Spring of Rainbows

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Spring of Rainbows
Spring of Rainbows in Paper Mario: The Origami King.
Not-Bottomless Holes 3
Collectible Treasures 1
? Blocks 2
Enemies Fuzzies
Rocky Wrenches
“Restore your natural glow!”
Sign, Paper Mario: The Origami King

The Spring of Rainbows is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King, one of the five hot springs found at Shangri-Spa. This is by far the most exclusive and somewhat secluded spring at the resort, requiring Mario to use all four of the other springs and fill out a Stamp Card before earning the Spring of Rainbows - VIP, his ticket into the spring.

The Spring of Rainbows must be visited to restore Bowser Jr.'s colors as a side effect of using the Spring of Jungle Mist for too long. The actual entrance into the spring is down a set of stairs west of the plaza. Shy Guys Finish Last takes place here. Additionally, there are no Toads to be rescued here, and one collectible.


After filling out the Stamp Card, Mario must return to the front desk and speak with the receptionist. As a reward, he is given the Spring of Rainbows - VIP, used to enter the spring. Mario, Olivia, Bowser Jr. and Kamek must head to the plaza and find a small path to the west, where there is a set of stairs. Walking down these stairs, Mario is asked for his pass. Once he gives up the ticket, he may enter the spring. If Mario tries to give away anything else as a pass, he is declined.

Bowser Jr. restored to normal in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Bowser Jr. rejuvenated from soaking in the Spring of Rainbows

After crossing a windy cavern, Mario, Olivia, Kamek and Bowser Jr. must enter a suspiciously dark cave, with seemingly nothing more than a sign in the center. However, reading it reveals the cave to be the set for a hot new game show, Shy Guys Finish Last. Mario must compete in the show to be granted access to the actual spring, making it all the more exclusive. Mario is also able to go for a perfect game and/or a Sudden Death round, although he only needs to score 100 points to be able to use the spring. After using the spring, Bowser Jr. gets his colors back, rejuvenating both him and his Junior Clown Car. Now functioning, Bowser Jr. is able to take them directly to Boss Sumo Bro.


The first area of the spring is a flat, narrow cavern section. At the start is a Toad who welcomes Mario and his friends to the spring. Nearby, there is a sign, a Not-Bottomless Hole, and an orbiting Fuzzy. There are quite a few steams spouts in the ground and wall serving to slow Mario down. After the first Fuzzy is another Not-Bottomless Hole in the wall. Just before a large steam spout is a Rocky Wrench. This spout pushes a flat platform, taking Mario a bit higher. To the left, there is a crack in the wall Mario can hammer to open a tunnel. There is also a stalactite nearby with a crack Mario is able to hammer to block off one of the smaller spouts. This raises the pressure of the larger spout, allowing Mario to get a bit higher up. To the left, the tunnel leads to two more stalactites Mario must hammer down to push the large steam spout all the way through, allowing him to reach a small niche with a 100-Coin and a treasure chest containing a MAX UP Heart, giving Mario ten additional HP. Heading off to the right, Mario exits the cavern to reach the next section, outdoors.

Here, there is a Warp Pipe, although the other side is blocked off, preventing a shortcut. In this next section, Mario must walk in front of a rope and cling on at certain times to avoid a strong gust knocking him off. Notably, during this section, the player is not able to press X Button to ask Olivia for advice or access the menu. Along the way, there are a few gaps Mario is able to jump over and a ? Block he may strike to receive a bag of confetti. There is a small alcove between these sections giving Mario a moment of safety. This next section introduces steam spouts in the wall and orbiting Fuzzies. Between the second and last sections, there is a ? Block containing a 100-Coin. This last section has no obstacles and is a simple walk around a curve. At the end of these sections is the other end of the pipe, a Save Block, and the entrance to the Shy Guys Finish Last set. Below this is the true Spring of Rainbows - as it suggests, it is a spring of relaxing colors. Not only is it able to completely restore Mario's HP, it restores Bowser Jr.'s color and energy. With Bowser Jr. restored, he can fly the group directly to Boss Sumo Bro if Mario accepts; otherwise, Mario and co. can use the Rising Bath to return to the central plaza of Shangri-Spa, emerging from a fountain.

Behind the spring is a Not-Bottomless Hole serving as the door to a coffee shop. Inside the coffee shop are three pink Snifits, one serving as the barista. When Mario sits down to order, the barista suggests a normal cup of black coffee for 100 Coins, which is a completely normal cup of instant black coffee and does nothing. However, if Mario declines the offer, provided he has not already purchased it, the Snifit believes Mario is there for the special of the day, also 100 Coins. Upon purchasing the special, the Snifit gives Mario a seemingly empty cup, then goes to "pour" the special. The lights then turn off, replaced by pink lights, and the barista poses to introduce Birdo, sitting on some dishes attached by rope to the ceiling. The other two Snifits express shock at her appearance and start blowing whistles at her. Birdo then blows a kiss and leaves, leaving a heart in Mario's cup, which Mario then drinks and is fully restored.


Not-Bottomless Holes[edit]

Description Image
3 Holes
There is a Not-Bottomless Hole in the wall at the start of the cavern section. A Not-Bottomless Hole found in the Spring of Rainbows.
There is a Not-Bottomless Hole in the wall near the start of the cavern section, right after the first Fuzzy. A Not-Bottomless Hole found in the Spring of Rainbows.
There is a Not-Bottomless Hole serving as the door to a coffee shop behind the spring. A Not-Bottomless Hole found in the Spring of Rainbows.

Collectible Treasures[edit]

Treasure Description Image
1 treasure
Collectible Treasure #108: Sudden Death Cannon

Sudden Death Cannon
Won by completing the Sudden Death Round in Shy Guys Finish Last. Mario wins Collectible Treasure No. 108: Sudden Death Cannon

? Blocks[edit]

Hidden Item Description Image
2 blocks
An icon from Paper Mario: The Origami King.
Along the windy path is a ? Block containing a bag of confetti. One of two ? Blocks to be found in Spring of Rainbows
An icon from Paper Mario: The Origami King.
At the second safe alcove along the windy path is a ? Block and a sign. One of two ? Blocks to be found in Spring of Rainbows


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヒミツのおんせん
Himitsu no onsen
Secret Hot Spring
Dutch Regenboogbron Rainbow Spring
French Source aux mille couleurs Spring of Thousand Colors
German Quell der frischen Farben Spring of Fresh Colors
Italian Fonte dell'iride Spring of Rainbow
Korean 숨겨진 온천
Sumgyeojin Oncheon
Secret Hot Spring

Spring of Five Colors
Spanish Fuente del Arcoíris Fountain of Rainbows