Goombob Manor

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Goombob Manor
Goombob Manor in Mario Party Advance
The Goombob Manor in Mario Party Advance.
First appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)
Greater location Town area, Shroom City
Owner Goombob
GoombobManor MPA.png

Goombob Manor is a location in Mario Party Advance owned by Goombob. It is located in the town area of Shroom City. It is a two-storey building with a brown brick exterior and an interior with lavish decorations, including a gaudy chandelier and a red carpet covering the floor.


Goombob's quest, Accessorize!, involves the player bringing him a lovely seashell from Sandy Beach so that he can give it as a gift to Goombetty. When the manor is revisited with the seashell, Goombetty arrives there, prompting Goombob to give her the seashell and ask her if they could go on a date. She accepts and immediately runs out of the manor afterwards, making Goombob happy and rewarding the player with the Dessert Menu Gaddget.

In Koopa's quest, Probably a Robbery?, the player can visit Goombob's Manor to interrogate Goombob as one of the suspects of the robbery.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリボンのおやしき[1]
Kuribon no Oyashiki
Goombob's Mansion

French Manoir Goombob
Goombob Manor
Italian Villa Goombruno
Villa Goomba (in the Character List)
Goombruno Manor (Goombruno is the Italian name of Goombob)
Goomba Manor


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