Watch 'Em

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Watch 'Em
The Gamble mini-game, Watch 'em from Mario Party Advance
Appears in Mario Party Advance
Type Gambling mini-game
Music track Gambling Mini-Game Theme
Music sample

Watch 'Em is a gambling minigame found in Mario Party Advance.

In Shroom City, the player plays this minigame at the Bowser Game Hall. Winning the minigame gives the player the right to keep it.


First, the player must bet at most 99 coins. The Koopa Troopa in the Warp Pipe in the middle then hides as the three pipes swap around. After the pipes stop shifting, the player has to pick one. If the player picks the pipe that contains the Koopa Troopa, the player gets double the number of coins they bet. The player can either double the coins by pressing A Button or keep the coins by pressing B Button. If the player chooses to double the number of coins once more, the pipes swap a little faster. The player can bet up to five times in a row. If the player picks the incorrect pipe, they lose all the coins they earned from betting.


  • +Control Pad – Change coins
  • +Control Pad – Pick pipe
  • A Button – Confirm

In-game text[edit]

Keep your eye on the pipe Koopa's hiding in! Don't lose track, or you lose!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノコノコどこどこ?
Nokonoko doko doko?
Where is the Koopa?
French Tuyaux Pipes
German Argusauge Eagle Eye
Italian Megacondotto Megapipe
Spanish ¡A mirar! Look!