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This article is about the character from Paper Mario: The Origami King. For the character mentioned in Paper Mario, see List of implied characters § DJ Toad.
DJ Toad
DJ Toad in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
This guy is such a weirdo! He keeps asking for "groovy" music to "cut a rug" to. Do I look like I'm 100 years old? I'm a DJ, man! I have no idea what that means!”
DJ Toad, Paper Mario: The Origami King

DJ Toad is a purple Toad with sunglasses who appears in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He resembles the lighthouse keeper from Paper Mario: Color Splash. He first appears in the Temple of Shrooms, where he runs the DJ station and is threatened by Hole Punch to play good music or else he will have his face removed. DJ Toad has lost four discs around the temple, and if Mario returns one, the Toad plays it to hear Hole Punch's reaction. Once Mario finds the right disc, he can start collecting faceless yellow Toads with a boombox, and gather them all on the dance floor to make Hole Punch leave his room.

DJ Toad is found again in the hotel of Shroom City, playing music in the pool area and replacing the Snifit that held his job while he was captured. He has two tracks to start with, and the four that Mario gives him are also available. He then reappears at the end of the game, DJ'ing the Origami Festival alongside his Snifit counterpart.

DJ Toad is also seen posing in the Dress-Up Photo Studio photograph at Shogun Studios.


  • "Yo, yo, yo! Don't do that! I'll queue up something...groovy...with the quickness, my man!"
  • "Mario! You've got to save me! This guy is such a weirdo! He keeps asking for "groovy" music to "cut a rug" to. Do I look like I'm 100 years old? I'm a DJ, man! I have no idea what that means! My face is at stake here, y'all. MY FACE. You've got to help!"
  • "I don't know...this guy's taste in music makes no sense to me, but he is VERY opinionated. He doesn't like any of the music that I put on, and he won't come out of that room."
  • "Anyway, here's how you can help. I dropped some of my sound discs on the way in here. Maybe one of those discs has a tune this guy will actually like. I'll try to buy some time while you're looking. Just get those discs and bring 'em back to me. There are four of them, yo!"
  • "Yo, that's not a sound disc."
  • "All right, this one goes out to all the terrifying monsters in the house. Let's get into it!"
  • "He's, uh, not a fan... Try one of the other discs! There should be more around this place somewhere."
  • " least he likes the song. But we've gotta do something about the dance floor! Normally filling the dance floor is my specialty, but this clown won't let me play my jams! Wait! Maybe we can get those faceless Toads to help. They'll dance to anything, right?"
  • "Here, take this ancient portable music machine. It's already got a disc inside, so just walk around bumpin' it and I know those faceless Toads will follow. We need about 40, I'd say. Good luck!"
  • "Forty Toads make a party, Mario. Good luck!"
  • "Hey, you did it! You got enough Toads to set this party OFF! Let's get 'em on the dance floor and see what happens."
  • "Yo, yo, yo! It's DJ Toad bringing you the...uh, well not the LATEST hits, but... It's music! Get out on the dance floor with those faceless freaks and our special guest, Mario!"
  • "Yo, yo, yo! That was something else, man. You brought down the house! But, uh...don't you have one more thing to do right now?"
  • "Yo, yo, yo! That was HOT. Thanks for the help, Mario. You can hit me up at the hotel in town any time you like. Bandages are half off on Mummies Night! Ha! Just playin'. For real though, come check out my set down by the pool. It's hot!"
  • "...For real, though, I think you could probably dig up [1/2/3] more of my discs somewhere around here."
  • "See you at the hotel. Peace!"
  • "Yo, yo, yo! Good to see you again, my man!"
  • "Oh, you found some more of my discs? Word! The playlist was getting stale for sure."
  • "Hit me with a request!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese DJキノピオ
DJ Kinopio
DJ Toad

French DJ Toad
Italian DJ Toad
Spanish (NOA) DJ Toad



  • In the Japanese version, DJ Toad peppers his speech with English phrases.