Earth Vellumental Temple

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Earth Vellumental Temple
PMOK Earth Vellumental Temple Inside.png
Greater location Picnic Road
Ruler Earth Vellumental
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)

The Earth Vellumental Temple is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It can only be accessed by recovering all five Shell Stones. Being the home of the Earth Vellumental, it is turtle-themed.


The temple starts with four guides, which cost ten coins to listen to, but are optional. At the end of a path, the player has to pay fifty coins to hear a guide talk about the Earth Vellumental's weak spot, which is the tail. When the guide is finished the player can knock down the wall behind it with the hammer to proceed. Next, there is a Save Block before some pillars that move vertically. In the next room, some origami Koopa Troopas ambush the player, and after defeating them, there are some Earth Vellumental-like platforms that stretch their heads horizontally. Next is a room where the pillars push Mario off, where the player has to go into a hole in one of the pillars. Then, in the next room, there is a Save Block, and many fire traps. After passing the Fire Traps, another Save Block appears and after breaking a rock, a Fire Trap falls and Mario has to get in one of the holes to survive. After that, a MAX UP Heart appears before a Save Block and the boss room.


Hidden Toads[edit]

Earth Vellumental Temple
After hitting the rock past the second station Hidden Toad Earth Vellumental 1.png
After listening to station 3, then destroy it with the hammer
After listening to station 4, hit the fifth light, which isn't on
Two Toads are in the rock near station 5
After breaking the rock near the sign, the Toad is near the stairwell
Mario has to go down the pillar, walk left after breaking a rock, and destroy the Swoops

Not-Bottomless Holes[edit]

Earth Vellumental Temple
After the first Save Block, on one of the pillars
To the right of the Earth Vellumental-like platform
Near the ? Block after fixing Not-Bottomless Hole #2
After being pushed off by the pushing pillars
On the pillar that gets the player back up from the pit
After passing the pushing pillars
Before the Save Block, on the right side of the ledge
Two are before the double fire trap
On the floor before the stronger fire trap
After avoiding the gigantic shell PMOK Run Away.png


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガミじいん
Tsuchigami jiin
Earth God Temple
Spanish Templo de la Tierra Earth Temple
French Temple de la Terre Earth Temple
Dutch Tempel van de Aard-Origant Temple of the Earth Vellumental
German Tempel des Erd-Pergamenton
Italian Tempio della terra Earth Temple