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Ninja Attraction
A dojo in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Toads 3
Not-Bottomless Holes 2
Collectible Treasures 3
? Blocks 7
Enemies Ninjis
Scaredy Rats
“A ninja residence full of tricks and traps... That's right, folks! It's the HOUSE OF TRICKY NINJAS! Will you escape unscathed? Or will you trip and inja yourself? Enter...IF YOU DARE!”
Announcer, Paper Mario: The Origami King

The Ninja Attraction, also called the House of Tricky Ninjas, is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It is a pretend ninja training facility at the Shogun Studios amusement park. There are 25 cutouts of ninja Toads hidden in the area, and finding them all earns Mario a prize. Luigi is encountered here, giving Mario the Shogun Studios Master Key.


The entrance to Ninja Attraction

The Ninja Attraction is visited during Mario, Bob-omb, and Olivia's first trip to Shogun Studios. Olivia encourages Mario to go in, while Bob-omb is scared and refuses to enter, claiming that he is "too mature" for it.

At the start of the Ninja Attraction, attendants are given an introduction speech and instructed to find the hidden ninja Toads. The doors then open, and to progress further, Mario must hammer the block of wood on the right to open up a narrow hallway with a sliding door. Entering this door leads to the first real area: a living quarters containing two closets, a chest, a table, and a lamp. To progress, Mario must pull up the poster in the back of the room, revealing a hidden exit.

The next room of the attraction has white tiles on the floor, which flip over and reveal Ninjis when Mario walks near them. To exit this area, Mario has to go to the far right of the room and hammer the wooden panel in the back, causing it to flip around. He can then walk left to pass through a garden area.

Inside the garden is a small hut that leads to the operation room behind the attraction. Two Toads are hidden here, and going downstairs leads Mario to Luigi, who is stuck in some gears. To get him down, Mario has to fill in a Not-Bottomless Hole, climb down a ladder to a smaller gear, and begin hammering it to move the other gears. Luigi falls out, but is still crumpled, so Mario must hammer him. He gives Mario the Shogun Studios Master Key, believing it to be the key to Peach's Castle. Once Olivia tells him he has found the wrong key, Luigi runs off to find the real key.

Going back to the garden and exiting left leads Mario to a room with hidden spikes popping up from the ground. The entrance to this room is also blocked off. To find the spikes, Mario can use his hammer, and he must navigate to the left of the room to hammer a wall panel open, then pull on a rope to reveal a staircase. Climbing up this staircase, Mario has to navigate to the south end of the room and then drop down to the exit, which is surrounded by spikes.

Next, Mario enters a room with a wall of cabinets. He has to destroy a wooden floor panel to cause the cabinets to descend in a staircase formation, and can climb it to be ambushed by Ninjis. This reveals a Magic Circle, and Mario can peel off a Thwomp's calm face to reveal an angry one. As the walls begin closing in, Mario has to run from a wave of Thwomps, landing on a slide that takes him to the exit of the attraction. If he has found all 25 Toad cutouts, he is rewarded with a Collectible Treasure. Repeat runs give a Fire Hammer weapon instead, or coins if Mario's inventory is full.

Ninja Toads[edit]

Number Room Location Image
1 Entrance room On the plank of wood on the right side of the room The first Ninja sign of the Ninja Attraction in Paper Mario: The Origami King
2 Living quarters Inside the lamp Seven Ninja Signs in the living quarters of the Ninja Attraction in Paper Mario: The Origami King
3 In the sand pit
4 In the chest, must be pulled out after being revealed
5 In the closet on the left
6 Near the ceiling after pulling a rope in the back closet
7 On the left side of the back closet
8 Upside down after pulling the rope in the back of the room
9 Flipping floor room Beneath a white tile on the floor
14 Hanging upside down after pulling a rope hidden behind the wall
15 Spike floor room On a group of spikes
20 Hanging upside down after pulling on a rope
21 Above the spike floor room On the far left, on a broken piece of wood
22 Hidden behind a wall panel on the far right
23 In a treasure chest, after revealing four hidden ? Blocks at the south end of the room
24 Cabinet room Hidden behind the entrance door
25 In a cabinet, the Toad moves across the row each time a cabinet is hit

Hidden Toads[edit]

Ninja Attraction
A Toad is taped to the roof located left of the attraction's sign.
A scarab-shaped Toad is found under a rock located right of the entrance.
In the maintenance room, a Toad is trapped under some boxes and must be pulled out.
Taped to the back of the middle locker in the maintenance area.

Not-Bottomless Holes[edit]

Ninja Attraction
A Not-Bottomless Hole is found in the maintenance room, below Luigi when he is stuck in the gears.
A Not-Bottomless Hole is located in the back wall above the spike floor room.

Collectible Treasures[edit]

Ninja Attraction
Collectible #50: Luigi is found by hammering a cabinet in the cabinet room.
Finding all 25 ninjas rewards Mario with Collectible #51: Ninja Signs.
Outside the house, navigating the roofs and sign takes Mario to a chest containing Collectible #52: Bob-omb.

? Blocks[edit]

Ninja Attraction
In the left corner of the courtyard is a ? Block containing 1000 coins
In the entrance area, hidden to the left is a ? Block that gives a Tail item.
Hidden above a yellow-colored patch in the spike floor room is a ? Block containing a Shiny Hurlhammer.
Four hidden ? Blocks must be uncovered to find the ninja hidden in the treasure chest while above the spike floor room.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese にんじゃやしき
Ninja yashiki
Ninja Mansion
Chinese 忍者宅邸
Rěnzhě Zháidǐ
Ninja Mansion
Dutch Huis der Valstrikken House of the Traps
French Manoir ninja Ninja Manor
German Haus der Heimtücke House of Insidiousness
Italian Labirinto dei ninja Labyrinth of Ninjas
Korean 닌자 저택
Spanish Laberinto ninja Ninja Labyrinth


  • Prior to version 1.0.1, the Ninji battle at the end can be unwinnable if the player does not have enough coins, weapons, or health. A patch fixed this by adding a sack of coins in the Save Block room and a heart right as the player enters the room with the battle.