Stompbot XL

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Stompbot XL
The mini-game, Stompbot XL from Mario Party Advance
Appears in Mario Party Advance
Type Single-player mini-game
Music track Heart-Pumping
Music sample

Stompbot XL is a single-player minigame found in Mario Party Advance.


The player is sitting in place in their robot as lava waves crash behind them.


The player, with three hearts as health, has to use the titular vehicle to drive around obstacles such as lava, rocks, and bridges to outrun the crashing lava waves approaching from behind. If the player goes over some leftover lava, they lose a heart, and the speed on the vehicle decreases, making the player prone to losing the minigame from being caught by the lava wave. There are some health kits on the ground that heal the player to full health.

In the Shroom City mode and Mini-Game Attack, the player wins by reaching the goal, with the course being one checkpoint long in the former and three checkpoints long in the latter. The Shroom City variant also lacks bridges. In Play Land, the player can score by outrunning the crashing lava waves for as long as possible before being caught.


  • +Control Pad left or right – Left/Right
  • A Button – Forward
  • B Button – Brake

In-game text[edit]

Steer your robo-boots while avoiding rocks and lava. Don't get burned!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴーゴーバギー
Gō Gō Bagī
Go Go Buggy

French Petit Robot
Little Robot
German Pfadfinder
Italian Cingoli XL
Caterpillars XL
Spanish Roboescape