Goombob Manor

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GoombobManor MPA.png
The Goombob Manor in Mario Party Advance

Goombob Manor is a location in Mario Party Advance owned by Goombob. It is located in the Town Area of Shroom City. It is a two-storey building with a brown brick exterior and an interior with lavish decorations, including a gaudy chandelier and a red carpet covering the floor. Goombob's quest, Accessorize!, involves bringing him a Lovely Seashell from Sandy Beach so that he can give it as a gift to Goombetty. When the manor is revisited with the seashell, Goombetty arrives there, prompting Goombob to give her the seashell and ask her if they could go on a date. She accepts and immediately runs out of the manor afterwards, making Goombob happy and rewarding the player with the Dessert Menu Gaddget.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Manoir Goombob Goombob Manor
Italian Villa Goombruno
Villa Goomba (in the Character List)
Goombruno Manor (Goombruno is the Italian name of Goombob)
Goomba Manor