Shroom City (Paper Mario: The Origami King)

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“Welcome to Shroom City, previously known as Snif City, previously known as Shroom City!”
Yellow Toad, Paper Mario: The Origami King
Shroom City
Greater location Scorching Sandpaper Desert
Inhabitants Toads, Snifits
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)

Shroom City, also known as Snif City, is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King, a city located in the center of the Scorching Sandpaper Desert. A major landmark of the town is its large, Arabian-esque hotel. Many ancient coded texts are found around Shroom City, and only Professor Toad can decipher them. Shroom City is known as Snif City while taken over by Snifits, although after Mario defeats Hole Punch, Toads live peacefully along the Snifits and restore its previous name of Shroom City.


Once Mario and Olivia reaches Snif City, he is instructed to park his Boot Car, getting a coin if he does so perfectly. They then enter the hotel and ask the bellhop for a person who can read ancient texts. Believing they work for Professor Toad, the bellhop gives Mario a key to his room. In his room, the duo find his journal, leading them to the Sun Altar. When they get back to the lobby, the bellhop reveals Professor Toad was asking for an object they had on display, and gives Mario one of the object: a Sun Incense.

The duo return with Professor Toad and he deciphers the murals written on the second floor. However, an important piece is inside the suite, which is occupied by Luigi. A staff member directs them to the market booths, and the trio finds a booth with a lamp on top. The Snifit running it is running a game where the player must guess the emotion simply from his sniff, and possibly win 10,000 coins. Mario gives 100 coins to play, giving him three tries. If he fails, the Snifit reveals losing causes the player to lose their freedom, and offers one last round of three more turns for 1,000 coins.

After Mario wins the game, the Snifit runs away without giving Mario his reward, in the process revealing a Magic Circle. Mario uses it to rub the lamp, releasing Luigi. He gives Mario the Suite Key, believing it to be the key to Peach's Castle. After realizing he was wrong again, Luigi runs off to find the correct key.

With the key in hand, the trio enters the suite and inspects the rest of the mural, revealing an ancient ritual. Professor Toad, realizing the mural is very specific over who performs the incantation, teaches Olivia, believing her to fit the requirements. With the knowledge in hand, the trio heads off to perform the ritual.

Miscellaneous buildings[edit]

A building can be found next to a seesaw. Both of the rooms in the building only provide dialougue. Another building can be found to the right of the Royal Shroom Hotel. The first room contains the Shroom City Shop, though, Mario must first find the Toad that owns the shop to buy its contents. A second room contains DJ Toad's Groovy Sound Discs, though it seems there is no purpose to this room. There is a folded Toad on a shelf in the bottom right of the room, and a hole leading to the to the third room on the left wall. The third room in this building contains a treasure.

The Singing Café can be found behind the Fun, Funky, and Functional booth and can only be accessed once the Hole Punch has been defeated. Mario can sit on the empty stool, and buy a Sombrero Blend for 10 coins. This will enter a cutscene, where a Sombrero Guy starts to play his guitar and a Ptooie and a Dino Rhino begin to sing along.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピサンドリア
Portmanteau of Kinopio and Alexandria
Spanish Cuidad Champi Mushroom City
French Champibourg Shroomburg
German Cham City Mushroom City (Chamses is the German name for Shroomses)


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