Scratch 'Em

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Scratch 'Em
The Gamble mini-game, Scratch 'Em from Mario Party Advance
Appears in Mario Party Advance
Type Gamble minigame
Controls +Control Pad - Change coins
A Button - Start game
A Button - Scratch card
L Button / R Button - Next screen
Music track Gambling Mini-Game Theme
Music sample

Scratch 'Em is a gambling minigame found in Mario Party Advance.

Scratch 'Em is played at the Town Game Room A in Shroom City. Monty Mole, who is an unlucky gamer, wishes for the player to win this game for him. Victory allows the player to keep the minigame.


The player must bet coins on the possible chance of getting a match in a scratch-off game. After placing a bet, the player must scratch off five spaces on the card; they win coins equal to the amount given for each set. In Shroom City, the player wins by obtaining one more coin than started with, which is thirty. The game also ends whenever the player runs out of coins to wager.

Picture Match Values[edit]

The picture match values.
Series Value
Three Green Shells x1
Four Green Shells x5
Five Green Shells x20
Three Mushrooms x5
Four Mushrooms x10
Five Mushrooms x50
Three Stars x10
Four Stars x30
Five Stars x100

Blank spaces also appear on the card, which give the player nothing if scratched off. Bob-ombs explode and make all spaces around them blank when revealed.

In-Game Text[edit]

  • Rules: "Scratch 5 spaces. Get a series, and you win! Some spaces are worth more."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ごしごしスクラッチ
Goshigoshi sukuratchi
Scrubbing Scratching
French Gratouille From "gratter" (scratch)
German Rubbeldidupp
Italian Megacarte Megacards
Spanish ¡A rascar! Scratch!