Cloud Climb

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Not to be confused with Cloudy Climb.
Cloud Climb
The mini-game, Cloud Climb from Mario Party Advance
Appears in Mario Party Advance
Type Single-player mini-game
Music track Don't Hurry
Music sample

Cloud Climb is a single-player minigame found in Mario Party Advance.


The object of the minigame is to climb to the finish line located high in the sky. In order to do so, the player must bounce on a large series of clouds. As they bounce, there are some Amps circling the area. Touching them stuns the player temporarily, causing them to fall. There are also springboards scattered along the course, which bounce the player higher.

In the Shroom City and Mini-Game Attack modes, the player must make it to the goal before the time runs out; the player is given 60 seconds in the former and 30 seconds in the latter. In Play Land, the course is longer, and the player must make it to the top in the quickest time.


  • +Control Pad left or right – Left/Right
  • A ButtonJump

In-game text[edit]

Bounce off clouds and springboards until you reach the sky-high goal!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どんどんジャンプ
Dondon Janpu
Steadily Jumping

French Saute-Nuages
Cloud Jump
German Himmelhopp
Heaven Jump
Italian Nuvolandia
Spanish Saltanubes
Cloud Jump