Fun, Funky, and Functional

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Fun, Funky, and Functional
Fun Funky and Functional.png
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
“We got the best accessories in this whole entire...uh...hole.”
Monty Mole, Paper Mario: The Origami King

Fun, Funky and Functional, also called Fun, Funky, and Functional Accessories, is a chain of accessory vendors from Paper Mario: The Origami King. They are easily distinguishable by the large backpacks they carry. Mario can purchase accessories for Coins from their locations throughout the world to help him in battle or provide other useful effects. Each new vendor Mario visits will have new wares for sale; some of these items will then be available for purchase at other locations when he goes back to visit them.

There are a total of seven vendors in the game, consisting of three Toads, one Monty Mole, and three Snifits. Each species has a catchphrase associated to them that they will say when Mario talks to them, after saying "Fun, funky, and functional!" Toads say, "You want accessories? We've got accessories!", the Monty Mole says, "We got the best accessories in this whole entire...uh...hole.", and Snifits say, "I have accessories for sale. They are good. This is the entirety of my sales pitch."

Unlike the other vendors, the three Toads must be saved from trouble by Mario before their services are available. They thank Mario for helping them and set up shop nearby. Additionally, the Snifit in Shangri-Spa is not at its stall at first, and must be located so it can join Mario's party and return to the stall to start selling.

List of locations[edit]

Image Location New items

Fun Funky and Functional Picnic Road.png

Picnic Road
Fun Funky and Functional Toad Town.png Toad Town

Fun Funky and Functional Shogun Studios.png

Shogun Studios
Fun Funky and Functional Breezy Tunnel.png Breezy Tunnel
Fun Funky and Functional Shroom City.png Shroom City
Fun Funky and Functional Bonehead Island.png Bonehead Island
Fun Funky and Functional Shangri-Spa.png Shangri-Spa