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Not to be confused with Mini T.
Little T.
Little T.'s Letter from Paper Mario.
Little T.'s photo on the letter he sends to Mario
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)

Little T. is a character in Paper Mario. He does not make an appearance, but Mario receives a letter from the character during Chapter 1. In the letter, he states that he is a little Toad who trains at the Dojo in Toad Town. Little T. is an amateur fighter, but he has a lot of spirit as he wants to save Princess Peach some day. He is one of the first characters in the game to send Mario a letter.

The photo he attaches on the letter depicts him as a red-spotted young Toad, wearing white clothes with a belt and training barefoot with a green and a blue Toad. He says in the letter that he will write to Mario again, though this is the only letter from him in the game.

His name is a pun on "little Toad". In the Japanese version of Paper Mario, he is just called “Chibi Kinopio” (Little Toad). He also uses the masculine pronoun boku to refer to himself, indicating that he is male.[1]


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Dear Mario,
How do you do?
I'm Little T.
I'm just a little Toad.

I live in Toad Town.
I've been training at the Dojo
so I can save Princess Peach!

I'll write to you again later.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チビキノピオ[1]
Chibi Kinopio
Little Toad

Chinese (simplified) 小奇诺比奥[2]
Xiǎo Qínuòbǐ'ào
Little Toad

French Pti T.
From petit (little)


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    ぼく チビキノピオです

    キノコタウンに すんでます
    ぼくも ピーチ姫を たすけるために
    道場に かよって 体を きたえてます

    じゃあ またね


    How do you do?
    I'm Chibi Kinopio (Little Toad).

    I live in Toad Town,
    To rescue Princess Peach I too
    go to the Dojo and exercise my body.

    Then, see you later,

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