Losing Streak

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Losing Streak in Mario Party Advance
The title card for Losing Streak
Losing Streak in Mario Party Advance
Amp's request

Losing Streak is a quest in Mario Party Advance that is given by Amp. The quest's name is a pun on a "losing streak" (continuously losing at something) and a "streak of lightning" (a flash of lightning), which comes from the quest giver's electricity abilities and frequent electricity-based puns. It starts when Amp, in the middle of the titular losing streak at Town Game Room B, asks the player for help; the player can accept, which starts the quest, or the player can immediately leave, causing Amp to quickly assure the player that he is not going to harm them. Once the player starts the quest, he elaborates that he has played so many games at the game room but has not won a single one of them. He hopes that, if the player wins at least one game, he can start winning as well. He also lets the player keep the gambling game, Match 'Em, if they win (which involves earning at least one coin more than the starting amount of thirty coins). If the player loses all of their coins (and do not retry the minigame by using a Mushroom), Amp insults the player's abilities and his inability to win, though he hopes that they attempt the quest again. Once the player wins, he gives them the minigame and wonders if the player is the Game Mage, concluding the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Malheureux au jeu Literally "unlucky at play"; pun on the proverb "malheureux en amour, heureux au jeu", referring to someone who is unlucky with romance but lucky with games
Italian Amperino in bolletta Pun on the expression "essere bolletta", referring to someone who hasn't got money