Pest Aside

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Pest Aside
Pest Aside
Appears in Mario Party Advance
Type Single-player mini-game
Music Slowly Yet Surely

Pest Aside is a single-player minigame found in Mario Party Advance. The name is a pun on pesticide, a chemical that is used to kill pests.

This minigame was the featured minigame in Desert Area of the Mario Party Advance website, where it could be played.


The player is standing between four plants; one demands water, while another demands bug spray. The player gives them what they need and the game starts.


The player attempts to keep the four sunflower plants healthy by watering and bug spraying them to earn points.

If a speech bubble pops up near to the sunflower plant, the flower needs something quick so the player can make it healthy depending if the flower is thirsty or has bugs. If the player does not spray or water a plant, the bubble changes into a spiky bubble, meaning that it badly needs something to make healthy. If the player ignores the sunflower plant or accidentally gives the wrong thing to a sunflower, the plant loses health. If a sunflower loses health twice, the player loses.

In Shroom City mode, the player must earn at least 500 points in thirty seconds to win.


  • +Control Pad – Pick flower
  • A Button – Water
  • B Button – Spray

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Keep the flowers healthy! Use the bug spray wisely, and water your sunflowers!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese そだててフラワー
Sodatete Furawā
Growing Flowers
French Main Verte Literally "Green Hand"; expression that refers to someone good at gardening
German Gartenarbeit Garden Labor
Italian Giardiniere Gardener
Spanish Fumigasoles Portmanteau of fumiga (fumigate) and girasol (sunflower)