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MPA Bob-ooom Screenshot.png
Appears in Mario Party Advance
Type 1-player mini-game
Time limit 60 seconds
Initial record 0 points

Bob-OOOM! is a single-player minigame found in Mario Party Advance. Its name is a pun on "Bob-omb" and "boom".


The player is given a Bob-omb from above. After waiting for a second, the character drops it, blowing up the bottom two statues.


The player standing on top of the Bowser Statues attempts to drop Bob-ombs at the right timing in order to crack and destroy them, earning points for each one. If the Bob-omb flashes, it will explode soon, and if the player holds the Bob-omb too long, the explosion will leave them stunned. Destroying an entire set of statues will cause more to appear and replace them.

In Shroom City mode, the player must earn 1500 points to win.


  • +Control Pad – Left/Right
  • A Button – Drop Bob-omb
  • B Button – Dash

In-Game Text[edit]

  • Rules"Time your Bob-omb drops so that you can blast away all the Bowser statues!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese こわしてクッパぞう
Kowashite Kuppa zō
Bowser Statue Smash
Spanish ¡Bob-omb va! Bob-omb goes!
French Baboum Bob-oom
German Bob-Bumm! Literal translation