Match 'Em

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Not to be confused with Mystic Match 'Em.
Match 'Em
The Gamble mini-game, Match 'Em from Mario Party Advance
Appears in Mario Party Advance
Type Gambling mini-game
Music track Gambling Mini-Game Theme
Music sample

Match 'Em is a gambling minigame that appears in Mario Party Advance.

In Shroom City, Match 'Em is played at the Town Game Room B, where Amp is down on his luck and wants the player to win for him. Beating the minigame allows the player to keep it.


The goal of the game is to try to line up all of the symbols to earn coins. After putting in however many coins the player wants, they start the machine. Depending on how many coins they put in, they get a better chance at being awarded more money. Betting one coin is for the middle row, betting two coins is for that row and the bottom row, betting three coins is for those two rows and the top row, betting four coins is for those three rows and the line of items going right diagonally downwards, and betting five coins is for those four lines and the line of items going right diagonally upwards. Sometimes, a Piranha Plant comes out of one of the Warp Pipes and changes one of the symbols; it targets only symbols in a row.


Match 'Em
The combination values

By pressing L Button, the potential combination values the player can get are shown.


  • +Control Pad – Change coins
  • A Button – Start game
  • A Button – Stop reel
  • L Button / R Button – Next screen

In-game text[edit]

Line up the symbols with the lines you've selected, and see if you can win!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぴったりスロット
Pittari Surotto
Perfect Slot

French Jackpot
German Glücksspiel
Luck Game
Italian Megaslot
Spanish ¡A alinear!