him about episode 28, which he attributes to Jack and explicitly says is, "I'm an iron 'shroom." After returning to Lakitu, the player has to choose the correct quote from one of three options: "I'm just a 'shroom!", "I'm an iron 'shroom!", and "I'm no mushroom!" If the player picks one of the incorrect options, Lakitu disagrees with them and says that the line is from episode 30, "Fungicidal Maniac", forcing the player to restart the quest from the beginning. Once the player picks the correct option, Lakitu is overjoyed and rewards the player with the Bait 'n Wait Gaddget. He thanks the player again, concluding the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French La réplique oubliée The forgotten reply
Italian Come diceva? What did he say?