Cloudy Climb

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This article is about the place from Paper Mario. For the minigame from Mario Party Advance, see Cloud Climb.
Cloudy Climb
Mario and Lakilester on Cloudy Climb in Paper Mario

Cloudy Climb is an area full of clouds in the sky above Flower Fields in Paper Mario. It is where Mario and his partners fight the game's sixth boss, Huff N. Puff, along with his Tuff Puffs for the Star Spirit Klevar. Mario and his teammates can only gain entry to this place by destroying Huff N. Puff's Puff Puff Machine to rid Flower Fields of clouds and plant a Magical Bean onto the ground to grow a beanstalk. Aside from clouds, the area is mostly empty, but Mario can find a S. Jump Charge badge on a high cloud.

Enemies found[edit]

Items Found[edit]

Name of Item Icon Found In
S. Jump Charge S-Jump Charge Badge.png In a cloud at the northwestern corner of the first scene (get it by climbing on the "elevator" cloud first)

Area Tattles[edit]

  • "Wow! We're in the clouds! We're floating! It feels comfy, but I just don't quite trust it. Mario, am I sinking? Am I?"
  • "We're way up in the air. Since we're on a cloud, we must be close to Star Haven. Do you think the Star Spirits are OK?"

In-game map description[edit]

After Chapter 6

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 雲の上
Kumo no Ue
Above the Clouds
Chinese 云之上
Yún zhī Shàng
Above the Clouds
German Nebelpfad Mist Path / Fog Path


  • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars also features a floating cloud island called Nimbus Land which is similar to Cloudy Climb. They both require a beanstalk to reach. The main difference, however, is that Nimbus Land is a complete city with houses and people, while Cloudy Climb is just a piece of cloud where Mario fights Huff N. Puff.