Duel Tower, 1F

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Mario Party Advance quest
Duel Tower, 1F
Duel Tower, 1F in Mario Party Advance
Duel Tower, 1F in Mario Party Advance
Whomp initiating the duel
Type Duel
Location Duel Tower 1F, Seaside area
Client Whomp
Reward Stair Scare
Description "To reach the Duel Tower's second floor, the player must face Whomp in the duel minigame Stair Scare."
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Duel Tower, 1F is a quest in Mario Party Advance. It is the first of three quests at Duel Tower, taking place before Duel Tower, 2F and Duel Tower, 3F. It starts after being asked by Mouser for the "duelist greeting". Blooper (a duelist-in-training at the Mushroom Beacon) mentions previously that the greeting is "Chaaaarge!" during his quest, Blooper Battle, and relaying the greeting to Mouser lets the player start their dueling training and the quest. If one of the incorrect greetings (either "Hi!" or "Duuuuel!") is given, Mouser is left disappointed and forces the player to leave. Once the quest starts, Mouser explains that the player must fight a duelist on each of the tower's three floors, starting on the ground floor. He promptly leaves and Whomp takes his place, who immediately boasts about his power before challenging the player to a Duel minigame, Stair Scare. If Whomp wins (and if one of the player's Mushrooms isn't sacrificed), he insults the player's skills before forcing them to leave and restart the quest; if he is defeated, he allows the player to move on to the second floor, concluding the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デュエルタワー 1かい[1]
Dyueru Tawā ikkai
Duel Tower 1F
French Le duel du RDC The duel of the ground floor (RDC standing for "rez-de-chaussée", or ground floor)
Italian Torre Duello, PT Duel Tower, Ground Floor (PT stands for "piano terra")


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