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An image shown during the Sudden Death round of Shy Guys Finish Last in Paper Mario: The Origami King

"Happy & Sappy" is the song Ol' Grandsappy sings in Paper Mario: The Origami King when the Soul Seed takes effect, with the Sap Sisters as backup singers.

Later, in the Scorching Sandpaper Desert, Olivia can sing a shorter version of this song at the ritual stand. However, it does not do anything, and a different song must be performed to reveal the Fire Vellumental Cave. Professor Toad comments that the song is lively and that he "tapped a toe or two". The song cannot be sung again after the cave is revealed.

The full song may also play in Shy Guys Finish Last in the Sudden Death round, where one word from the song is replaced with a question mark and the player has to recall what the word is by selecting one of four answers. The omitted word is "burly" (answer B), while the other three choices are "churlish", "swirly", and "early" (answers A, C, and D respectively).

The song can be played in the Sound Gallery in the Musée Champignon, where it is listed as song number 8.


Lyrics in parentheses are sung by the Sap Sisters, lyrics marked with an asterisk (*) are not sung in Olivia's rendition, and lyrics marked with a dagger (†) are not shown in text but are uttered by Ol' Grandsappy.



Feelin' kinda sappy now...
(Sappy sappy...)

It's like I'm super happy now...
(Happy happy...)

I'm feelin' big and burly
and it musta surely been you...

(Oh, Sappy keep on singin' like
the good old days, oh yeah...)

(Here I go now... Here I go now...
Here I go now...) Wow!

Shortened version

Feelin' kinda sappy now...
(Sappy sappy...)

It's like I'm super happy now...
(Happy happy...)

I'm feelin' big and burly
and it musta surely...

...been youuuu...


Japanese script Romanization Translation


いのちが モリモリ

からだが ギンギン


(もういちど みせてよ
Body & Soul)*



Inochi ga morimori

Karada ga gingin

Ano koro mitai ni

(Mō ichido misete yo
Bodi & Sōru)

Ikasu wa~


My life is energetic

My body is ecstatic

Like in those days
I was burly

(Show it one more time
Body & Soul)

Be stylish~


Italian script Translation


Provo un sentimento sdolcinato...
(Sdolci... nato...).

Felice come un arbusto neonato...
(Felice... neonato...).

Anche se son grande e grosso,
Sto per diventare rosso...

Puoi essere solo tuuu-uuuh...
(Canto come un fusto giovane...)

(E uno... e due... e tre... e quattro... e cinque) Oh, uao!*


I feel a sappy feeling...
(Sa... ppy...).

Happy like a newborn sap...
(Happy... newborn...).

Even if I'm big and strong,
I'm about to become red...

It can be only youuu-uuuh...
(I'm singing like a young stem...)

(And a one... and a two... and a three... and a four... and a five...) Oh, wow!


Spanish script Translation


Ahora que me siento felizón...
(Y un poco cursi, sí, señor...).

Es tiempo de introspección...
(Un poco cursi, por qué no...).

Me siento grande y fuerte,
porque me haces felizón...

(Y me importa poco si soy cursi
cuando canto esta canción...).

(Sí, sí, sí... Muy felizón que estoy
cuando canto esta canción...).


Now that I feel very happy...
(And a bit corny, yes, sir...).

It's time for introspection...
(A bit corny, why not...).

I feel big and strong,
because you make me very happy...

(And I don't care if I'm corny
when I sing this song...).

(Yes, yes, yes... I am so happy
when I sing this song...).


Dutch script Translation


Sap vloeit door mijn bast nu
(vloeit... vloeit...)

Barst weer van de groei nu
(groeit... groeit...)

Al mijn knoppen bloeien,
laat me nooit meer snoeien!

(O, joel en juich,
kwetter en kwinkel)

(Van je een, van je twee... hoezee!)
Feest meeeeee!


Sap flows through my chest/bark now
(flows... flows...)

Bursting from the grow again now
(grows... grows...)

All my buds bloom,
will never let me be pruned again!

(Oh, shout and cheer,
chirp and chatter)

(Here is one, here is two... hooray!)
Join the party!


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギンギン☆モリモリ
Dutch Hars-tikke blij Pun on 'hars' (resin), and 'hartstikke blij' (very happy)
Italian Felice e sdolcinato Happy and sloppy
Spanish (NOA) Savino el felizón Grandsappy, the very happy one
Spanish (NOE) Tronquilón el felizón The Very Happy Sweet Sap Loggins