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Musée Champignon
PMTOK Musée Champignon outside.jpg
The outside
Greater location Toad Town
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
The museum's curator speaking to Mario about the Super Marino inside the museum

Musée Champignon (French for "Mushroom Museum") is a museum in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It is a large, white building in Toad Town, next to the Battle Lab. It is first accessible after Mario finds its curator, a yellow Toad with glasses, inside Graffiti Underground. After he is found, the curator runs back to the museum, where he stays at the front desk and tells Mario if any new pieces have been added. Mario can also collect any trophies he has earned from the Toad. Musée Champignon is similar to the Sticker Museum from Paper Mario: Sticker Star and the Prisma Museum from Paper Mario: Color Splash.

The museum's lobby contains four exhibits: an ancient submarine called the Super Marino (which is replaced with a 1/24 scale model after its owner is rescued and arrives to retrieve it), a gray Warp Pipe that leads to a fast-travel hub to other areas, and fish prints of the Cheep Cheep and Blooper, if Mario has caught any. The Art Gallery is located to the west, the Sound Gallery is to the east, and the Origami Toad Gallery, Treasure Gallery, and Origami Character Gallery are north of the entrance. If Mario has any new pieces in a gallery, the light above the door is illuminated.

After Mario has earned every trophy available (completing all of the museum's collections in the process), the curator states he is able to double the admission price (Mario exempted), and Toads can be seen visiting the lobby and galleries.

Art Gallery[edit]

“Welcome to the world-renowned Musée Champignon art gallery! Here you can browse a wealth of artistic images from each of the regions you've explored. As you explore and rack up Toad Points, you will be able to unlock new artistic treasures one by one. You can earn Toad Points simply by rescuing Toads, of course. To see how many points you have at any given time, open the menu and select the Info tab. Now, by all means, browse our selection—and continue rescuing as many Toads as possible!”

The Art Gallery features a total of 150 pieces of artwork, which all require a total of 416 Toad Points to be unlocked.

Red Streamer[edit]

Number Image Name Toad Points
1 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 001.png Peach's Castle Exterior 5
2 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 002.png Peach's Castle Main Hall 5
3 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 003.png Peach's Castle Interior 3
4 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 004.png Goal Aesthetic 3
5 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 005.png Magic Circle Ideas 3
6 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 006.png Toad Town 5
7 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 007.png Musée Champignon 5
8 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 008.png Toad Town Home Interior 1
9 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 009.png Toad Town Entrance 1
10 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 010.png Toad Town Mansion 1
11 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 011.png Battle Lab 1
12 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 012.png Whispering Woods Scenes 1
13 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 013.png Graffiti Underground 1
14 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 014.png Picnic Road 1
15 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 015.png Ol' Grandsappy Transformation 1
16 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 016.png Graffiti Underground Misc. 1
17 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 017.png Earth Vellumental Temple Entrance 1
18 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 018.png Whispering Woods Objects 1
19 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 019.png Graffiti Underground Objects 1
20 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 020.png Picnic Road Layout 1
21 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 021.png Earth Vellumental Temple Misc. 5
22 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 022.png Overlook Mountain Themes 5
23 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 023.png Overlook Tower Elevator 5
24 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 024.png Overlook Tower Misc. 5

Blue Streamer[edit]

Number Image Name Toad Points
25 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 025.png Dry Lake Bed 5
26 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 026.png Chestnut Valley 5
27 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 027.png Autumn Mountain and Chestnut Valley 1
28 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 028.png Autumn Mountain 1
29 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 029.png Rapids 1
30 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 030.png Water Vellumental Shrine Exterior 5
31 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 031.png Water Vellumental Statue Layout 5
32 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 032.png Water Vellumental Shrine Interior 5
33 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 033.png Water Ideas 5
34 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 034.png Shogun Studios 1
35 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 035.png Shogun Studios Staff Room 1
36 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 036.png Dress-Up Photo Studio 1
37 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 037.png Ninja Attraction Exterior 1
38 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 038.png Ninja Attraction Interior 1
39 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 039.png Maintenance Room 1
40 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 040.png Big Sho' Theater Layout 5
41 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 041.png Kabuki Thwomp 5
42 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 042.png Ballet Performance Stage 1
43 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 043.png Grand Finale Stage 1
44 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 044.png Big Sho' Theater Sketch 1
45 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 045.png Big Sho' Theater Interior 1
46 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 046.png Prairie Town Stage 5
47 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 047.png Back Alley Stage 5

Yellow Streamer[edit]

Number Image Name Toad Points
48 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 048.png Sweetpaper Valley 5
49 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 049.png Breezy Tunnel 5
50 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 050.png Monty Mole Den 1
51 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 051.png Sweetpaper Valley Layout 1
52 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 052.png Breezy Tunnel Misc. 1
53 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 053.png Breezy Tunnel Ideas 1
54 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 054.png Shroom City 5
55 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 055.png Hotel Lobby 5
56 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 056.png Sound Disc Room 1
57 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 057.png Desert House 1
58 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 058.png Snif City Royal Hotel Room 1
59 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 059.png Hotel Hallway 1
60 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 060.png Fire Vellumental Hall 1
61 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 061.png Fire Vellumental Cave Entrance 1
62 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 062.png Trick Door 1
63 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 063.png Sarcophagus Room 1
64 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 064.png Fire Vellumental Statues 1
65 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 065.png Fire Vellumental Gondola 1
66 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 066.png Temple of Shrooms Interior 1
67 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 067.png Disco Hall 1
68 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 068.png Light-Up Floor 5
69 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 069.png Temple of Shrooms Exterior 5
70 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 070.png Desert with Fire Vellumental Statues 3
71 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 071.png Desert Tower Interior 5
72 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 072.png Frozen Toad 3
73 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 073.png Ruined Houses 3

Purple Streamer[edit]

Number Image Name Toad Points
74 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 074.png The Princess Peach 5
75 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 075.png Wrecked Lounge 5
76 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 076.png The Princess Peach Ship Interior 1
77 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 077.png The Princess Peach Misc. 1
78 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 078.png Inked Layout 1
79 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 079.png Submarine Cockpit 1
80 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 080.png Ship and Ocean Depths 1
81 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 081.png Heart Island 1
82 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 082.png ? Island 1
83 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 083.png The Great Sea 5
84 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 084.png Origami Workshop 5
85 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 085.png Diamond Island Exterior 1
86 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 086.png Trial of Wisdom 1
87 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 087.png Ice Vellumental Mountain Entrance 1
88 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 088.png Ice Vellumental Hall 1
89 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 089.png Diamond Island Interior 5
90 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 090.png Ice Vellumental Mountain Interior 5
91 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 091.png Top of the Sea Tower 5
92 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 092.png Fire and Ice Vellumentals 5
93 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 093.png Sea Tower Entrance 5
94 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 094.png Earth and Water Vellumentals 5

Green Streamer[edit]

Number Image Name Toad Points
95 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 095.png Shangri-Spa 5
96 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 096.png Shangri-Spa Early Sketch 5
97 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 097.png Shangri-Spa Entrance 1
98 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 098.png Shangri-Spa Early Interior 1
99 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 099.png Shangri-Spa Misc. 1
100 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 100.png Base of the Giant Tree 1
101 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 101.png Spring of Jungle Mist 1
102 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 102.png Jungle Ideas 1
103 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 103.png Jungle Misc. 1
104 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 104.png Jungle Entrance 5
105 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 105.png Jungle Interior 5
106 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 106.png Spring of Rainbows Path 1 5
107 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 107.png Shy Guys Finish Last 5
108 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 108.png Spring of Rainbows Path 2 5
109 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 109.png Spring of Rainbows Path Layout 5
110 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 110.png Bowser's Castle Great Hall 5
111 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 111.png Bowser's Castle Throne Room 5
112 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 112.png Buzzy Beetle Statue Room 1
113 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 113.png Bowser's Castle Statue Layout 1
114 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 114.png Bowser's Castle Rooms 1

Origami Castle[edit]

Number Image Name Toad Points
115 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 115.png Battle in the Sky 5
116 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 116.png Hotfoot Crater 5
117 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 117.png Bowser's Airship 1
118 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 118.png Paper Airplane Squadron 1
119 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 119.png Volcano and Peach's Castle 1
120 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 120.png Hotfoot Crater Layout 1
121 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 121.png Origami Castle 5
122 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 122.png Origami Castle Ideas 3
123 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 123.png Origami Castle Interior 3
124 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 124.png Origami Castle Layout 1 3
125 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 125.png Origami Castle Layout 2 3
126 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 126.png Origami Castle Throne Room 5


Number Image Name Toad Points
127 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 127.png Origami Concepts 5
128 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 128.png Origami Sketches 5
129 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 129.png Origami Mechanics 5
130 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 130.png 1,000-Fold Arms 5
131 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 131.png Paper Macho Goomba 1
132 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 132.png Paper Macho Piranha Plant 1
133 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 133.png Paper Macho Stone Spike 1
134 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 134.png Paper Macho Chain Chomp 1
135 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 135.png Paper Macho Koopa Troopa 1
136 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 136.png Mega Paper Macho Pokey 1
137 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 137.png Paper Macho Boo 1
138 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 138.png Jungle King and Space Warrior Masks 1
139 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 139.png Paper Macho Gooper Blooper 5
140 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 140.png Paper Macho Mechanics 5
141 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 141.png Earth Vellumental 5
142 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 142.png Fire Vellumental 5
143 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 143.png Water Vellumental 5
144 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 144.png Ice Vellumental 5
145 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 145.png King Olly and Olivia 6
146 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 146.png Paper Sumo 6
147 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 147.png Origami Princess Peach 1
148 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 148.png Folded Toads 1
149 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 149.png Character Outfits 1 1
150 PMTOK Musee Champignon art 150.png Character Outfits 2 1

Origami Toad Gallery[edit]

“Now this is a rather unique exhibit we are pleased to offer you at Musée Champignon... Behold! All forms of weird and wonderful origami Toads! The more of these unusual creatures you rescue in the wild, the more will appear here in our gallery. Without further ado, please feel free to browse our collection at your leisure.”

Some origami Toads appear in multiple sections under different numbers (indicated in gray), though they have the same description. There are 54 different origami Toad designs.

Red Streamer[edit]

Number Image Name Description
1 Musee Origami Toad 1.png Cicada This kind of cicada makes its signature sound by vibrating its wings. You can enjoy its shrill hum all year long!
2 Musee Origami Toad 2.png Fried Egg The king of breakfast. Whether they're salted, peppered, or slaughtered in hot sauce, fried eggs reign supreme.
3 Musee Origami Toad 3.png Flower A picture-perfect flower with an ideal arrangement of leaves and petals. Why does it smell like a mushroom?
4 Musee Origami Toad 4.png Purple Butterfly An elegant purple butterfly that occasionally deigns to land on a flower.
5 Musee Origami Toad 5.png Yellow Tulip A beautiful flower, perfect for picking. Each color of tulip sends a different message, so think before you pluck!
6 Musee Origami Toad 6.png Swan This graceful bird appears to glide over lakes with ease, but under the surface, its legs are paddling like mad.
7 Musee Origami Toad 7.png Blue Butterfly A flower-fluttering butterfly often found in flowering fields.
8 Musee Origami Toad 8.png Red Butterfly A butterfly that really likes flowers. Yes, moreso than other butterflies. Just the tiniest amount.
9 Musee Origami Toad 9.png Flag The sight of this flag fluttering in the breeze is enough to make you jump for joy. Time to party with a few fireworks!
10 Origami King screenshot-Red Tulip (Origami Toad 10).jpg Red Tulip Folded Toads can make picture-perfect tulips. For instance, this red tulip came from a Red Toad. What are the odds?!
11 Musee Origami Toad 10.png Yellow Butterfly A cheery yellow butterfly that almost seems to be toying with your emotions for no good reason.
12 Musee Origami Toad 11.png Red Dog A fierce guard dog who can help you become a fierce fighter...after you unfold him.
13 Musee Origami Toad 12.png Red Scarab Beetle Some say these big beetles are "lazy" and "slow moving," but they prefer "deliberate" and "totally chill."
14 Musee Origami Toad 13.png Prairie Dog A critter that likes to burrow holes in open fields. They're not moles, but their whack-a-mole streak is fierce.
15 Musee Origami Toad 14.png Red Mushroom Most Toads can be mistaken for mushrooms. This one, even more so than usual.
16 Musee Origami Toad 15.png Yellow Mushroom A rare yellow mushroom. Found in places with plenty of sunshine and electricity.
17 Musee Origami Toad 16.png Informational Sign A helpful sign with an oddly chatty message printed on it.
18 Musee Origami Toad 17.png Grasshopper A tiny bug with an impressive hop. It's likely to flee when threatened, so try to approach it slowly.
19 Musee Origami Toad 18.png Blue Roundfish Did you know that paper folded in the shape of a fish is perfectly at home in water? Don't ask questions.
20 Musee Origami Toad 19.png Green Scarab Beetle A type of scarab common to the caves that house the Temple of the Earth Vellumental.
21 Musee Origami Toad 20.png Yellow Scarab Beetle A slightly shy version of the scarab beetle that prefers dark places.
22 Musee Origami Toad 21.png Pamphlet This looks just like an informative pamphlet for Overlook Tower, but inside... there's just the confused face of a folded Toad.
23 Musee Origami Toad 23.png Pennant A souvenir from a popular tourist attraction. Sure to liven up the spirit of any room.
24 Musee Origami Toad 24.png Tower A souvenir of Overlook Tower. Out of all the souvenirs of this particular tower, this is definitely the overlook-iest.
25 Origami King screenshot-Pencil (Origami Toad 25).jpg Pencil It may look like a bright-blue colored pencil, but it's just a replica. The sharp tip can't write, so it's a bit pointless.

Blue Streamer[edit]

Number Image Name Description
26 Musee Origami Toad 26.png Blue Thinfish This poor creature turned out to be Sea Captain Toad, flopping away on Autumn Mountain! Truly a fish out of water.
27 PMTOK Origami Toad 27 (Red Autumn Leaf).png Red Autumn Leaf A fallen friend from Autumn Mountain. It's a bit thicker than a real leaf, which somehow makes it more convincing.
28 PMTOK Origami Toad 28 (Yellow Autumn Leaf).png Yellow Autumn Leaf Toads come in a variety of colors, just like autumn leaves...but they don't have to fall out of a tree first. Phew!
29 PMTOK Origami Toad 29 (Monkey).png Monkey A mischievous monkey who can move very quickly. Certainly much faster than a Toad!
30 PMTOK Origami Toad 30 (Red Thinfish).png Red Thinfish A vibrant red and white fish that leaps out of the water almost as if it were a Cheep Cheep.
31 PMTOK Origami Toad 31 (Red Dragonfly).png Red Dragonfly Looks perfect flitting among autumnal fields. It moves very fast, so you'll have to think faster if you want to catch it!
32 Musee Origami Toad 12.png Red Scarab Beetle Some say these big beetles are "lazy" and "slow moving," but they prefer "deliberate" and "totally chill."
33 PMTOK Origami Toad 33 (Chestnut).png Chestnut If you bonk a tree in Chestnut Valley, a tough chestnut might fall down. This is the tasty morsel you'll find inside!
34 PMTOK Origami Toad 34 (Butterfly).png Butterfly A common butterfly with uncommon looks. These colorful flutterers could almost be works of art!
35 PMTOK Origami Toad 35 & 61 (Heart).png Heart This bold and beautiful symbol seems to shout, "My body may be origami, but my heart has yet to fold!"
36 PMTOK Origami Toad 36 (Paper Lantern).png Paper Lantern One of the unique lamps found within Shogun Studios. Place a candle inside to re-create a bit of the park at home!
37 PMTOK Origami Toad 37 (Shuriken).png Shuriken A ninja's most indispensable weapon. True ninjas know how to throw them in one vertical, fluid motion.
38 PMTOK Origami Toad 38 (Dragonfly).png Dragonfly What a rare find! This pattern is uncommon among dragonflies but normal among Toads. Oh, wait...
39 PMTOK Origami Toad 39 (Yellow Dog).png Yellow Dog A good, good boy keeping watch over Shogun Studios. It's OK to pet him—his bark is worse than his bite.
40 PMTOK Origami Toad 40 (Blue Scarab Beetle).png Blue Scarab Beetle A scarab that patiently waits for Mario under the rocks in the House of Tricky Ninjas...just like a ninja would!
41 PMTOK Origami Toad 41 (Blue Roundfish).png Blue Roundfish Did you know that paper folded into the shape of a fish is perfectly at home in water? Don't ask questions.
42 PMTOK Origami Toad 42 (Fan).png Fan An item that feels right at home inside Shogun Studios. Good for self-fanning—GREAT for flirting.
43 Musee Origami Toad 3.png Flower A picture-perfect flower with an ideal arrangement of leaves and petals. Why does it smell like a mushroom?
44 PMTOK Origami Toad 44 (Cat).png Cat A kitty that loves to lounge. It's kind of flat for origami, so you may find it purring on either side of the cushion.
45 Musee Origami Toad 17.png Grasshopper A tiny bug with an impressive hop. It's likely to flee when threatened, so try to approach it slowly.
46 PMTOK Origami Toad 46 (Bonsai).png Bonsai Calming bonsai tree. Found in Shogun Studios. It was a Toad, once.
47 PMTOK Origami Toad 47 (Squarefish).png Squarefish This funny fish seems as though it's at home on land. Would you invite it into your home?
48 PMTOK Origami Toad 48 & 53 (Cactus).png Cactus A cactus that grows in the dry sands of the desert. It's a bit small and flimsy. Poor thing must be thirsty!

Yellow Streamer[edit]

Number Image Name Description
49 PMTOK Origami Toad 49 (Shovel).png Shovel A simple digging tool found in a tunnel. It probably won't dig very well...but it sure looks convincing, doesn't it?
50 Musee Origami Toad 20.png Yellow Scarab Beetle A slightly shy version of the scarab beetle that prefers dark places.
51 PMTOK Origami Toad 51 (Scorpion).png Scorpion This critter may look though, but it's sure to flee if you get too close. Was it playing hide-and-seek with a Pokey?
52 PMTOK Origami Toad 52 (Lizard).png Lizard Found clinging to a wall in a corner of the desert. Will it go up? Will it go down? The decision fatigue is palpable.
53 PMTOK Origami Toad 48 & 53 (Cactus).png Cactus A cactus that grows in the dry sands of the desert. It's a bit small and flimsy. Poor thing must be thirsty!
54 PMTOK Origami Toad 54 (Skull).png Skull A skull stuck to a cactus, punctuating the dark desert with a ghostly grin. It's a great tool for pranking scaredy-cats.
55 PMTOK Origami Toad 55 (Snake).png Snake Come on out, little fella! This origami creation is a big hit among fans of things that slither.
56 Musee Origami Toad 15.png Yellow Mushroom A rare yellow mushroom. Found in places with plenty of sunshine and electricity.
57 Musee Origami Toad 5.png Yellow Tulip A beautiful flower, perfect for picking. each color of tulip sends a different message, so think before you pluck!
58 PMTOK Origami Toad 58 (Red Pennant).png Red Pennant That surfing Snifit sure has some moves, but where did that unusual board come from?

Purple Streamer[edit]

Number Image Name Description
59 PMTOK Origami Toad 59 (Vase).png Vase You can drop this vase over and over, but it'll never shatter. It's perfect for clumsy art collectors!
60 Musee Origami Toad 18.png Blue Roundfish Did you know that paper folded in the shape of a fish is perfectly at home in water? Don't ask questions.
61 PMTOK Origami Toad 35 & 61 (Heart).png Heart This bold and beautiful symbol seems to shout, "My body may be origami, but my heart has yet to fold!"
62 PMTOK Origami Toad 62 (Rabbit).png Rabbit An adorably bouncy animal that hops excitedly near Mario and ? Blocks alike. It's just hoppy to be here, really.
63 PMTOK Origami Toad 63 (Red Roundfish).png Red Roundfish Don't toss this lively red and white fish on the grill unless you want to get roasted!
64 Musee Origami Toad 16.png Informational Sign A helpful sign with an oddly chatty message printed on it.

Treasure Gallery[edit]

“Do you find yourself collecting so many collectibles that you become overwhelmed? The Musée Champignon is at your service. We'll store your Collectible Treasures free of charge! In this gallery, you can view all the collectibles you've collected...and even learn how to unlock more! Diligent collectible collectors might even earn a trophy or two for their impressive efforts. Keep collecting Collectible Treasures, then return here to admire your ever-growing collectible collection!”

There are 120 Collectible Treasures and 15 trophies in total to collect.

Collectible Treasures[edit]

Number Image Name Description Location
1 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 1 (Peach's Castle).jpg Peach's Castle Princess Peach's beautiful yet tasteful castle. It's no wonder King Olly wanted it for himself. Whispering Woods
2 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 2 (Mushroom).jpg Mushroom Another valuable resource for restoring Mario's HP. A Mushroom a day keeps game overs at bay! Whispering Woods
3 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 3 (Ol' Grandsappy).jpg Ol' Grandsappy The withered for of Ol' Gransappy, reduced to a mere stump. This trunk contains zero funk. Whispering Woods
4 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 4 (Torch from Peach's Castle).jpg Torch from Peach's Castle A common cellar torch from Peach's Castle that calmly does its job no matter what else is going on. Toad Town
5 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 5 (Camp Speaker).jpg Camp Speaker A camp speaker used for repetitive and annoying announcements and repetitive and annoying music. Toad Town
6 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 6 (Coins).jpg Coins Shiny gold coins that help Mario on his adventure. Those trusty overalls must have deep pockets... Toad Town
7 PMTOK Colored Pencils Treasure.jpg Colored Pencils The first big boss of King Olly's Legion of Stationery. Talented, but not as talented as he thinks. Toad Town
8 PMTOK Rubber Band Treasure.jpg Rubber Band A rising star in the Legion of Stationery. This rubbery thespian can sing, dance, and seriously stretch a death scene. Toad Town
9 PMTOK Hole Punch Treasure.jpg Hole Punch A reclusive member of the Legion of Stationery who only does two things—party down and punch faces. Toad Town
10 PMTOK Tape Treasure.jpg Tape A captain of the Legion of Stationery shock troops. Proud of its purple dispenser. Watch out—it fights dirty! Toad Town
11 PMTOK Scissors Treasure.jpg Scissors The archenemy of paper everywhere and King Olly's top lieutenant in the Legion of Stationery. Toad Town
12 PMTOK Stapler Treasure.jpg Stapler King Olly's rabid Legion of Stationery pet. Its bite is worse than...everything...but could its mouth be a weak point? Toad Town
13 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 13 (Log Cabin).jpg Log Cabin Legend has it that this cabin was built partially from Ol' Grandsappy's timbers. It's oddly lifelike. Toad Town
14 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 14 (Mario).jpg Mario It's everyone's hero, Mario! With hammer in hand and friends by his side, he'll never fold. Toad Town
15 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 15 (Bowser).jpg Bowser King Koopa restored! You didn't think Bowser would just be a tiny face for the entire game, did you? Toad Town
16 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 16 (Manhole Cover).jpg Manhole Cover A barrier to keep hordes of visitors from touring the incredibly popular Grafitti Underground sewer near Peach's Castle. Graffiti Underground
17 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 17 (Lush Greenery).jpg Lush Greenery A large clump of green grass. Known to be a great source of confetti. Overlook Mountain
18 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 18 (Paper Macho Goomba).jpg Paper Macho Goomba While not strictly origami, these monsters are employed by King Olly to fold, fear, and crumple the world. Overlook Mountain
19 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 19 (Sap Sister).jpg Sap Sister Backup singers for Sweet Sap Loggings who actually wrote all of the songs and designed their own choreography. Overlook Mountain
20 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 20 (Folded Bowser).jpg Folded Bowser The great and mighty King Bowser, here in slightly diminished form. He can still shout quite loudly! Overlook Mountain
21 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 21 (Paper Macho Shy Guy).jpg Paper Macho Shy Guy Another of King Olly's massive papier-mâché enforcers. More interested in playing soccer than socking players. Overlook Mountain
22 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 22 (Shellvation Is Near).jpg Shellvation Is Near A rock that some say looks like the Earth Vellumental and others say looks like a rock. A fave insect hiding spot. Picnic Road
23 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 23 (Vellumental Idol).jpg Vellumental Idol A small rendering of the mighty Earth Vellumental! Somewhat less inspiring than the real thing. Picnic Road
24 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 24 (Sensor Lab).jpg Sensor Lab A laboratory famous for the invention of fax travel, Toad Radar, and many other useful technologies. Picnic Road
25 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 25 (Earth Vellumental Relief).jpg Earth Vellumental Relief A relief of the ancient Earth Vellumental. Crafted with love and fear by Koopa Troopas. Earth Vellumental Temple
26 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 26 (Rocks).jpg Rocks A set of rocks found in a cavern. Some can be broken and some cannot. It seems like a metaphor, but it isn't. Earth Vellumental Temple
27 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 27 (Pipe).jpg Pipe Ah, the classic pipe. Where will it take us? Sometimes we know, and sometimes we don't. Such is life. Earth Vellumental Temple
28 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 28 (Chef's TRULY WILD Special).jpg Chef's TRULY WILD Special A replica of the Overlook Tower chef's special eggs. Tastes the same fresh, frozen, room temp, and reheated. Overlook Tower
29 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 29 (Overlook Tower).jpg Overlook Tower A tall tower on the top of Overlook Mountain, famous for its gift shoppe and "million-coin" nighttime view. Overlook Tower
30 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 30 (Fallen Leaves).jpg Fallen Leaves A carefully pile of leaves. Smash it with a hammer to replenish your confetti and/or infuriate landscapers. Autumn Mountain
31 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 31 (Toad Tram).jpg Toad Tram This intimate conveyance practically forces you to talk to and forge lifelong friendships with other passengers. Autumn Mountain
32 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 32 (Confetti Bag).jpg Confetti Bag A common bag that's perfect for storing confetti. Its capacity increases with each streamer Mario and Olivia release. Autumn Mountain
33 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 33 (Toad Researcher).jpg Toad Researcher The inventor of Toad Radar, fax travel, and other useful inventions. Shifts paradigms like it's going out of style! Autumn Mountain
34 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 34 (Sturdy Crates).jpg Sturdy Crates A set of wooden crates, impervious to even the strongest hammer blows. Their stoic form radiates confidence. Chestnut Valley
35 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 35 (Sign).jpg Sign A classic wooden sign. Useful for conveying information and only occasionally snarky. Chestnut Valley
36 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 36 (Spinning Shells).jpg Spinning Shells A hazard found in the temple of the Earth Vellumental. Legend says it spits fire. Real life also says it, as it's true. Chestnut Valley
37 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 37 (Restaurant Fridge).jpg Restaurant Fridge A model of the refrigerator used in Overlook Tower's kitchen. Contains tiny replica vermin inside. Water Vellumental Shrine
38 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 38 (MAX UP Heart).jpg MAX UP Heart An extremely rare and valuable item that increases Mario's maximum XP. Water Vellumental Shrine
39 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 39 (POW Block).jpg POW Block A power-up that shakes everything on the field. Flips some enemies and disorients others. Water Vellumental Shrine
40 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 40 (Downriver Tour Boat).jpg Downriver Tour Boat The boat used for Autumn Mountain's downriver tours. It has only one paddle, but it glides down Eddy River with ease. Shogun Studios
41 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 41 (Chestnuts).jpg Chestnuts Giant chestnuts that give their home valley its name. Their prickly exteriors are bound to hurt, rolling or otherwise. Shogun Studios
42 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 42 (Water Vellumental's Wheel).jpg Water Vellumental's Wheel A water wheel in the Water Vellumental Shrine. You can make it turn with the power of the Water Vellumental's tears. Shogun Studios
43 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 43 (Relaxing Bench).jpg Relaxing Bench A bench that's the perfect place to rest, reflect, and be renewed. Shogun Studios
44 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 44 (Paper Macho Koopa Troopa).jpg Paper Macho Koopa Troopa This Paper Macho Koopa Troopa fell asleep at Shogun Studios. Only a loud, echoing noise will wake it back up. Shogun Studios
45 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 45 (Canned Tuna).jpg Canned Tuna Cans packed with juicy tuna. Rumor has it there's a Toad in Autumn Mountain who loves this stuff. Shogun Studios
46 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 46 (Big Sho' Theater).jpg Big Sho' Theater The symbol of Shogun Studios. Its four-story interior has been turned into a multistage theater with unique seating. Shogun Studios
47 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 47 (Canned-Food Par-tay Trio).jpg Canned-Food Par-tay Trio Three great friends who love sharing canned food. Their latest party featured canned ravioli. Shy oh my! Shogun Studios
48 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 48 (Lookout Tower Bell).jpg Lookout Tower Bell One clang of this bell is enough to wake even the sleepiest of sleepyheads in Shogun Studios. Shogun Studios
49 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 49 (Water Vellumental Shrine).jpg Water Vellumental Shrine A tiny shrine found in a corner of the Tall Grass Plains. Tuna-can offerings often disappear without a trace. Shogun Studios
50 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 50 (Luigi).jpg Luigi Mario's younger brother. Notable for his green hat, his jumping ability, and literally nothing else. Ninja Attraction
51 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 51 (Ninja Signs).jpg Ninja Signs A few of the many ninjas hiding inside the ninja attraction. Find them all to become a Ninja Supreme! Ninja Attraction
52 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 52 (Bob-omb).jpg Bob-omb An enthusiastic young Bob-omb without a fuse or memories but with plenty of gumption and explode-tuitiveness. Ninja Attraction
53 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 53 (Paper Macho Snifit Outlaw).jpg Paper Macho Snifit Outlaw This Snifit Paper Macho Soldier rules a motley band of outlaws onstage and makes that cowboy hat look great. Big Sho' Theater
54 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 54 (Block).jpg Block Made of bricks, but can be smashed with a hammer or even a simple jump. They don't make 'em like they used to. The Princess Peach
55 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 55 (Super Star).jpg Super Star This classic power-up grants invincibility. Crush your enemies! Walk on spikes! Fall into lava! Wait, not the last one... The Princess Peach
56 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 56 (The Princess Peach).jpg The Princess Peach A beautiful cruise ship offering relaxing ocean getaways. Its captain's fondness of the real Princess Peach is...evident. The Princess Peach
57 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 57 (Huge Rock).jpg Huge Rock The rock that Olly used to trap Olivia in Sweetpaper Valley. RIP in pieces, sweet Bob-omb. Breezy Tunnel
58 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 58 (Important Box).jpg Important Box The trusty lockbox that kept Bob-omb's special Olivia-saving item safe. Not even Gooper Blooper could crack it open! Breezy Tunnel
59 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 59 (Paper Macho Boo).jpg Paper Macho Boo These oversized spirits are as skittish as their smaller counterparts, but turn your back and they'll come flying! Scorching Sandpaper East
60 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 60 (Boot Car).jpg Boot Car A perfect-scale replica of the Boot Car Type B developed by Toad's Automoboots. Do not attempt to drive. Scorching Sandpaper Desert
61 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 61 (Cactus).jpg Cactus Some cacti are filled with confetti and can be plowed through with the Boot Car. Some cannot. Know the difference! Scorching Sandpaper Desert
62 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 62 (Mega Paper Macho Pokey).jpg Mega Paper Macho Pokey The largest and clumsiest Paper Macho enemy in the world. It falls and rolls around without any regard for safety! Scorching Sandpaper Far West
63 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 63 (Professor Toad).jpg Professor Toad The foremost expert on the Ancient Ones, with a scholarly background in many obscure and surprising subjects. Scorching Sandpaper Minor
64 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 64 (Temple of Shrooms Statues).jpg Temple of Shrooms Statues Statues depicting the legendary King Shroomses. Is that what he really looked like? Scorching Sandpaper Desert
65 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 65 (Snif City Royal Hotel).jpg Snif City Royal Hotel Snifits know a good opportunity when they see one—they remodeled this Toad palace into a five-star luxury hotel. Shroom City
66 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 66 (Bag of Confetti).jpg Bag of Confetti A large bag of confetti occasionally found in the wild. Replenishes Mario's supply of confetti. Shroom City
67 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 67 (Ring Trainer).jpg Ring Trainer You won't get far if you can't arrange enemies! This nostalgic arcade cabinet will help you hone your lineup skills. Shroom City
68 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 68 (Golden Snifit Statue).jpg Golden Snifit Statue What's a pool party without a glittering golden statue? ...It's still a pool party, just not as fabulous. Shroom City
69 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 69 (Desert Tower).jpg Desert Tower One of four giant towers in the Scorching Sandpaper Desert. Said to be modeled after a legendary king! Shroom City
70 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 70 (Lamp Scam).jpg Lamp Scam Is it an innocent game of chance or something more sinister? Leave it to Luigi to find out. Shroom City
71 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 71 (Fire Flower).jpg Fire Flower Use this to become Fire Mario! He flings those fireballs without suffering a single singe upon his shiny 'stache. Such skill! Fire Vellumental Cave
72 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 72 (Fire Vellumental Statue).jpg Fire Vellumental Statue One of many stone figures in the Fire Vellumental's cave. It's probably a good idea to know how many there are. Temple of Shrooms
73 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 73 (Temple of Shrooms).jpg Temple of Shrooms King Shroomses's Temple of Shrooms. It recedes into the sand when it's dark out, like a reverse vampire. Temple of Shrooms
74 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 74 (Submarine Marino).jpg Submarine "Marino" A sub piloted by Captain T. Ode. Who made it? How did he get it? These mysteries run as deep as the sub itself... Bonehead Island
75 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 75 (Paper Macho Koopa Paratroopa).jpg Paper Macho Koopa Paratroopa A Paper Macho Soldier that's able to flap through the air. When it tries to dive-bomb you, that's your chance! Full Moon Island
76 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 76 (- Block).jpg ? Block These are always fun to find. What will be inside this time? Some coins? An item? An enemy? So exciting! ? Island
77 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 77 (Sea Captain Toad).jpg Sea Captain Toad The seafaring Toad who was folded into a fish. No more flopping at the helm! ? Island
78 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 78 (Hammer).jpg Hammer When you only have a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail. And that's perfectly OK for Mario! Hammer Island
79 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 79 (Captain T. Ode).jpg Captain T. Ode A legendary figure, frozen for all of eternity for stealing a submarine. Hey, submarines are expensive! Hammer Island
80 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 80 (Shangri-Spa Toad Statue).jpg Shangri-Spa Toad Statue A mysterious statue that points pilgrims toward a realm above the clouds. What cute little wings it has! The Great Sea
81 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 81 (Paper Macho Mummy Goomba).jpg Paper Macho Mummy Goomba A Paper Macho Goomba that looks like a mummy but is actually just cold. It's cold inside ancient temples! The Great Sea
82 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 82 (Healing Hearts).jpg Healing Hearts These hearts restore Mario's HP. The bigger they are, the more love they contain. The Great Sea
83 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 83 (Spade Island Barrel).jpg Spade Island Barrel A rescue from this barrel apparently comes at the cost of your wardrobe. Insert friends carefully! The Great Sea
84 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 84 (DJ Booth).jpg DJ Booth A standard DJ setup, designed to help turn any place into a dance party, from a hotel pool to an ancient temple. The Great Sea
85 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 85 (Training Mannequin).jpg Training Mannequin A mannequin handcrafted by Toads for battle training. Removes the miniscule danger of fighting a real Goomba. The Great Sea
86 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 86 (Origami Workbench).jpg Origami Workbench A desk found in the Origami Craftsman's workshop under Mushroom Island. It's stained with sweat, tears, and coffee. The Great Sea
87 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 87 (Paper Macho Stone Spike).jpg Paper Macho Stone Spike A Paper Macho Soldier who rolls an unlimited supply of heavy stones. Get close and bop its belly between tosses. The Great Sea
88 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 88 (King Shroomses's Coffin).jpg King Shroomses's Coffin A historical reconstruction of what one of King Shroomses's coffins may have looked like. The Great Sea
89 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 89 (Paper Macho Gooper Blooper).jpg Paper Macho Gooper Blooper A Paper Macho Soldier that attacked the Princess Peach cruise ship and sent Bob-omb flying overboard. What a jerk! The Great Sea
90 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 90 (Paper Macho Buzzy Beetle).jpg Paper Macho Buzzy Beetle The personal pet of Scissors, stripped of its paper armor and Kamek's magic. It's still pretty dangerous! Ice Vellumental Mountain
91 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 91 (Ice Vellumental Bust).jpg Ice Vellumental Bust A model of the Ice Vellumental's head. It might invite bad luck to hit it with your hammer...but hey, why stop now? Ice Vellumental Mountain
92 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 92 (Origami Craftsman).jpg Origami Craftsman The origami craftsman who brought King Olly to life. For some reason, Olly doesn't really seem that grateful. Ice Vellumental Mountain
93 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 93 (Diamond Island).jpg Diamond Island An "island" slumbering beneath the Great Sea. Legendary structures await those who can find their way inside. Ice Vellumental Mountain
94 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 94 (Sea Captain Toad's Boat).jpg Sea Captain Toad's Boat Sea Captain Toad's trusty vessel. Since Mario rescued him from a fishy fate, the captain is happy to lend its services. Sea Tower
95 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 95 (Earth Vellumental Idol).jpg Earth Vellumental Idol A model of the Earth Vellumental found inside the Sea Tower. It's considerably slimmer than the real thing. Shangri-Spa
96 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 96 (Water Vellumental Idol).jpg Water Vellumental Idol A model of the Water Vellumental found inside the Sea Tower. This one won't cry, even if you bop it on the head. Shangri-Spa
97 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 97 (Fire Vellumental Idol).jpg Fire Vellumental Idol A model of the Fire Vellumental found inside the Sea Tower. Don't worry, it won't fall and crush you—probably. Shangri-Spa
98 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 98 (Ice Vellumental Idol).jpg Ice Vellumental Idol A model of the Ice Vellumental found inside the Sea Tower. It's not made of ice, but it's cool to the touch. Shangri-Spa
99 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 99 (Water Buckets).jpg Water Buckets Used to douse yourself with hot water before entering a hot spring. Can be stacked and annoyingly knocked over. Shangri-Spa
100 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 100 (Sea Tower).jpg Sea Tower A giant tower that has loomed over the Great Sea since the dawn of time. Legends say it leads to Shangri-Spa. Shangri-Spa
101 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 101 (Shangri-Spa Fountain).jpg Shangri-Spa Fountain The large foot bath in Shangri-Spa's main plaza. Like the dedication of the spa staff, the flow of water never ends. Shangri-Spa
102 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 102 (Shangri-Spa Toad).jpg Shangri-Spa Toad Don't be fooled. These Toads live in Shangri-Spa, but they're no angels. Shangri-Spa
103 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 103 (Boss Sumo Bro Cloud).jpg Boss Sumo Bro Cloud The cloud that a Boss Sumo Bro uses to guard the entrance to Bowser's Castle—even from Kamek! Shangri-Spa
104 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 104 (Bowser Jr.).jpg Bowser Jr. Bowser's precocious son. Half the size, twice the energy, and just as loud as the big guy. Spring of Jungle Mist
105 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 105 (Sweet Sap Loggins).jpg Sweet Sap Loggins The vibrant form of Sweet Sap Loggins, Ol' Grandsappy's stage name from the glory days. Spring of Jungle Mist
106 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 106 (Stamp Booth).jpg Stamp Booth A commemorative stamp from the Shangri-Spa succesive-soaker loyalty program. Don't forget your stamp! Spring of Jungle Mist
107 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 107 (Kamek).jpg Kamek Bowser's chief groundskeeper and occasional magician. Known for his diplomacy and tactical retreating skills. Spring of Jungle Mist
108 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 108 (Sudden Death Cannon).jpg Sudden Death Cannon Nothing heightens the stakes of a game show quite like an actual cannon. Good luck, Mario! Spring of Rainbows
109 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 109 (Paper Macho Chain Chomp).jpg Paper Macho Chain Chomp This wild animal is off the chain! Once it sets its big, round eyes on something, it'll chase it forever. So...start running! Bowser's Castle
110 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 110 (Paper Macho Piranha Plant).jpg Paper Macho Piranha Plant It lurks in the grass, waiting to snap up anyone who comes too close. If you get bitten, thrash around to escape! Bowser's Castle
111 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 111 (Cutout Soldiers).jpg Cutout Soldiers A set of soulless minions created by Scissors. They have no faces, no feelings, and no fear. Bowser's Castle
112 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 112 (Bowser's Airship).jpg Bowser's Airship Bowser's latest fuel-guzzling airship. Absolutely loaded down with armor and weapons—it should NOT be able to fly. Bowser's Castle
113 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 113 (Luigi's Kart).jpg Luigi's Kart Luigi's classic green kart, here shown equipped with optional hang glider. Step on it, Luigi! Origami Castle
114 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 114 (Bullet Bill).jpg Bullet Bill Lustrous black. Clenched fists. Bursting with energy. Once one of these targets you, there is no escape. Origami Castle
115 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 115 (Paper Plane Squadron).jpg Paper Plane Squadron A set of planes dispatched by King Olly to shoot down Bowser's airship. Show 'em who really rules the skies! Origami Castle
116 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 116 (Paper Macho Crater Crashers).jpg Paper Macho Crater Crashers Paper Macho Soldiers who dropped into Hotfoot Crater. They're tough, so do your best to stay cool under pressure! Origami Castle
117 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 117 (Paper Mistake Buzzy Beetle).jpg Paper Mistake Buzzy Beetle This horrific creation was made from the faces of Bowser's minions. And each face still speaks, so it's really chatty. Origami Castle
118 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 118 (Origami Castle).jpg Origami Castle An evil—but admittedly pretty cool—folded version of Princess Peach's Castle created by King Olly. Origami Castle
119 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 119 (Princess Peach).jpg Princess Peach She just wanted to host the Origami Festival, but Princess Peach was folded into a dark, edgy shadow of herself. Toad Town
120 PMTOK Collectible Treasure 120 (Origami Cranes).jpg Origami Cranes Some of the paper cranes King Olly folded in the hopes of eliminating all paper Toads. Toad Town


Image Name Description Hint
PMTOK Trophy Battle King.jpg Battle King You're not one to flee from battles as it shows. Congratulations on being crowned Battle King! Win 200 battles.
PMTOK Trophy Coin Collector.jpg Coin Collector You don't brag about it or show off, but you've collected a ton of coins. Now you can't let this trophy do the talking. Collect 300000 coins.
PMTOK Trophy - Block Head.jpg ? Block Head You've found—and hit—each and every ? Block in the game. Now tell us...which one was your favorite? Hit every ? Block.
PMTOK Trophy Fish Finder.jpg Fish Finder No need to tell fish stories when you've got this trophy to back up your skills. Catch the Legendary Cheep Cheep and Legendary Blooper.
PMTOK Trophy Ring Champion.jpg Ring Champion A prize earned by besting an onslaught of Paper Macho goons on Scuffle Island. Bravo, warrior! The island is pleased! Win every battle on Scuffle Island!
PMTOK Trophy The True Ringer.jpg The True Ringer Earned by conquering all The Ringer puzzles in the Battle Lab. You spun 'em, slid 'em, and solved 'em all! Great work! Clear every level of The Ringer.
PMTOK Trophy Speed Ring King.jpg Speed Ring King Earned by conquering all Speed Rings puzzles in the Battle Lab. Your super-fast reflexes must leave enemies dizzy! Clear 16 levels in Speed Rings at the Battle Lab.
PMTOK Trophy Coin Captain.jpg Coin Captain You've collected all possible coins on the Eddy River. And you're not even the one steering the boat! Collect every coin on Eddy River.
PMTOK Trophy Shuriken Master.jpg Shuriken Master The mark of a veteran shuriken hurler who never misses their chosen target. Even thought of going pro? Get 100 points in expert mode at the Shuriken Dojo.
PMTOK Trophy Quiz Master.jpg Quiz Master Are you a bona fide game-show genius or simply a glutton for punishment? Doesn't matter. The trophy is yours. Get a perfect score on Shy Guys Finish Last.
PMTOK Trophy Art Collector.jpg Art Collector You've collected every single piece of art in the world, so what are you doing looking at this trophy? Go look at art! Complete the art gallery collection.
PMTOK Trophy Origami Toad Collector.jpg Origami Toad Collector You've found—and unfolded—all of the plants, animals and origami objects made from Toads. What a collection! Rescue all origami Toads.
PMTOK Trophy Collectible Collector.jpg Collectible Collector You've got deep pockets and plenty of storage space. In other words, you've gotten all possible Collectible Treasures! Get every Collectible Treasure.
PMTOK Trophy Origami Aficionado.jpg Origami Aficionado When it comes to origami, you've seen it all. And fought it all. And flattened it all. Enjoy your trophy! (It's not origami.) Complete the origami character gallery.
PMTOK Trophy Sound Disc Collector.jpg Sound Disc Collector What do collecting all music and fixing all holes have in common? This trophy! And this guy! You've done it all, Mario! Complete the sound gallery collection.

Origami Character Gallery[edit]

“It is my pleasure to introduce you to one of the exhibits I'm most proud of... It's our origami character gallery! Here you'll find perfectly preserved origami specimens from your journey. As you defeat Folded Soldiers in battle, we swoop in to preserve their forms for posterity. I do hope you'll take the time to marvel at these wondrous creatures without fearing for your own demise.”

The Origami Character Gallery is organized into nine categories: each of the five streamers and "Origami Castle" for the enemies, "Vellumental", "King Olly - Vellumental Forms", and "Special". In order to unlock an enemy, with the exception of the Thwomp and Fuzzy, the player has to defeat it in battle, as defeating it in the overworld with high HP does not count. Some enemies are present more than once in this gallery, though they have same descriptions in every section (with the exception of the Ninjis, which have a different variant that hold tree branches). An enemy is unlocked in all sections regardless of where the player first fought it. Additionally, the player can rotate it and see the subject at all angles, with the exception of Princess Peach, who cannot be seen from the bottom.


The colored columns indicate the section in which an enemy appears (R, B, Y, P, and G for the red, blue, yellow, purple, and green streamers respectively, and O for Origami Castle), marked by its number in the corresponding section.

Number Image Name Description
1 10 24 41 68 93 OrigamiGoomba.jpg Goomba Goombas transformed into origami. All that folding has added some bulk, but really, they're just as weak as ever.
2 11 OrigamiSwoop.jpg Swoop They love dark ceilings and swooping in on their foes. Low attacks won't cut it, so don't even bother with a hammer.
3 12 25 OrigamiScaredyRat.jpg Scaredy Rat They adore dark corners. If they nab your coins in battle, defeat them before your gold is good as gone.
26 OrigamiDryBones.jpg Dry Bones They'll collapse into a bone heap upon defeat, but not for not long. Even the Boot Car can't keep them down.
4 13 27 42 69 PMOK Origami Shy Guy.jpg Shy Guy Bashful blokes who like to hide behind masks. If you're lucky, you might even catch one riding a shell!
14 OrigamiGaloomba.jpg Galoomba They make their homes near chestnut trees. A good stomping will make them topple over, so have at it.
28 PMOK Black Shy Guy.jpg Black Shy Guy Mysterious Shy Guys shrouded in darkness. They like to throw turnip-shaped things, so watch out for that.
43 OrigamiFlyGuy.jpg Fly Guy They use tiny propellers to fly around the Sea Tower in the Great Sea. Don't let them fly circles around you too!
5 15 44 70 94 OrigamiKoopaTroopa.jpg Koopa Troopa Even though they've been transformed into origami, these versatile villains can still transform into a shell as well.
6 16 45 OrigamiCheepCheep.jpg Cheep Cheep Though at home in the sea, they're not shy about jumping out and attacking passerby. You've been warned!
7 17 29 46 71 OrigamiSpiny.jpg Spiny Don't underestimate their spiky backs. Without some strong boots or a hammer, you're in for a world of hurt.
8 18 47 OrigamiParagoomba.jpg Paragoomba Paragoombas transformed into origami. They're pretty smug about those wings, but one stomp and they fall right off.
9 OrigamiThwomp.jpg Thwomp They're rough, tough, big, and bulky. That said, they're weak to star power, so slam 'em while you're sparkly!
30 48 72 OrigamiKoopaParatroopa.jpg Koopa Paratroopa Flying origami Koopa Troopas. Swoop in from above and stomp away their wings to secure the win.
31 49 73 OrigamiBuzzyBeetle.jpg Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetles, transformed into origami. As per usual, fireballs have no effect on them. Must be some high-quality paper!
32 OrigamiBoo.jpg Boo One glance at Mario's twinkling blues makes them freeze. They vanish in battle, so don't lose track of them.
19 50 OrigamiSidestepper.jpg Sidestepper They like to slide side to side. It's pretty snide. Their pincers are sharp as Scissors, so stomp at your own risk.
20 51 OrigamiBlueSidestepper.jpg Sidestepper Blue Sidesteppers are rare. Is that why they value rarities themselves? Either way, keep an eye on your goods.
21 PMOK Origami Ninji.jpg Ninji If they spot a hammer coming, they'll use their Ninji Vanish ability to turn things around. Stomp 'em instead!
74 OrigamiNinji.jpg Ninji Ninjis who like to lurk in tall grass. If you hit one with a hammer, expect an angry counterattack.
52 75 OrigamiNipperPlant.jpg Nipper Plant They look like adorable origami flowers, but don't be fooled. If left to their own devices, they'll spit fire at you.
22 53 76 OrigamiSnifit.jpg Snifit They're ready and raring to shoot some trouble your way, and they're not shy about calling for backup in battle.
33 54 OrigamiScuttlebug.jpg Scuttlebug Even as origami, a Scuttlebug's range is quite wide. They're hard to avoid, so stay on your guard.
34 OrigamiPokey.jpg Pokey They wait in the sand to attack all who approach. They probably just need a hug,'s not advisable.
55 OrigamiBlooper.jpg Blooper They live in the Great Sea. They prefer the water but will occasionally cause mischief on dry land.
77 OrigamiJumpingPiranhaPlant.jpg Jumping Piranha Plant They look like teeny Piranha Plants with leafy little feet. Though adorable, their fire is still fire, so stay alert.
35 56 OrigamiCrowber.jpg Crowber They fly around in circles, ever in wait to dive-bomb Mario on sight, as though they have nothing better to do.
36 57 OrigamiBoneGoomba.jpg Bone Goomba Goombas wearing tough skulls on their heads. Even in origami form, that's still pretty intimidating.
37 58 78 95 PMOK Origami Hammer Bro.jpg Hammer Bro They throw hammers at people, which is remarkably rude. And won't someone think of the hammers?!
59 96 PMOK Boomerang Bro.jpg Boomerang Bro Boomerang enthusiasts. Just when you think you've dodged a 'rang, BOOM! Right in the back of your head.
38 60 79 97 OrigamiFireBro.jpg Fire Bro No one likes being surrounded by flame-throwing bullies, so do your best to avoid these bros.
39 OrigamiShoeGoomba.jpg Shoe Goomba You can't stomp them when they're safe in a shoe, but a defeated one will drop boots, so get to shoe collecting.
61 98 OrigamiIceBro.jpg Ice Bro The ice they throw is pretty. Pretty cold. And pretty painful. It's pretty much a bad idea to go near them.
62 80 PMOK Origami Spike Museum.jpg Spike They spit up spiked balls on the regular. How unsettling! Those spikes smart, so don't stomp them by mistake!
81 OrigamiRockyWrench.jpg Rocky Wrench They live underground and pop up only to throw spinner wrenches at folks... especially folks named Mario.
63 83 OrigamiSnowSpike.jpg Snow Spike Mighty Spikes who thrive in the cold. Unless you use your hammer wisely, their snowballs will smash you flat.
64 84 OrigamiStoneSpike.jpg Stone Spike You can't break a Blue Stone Spike's rocks with a hammer, so just do your best to avoid them altogether.
65 82 OrigamiSpikeTop.jpg Spike Top Notable for their large spike. They're not fun to step on, so do yourself a favor and pull out the ol' hammer.
66 99 OrigamiSledgeBro.jpg Sledge Bro Very large and very strong Sledge Bros. Guarding is highly recommended, assuming you don't like throbbing pain.
85 OrigamiStingby.jpg Stingby They hide in tall grass, only to fly out all abuzz like it's some kind of sting operation.
86 PMOK Chargin Chuck.jpg Chargin' Chuck Always energetic and ready to roll, these hot-spring aficionados favor team tackles
87 OrigamiPiranhaPlant.jpg Piranha Plant The[sic] look like they're stuck in the ground, harmless and immobile. Looks can be deceiving...
88 OrigamiPtooie.jpg Ptooie Word to the wise: those spiky balls they keep aloft by breath alone hurt a fair bit if they fall on you
89 OrigamiFuzzy.jpg Fuzzy They move along walls fast. They won't fight you, but touching one will cause damage, so maybe don't do that?
23 40 67 90 OrigamiMechakoopa.jpg Mechakoopa Known for getting dragged into battles. Besting one will earns[sic] lots of coins, so make defeating them a priority.
91 100 PMOK Sumo Bro.jpg Sumo Bro Shoots out lightning with a sumo stomp. You'll have to defeat these foes to recover any panels they steal in battle.
92 OrigamiBossSumoBro.jpg Boss Sumo Bro This bad boy is blocking the entrance to Bowser's Castle. Better bring your sturdiest boots to this lightning fight!


Normal King Olly/Olivia Name Description
Number Image Number Image
101 PMOK Earth Vellumental Museum.jpg 105 PMOK Earth Vellumental King Olly Museum.jpg
PMOK Earth Vellumental Olivia Museum.jpg
Earth Vellumental That thick shell offers great defense, so aim for its head, limbs, and especially its tail.
102 PMOK Water Vellumental Museum.jpg 106 PMOK Water Vellumental King Olly Museum.jpg
PMOK Water Vellumental Olivia Museum.jpg
Water Vellumental Flies high and attacks with water. Send it to the ground with your boots, then use the Earth Vellumental's power.
103 PMOK Fire Vellumental Museum.jpg 107 PMOK Fire Vellumental King Olly Museum.jpg
PMOK Fire Vellumental Olivia Museum.jpg
Fire Vellumental Clad in ferocious flames. Use the power of the Water Vellumental first, and then unleash your 1,000-Fold Arms!
104 PMOK Ice Vellumental Museum.jpg 108 PMOK Ice Vellumental King Olly Museum.jpg
PMOK Ice Vellumental Olivia Museum.jpg
Ice Vellumental A polar bear with ice-manipulation powers. It freezes to gaurd, so use the Fire Vellumental's power to melt it.


Number Image Name Description
109 PMOK Origami Princess Peach Museum.jpg Princess Peach Princess Peach transformed into origami. She's as lovely as ever, but it's still a bit unsettling.
110 PMOK Sumo Bowser Museum.jpg Bowser Bowser, folded into a sumo wrestler. He's ready to rampage in the ring and defeat Olly.
111 PMOK Sumo King Olly Museum.jpg King Olly Olly, folded into a sumo wrestler. He's as a cool as a paper cucumber, with enough strength to push even Bowser around.
112 PMOK Olivia Museum.jpg Olivia An origami gal with a kind heart. She's King Olly's sister but is teaming up with Mario to stop her bro's reign of terror.
113 PMOK King Olly Museum.jpg King Olly The mighty origami king. Holds a bizarre grudge against Toads and vows to wipe out paperkind with his origami army.

Sound Gallery[edit]

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A song record
“Welcome to our world-renowned sound gallery! Here you can take an auditory tour of all the musical pieces you've heard in your adventure so far. Naturally, as you progress through the world, your library of recordings will expand. Specifically, once you have repaired all of the Not-Bottomless Holes in a given area, its sounds will unlock. To check your progress, simply open your map from the game menu, and check your fix rate. We do hope this incentive system will motivate you to fix as many of these unfortunate holes as possible. And in the meantime, do please begin enjoying the lush audio recordings you've collected thus far.”

The Sound Gallery features a total of 244 songs.

Red Streamer[edit]

Number Name Notes
1 Peach's Castle Plays when Mario and Luigi arrive at the front door of Peach's Castle. Arrangement of "Inside the Castle Walls" from Super Mario 64.
2 Peach's Castle - Underground Plays in the dungeons of Peach's Castle.
3 Olivia's First Appearance Plays when Olivia calls for Mario in the dungeons of Peach's Castle.
4 Folded Soldier's First Appearance Plays when King Olly (disguised as a Shy Guy) summons the first Folded Soldiers at the balcony of Peach's Castle.
5 Whispering Woods Plays in Whispering Woods.
6 Whispering Woods - Whispers Plays when Mario first enters Whispering Woods.
7 Ol' Grandsappy's Cry for Help Plays after Ol' Grandsappy screams after his face is torn off.
8 Happy & Sappy Plays after giving the Soul Seed to Ol' Grandsappy. The song is sung by Ol' Grandsappy and the Sap Sisters.
9 Sweet Sap Loggins Theme Plays in the area with Ol' Grandsappy after he has transformed into Sweet Sap Loggins.
10 Toad's BBQ Foodeatery Plays through the speakers at the Toad's BBQ Foodeatery area of Whispering Woods.
11 Olivia's Bench Plays when Mario and Olivia sit at the bench in Whispering Woods.
12 Graffiti Underground Plays in Graffiti Underground. Arrangement of the Underground Theme from Super Mario Bros.
13 Earth Vellumental Temple Plays in the Earth Vellumental Temple.
14 Offering Box Plays over the offering box recordings at the Earth Vellumental Temple Path.
15 A Giant Shell Falls Plays when Mario is chased by the giant shell in the Earth Vellumental Temple.
16 Dance It Out Plays while Olivia uses the Earth Vellumental power.
17 Overlook Tower under Fire Plays in Overlook Tower before defeating Colored Pencils.
18 Overlook Tower Plays in Overlook Tower after defeating Colored Pencils.
19 Toad Town in Trouble Plays when Mario first visits Toad Town while Paper Macho Soldiers are present.
20 The Ruins of Peach's Castle Plays in the ruins of Peach's Castle behind Toad Town.
21 Paper Macho Soldier on Patrol Plays at Toad Town while battling the Paper Macho Goomba on the roof of a house after the red streamer is cleared.
22 Toad Town Ghost Town Plays in Toad Town after defeating all of the Paper Macho Soldiers.
23 Toad Town - Red Streamer Removal Plays in Toad Town after the red streamer has been removed.
24 Toad Town - Blue Streamer Removal Plays in Toad Town after the blue streamer has been removed.
25 Toad Town - Yellow Streamer Removal Plays in Toad Town after the yellow streamer has been removed.
26 Toad Town - Purple Streamer Removal Plays in Toad Town after the purple streamer has been removed.
27 Toad Town - Green Streamer Removal Plays in Toad Town after the green streamer has been removed.
28 Toad Town Port Plays at the dock of Toad Town.
29 Musée Champignon Plays in Musée Champignon.
30 Battle Lab Plays in the Battle Lab.
31 Picnic Road Plays at Picnic Road.
32 Picnic Road Shop Plays near the shops in front of the Earth Vellumental Temple at Picnic Road.
33 Overlook Mountain Plays at Overlook Mountain.
34 Overlook Mountain Occupied Plays while climbing Overlook Mountain before Colored Pencils is defeated.
35 Panic at Overlook Tower Plays in Overlook Tower when the origami Mini Goombas are set free in the restaurant.
36 Missile Launch Plays at the outdoor café at Overlook Tower when Colored Pencils attacks Mario.
37 Monty Mole's Shop Plays during the Monty Mole's auction for the Green Shell Stone at Overlook Mountain.
38 Paper Macho Soccer Plays on the soccer field at Overlook Mountain with the three Paper Macho Shy Guys.
39 Fossilized Dry Bones Plays when Mario uncovers the Dry Bones at Overlook Mountain.
40 The Mystery of the Magic Circle Plays when Mario and Olivia first encounter the Earth Vellumental Magic Circle at the top of Overlook Mountain.
41 Red Streamer Battle Plays while attacking during battles at Whispering Woods, Toad Town, Graffiti Underground, Picnic Road, Overlook Mountain, and Overlook Tower.
42 Red Streamer Battle - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during battles at Whispering Woods, Toad Town, Graffiti Underground, Picnic Road, Overlook Mountain, and Overlook Tower.
43 Vellumental Area Battle Plays while attacking during battles in the Vellumental areas.
44 Vellumental Area Battle - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during battles in the Vellumental areas.
45 Event Battle Plays while attacking during special battles.
46 Event Battle - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during special battles.
47 Vellumental Battle Plays while attacking during Vellumental boss battles.
48 Vellumental Battle - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during Vellumental boss battles.
49 The Missile Maestro Plays while attacking during Colored Pencils' boss battle.
50 The Missile Maestro - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during Colored Pencils' boss battle.

Blue Streamer[edit]

Number Name Notes
51 Bob-omb Enters Plays when Bob-omb introduces himself on the tram ride to Autumn Mountain.
52 Chestnut Valley Plays at Chestnut Valley.
53 Sleeping Bob-omb Plays when Mario and Olivia find Bob-omb sleeping at Chestnut Valley.
54 Water Vellumental Shrine Plays in the Water Vellumental Shrine.
55 Eddy River Plays during the boat ride on Eddy River.
56 The End of Eddy River Plays when Mario descends the final rapids and at the end of Eddy River.
57 House of Tricky Ninjas Plays outside of the Ninja Attraction.
58 House of Tricky Ninjas Cleared Plays when Mario finds the way to the next room in the Ninja Attraction.
59 Autumn Mountain Plays at Autumn Mountain.
60 Exploring Shogun Studios Plays in Shogun Studios while searching for the Shogun Studios Master Key.
61 Tranquil Pipes Teahouse Plays at the Tranquil Pipes Teahouse. Arrangement of Maple Treeway's music from Mario Kart Wii.
62 Shogun Studios Plays in Shogun Studios after defeating Rubber Band.
63 Shogun Studios Entrance Plays at the entrance of Shogun Studios.
64 Exploring Autumn Mountain Plays at Autumn Mountain after discovering the Water Vellumental Magic Circle and while searching for the Water Vellumental Shrine.
65 Go with the Flow Plays when first entering Eddy River. The song is sung by the Oarsman.
66 Shogun Studios Deserted Plays when first exploring Shogun Studios after talking to the dressed-up Goomba, Snifit, and Koopa Troopa.
67 Shuriken Dojo Plays while playing the minigame at the Shuriken Dojo.
68 Goomba Mask Plays while trying on the Goomba Mask in the Shogun Studios staff room.
69 Jungle King Mask Plays while trying on the Jungle King Mask in the Shogun Studios staff room.
70 Space Warrior Mask Plays while trying on the Space Warrior Mask in the Shogun Studios staff room. Arrangement of the "Samus Appears" fanfare from the Metroid series.
71 Shogun Studios Parade Plays during the parade at Shogun Studios after defeating Rubber Band.
72 Olivia Having Fun Plays when Olivia laughs at the Goomba Mask in the Shogun Studios staff room.
73 Big Sho' Theater Plays at the Big Sho' Theater.
74 Western Showdown - Enemy Enters Plays when an enemy appears during the first act at the Big Sho' Theater.
75 Western Showdown - Mario Enters Plays when Mario walks on stage during the first act at the Big Sho' Theater.
76 The Western Begins Plays at the beginning of the first act at the Big Sho' Theater.
77 The Western Ends Plays after Mario defeats the enemy during the first act at the Big Sho' Theater.
78 Enter Birdo Plays at the end of the second act at the Big Sho' Theater.
79 Stage Play - Mario Enters Plays when Mario walks on stage during the second act at the Big Sho' Theater.
80 Stage Play - Koopa Troopa Theme Plays during the first phase of the fight against the Paper Macho Koopa Troopas during the second act at the Big Sho' Theater.
81 Stage Play - Koopa Troopa Boss Plays during the second phase of the fight against the Paper Macho Koopa Troopas during the second act at the Big Sho' Theater.
82 Swan Lake - Punk Remix Plays while battling the Paper Macho Shy Guys during the third act at the Big Sho' Theater. Arrangement of the theme from the ballet Swan Lake.
83 Big Sho' Theater - Cast Introductions Plays during the curtain call at the Big Sho' Theater.
84 The Elastic Entertainer Enters Plays during Rubber Band's introduction.
85 Tragedy of the Elastic Entertainer Plays after defeating Rubber Band.
86 Blue Streamer Battle Plays while attacking during battles in Shogun Studios.
87 Blue Streamer Battle - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during battles in Shogun Studios.
88 Autumn Mountain Battle Plays while attacking during battles at Autumn Mountain.
89 Autumn Mountain Battle - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during battles at Autumn Mountain.
90 The Elastic Entertainer Plays while attacking during Rubber Band's boss battle.
91 The Elastic Entertainer - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during Rubber Band's boss battle.

Yellow Streamer[edit]

Number Name Notes
92 Breezy Tunnel Plays in Breezy Tunnel.
93 Boot Car - Superboost Plays when Mario uses the Boot Car in Breezy Tunnel.
94 Bob-omb's Encouragement Plays when Bob-omb's ghost appears in Breezy Tunnel.
95 Fire Vellumental Cave Plays in the Fire Vellumental Cave.
96 Bucket Panic! Plays while battling the Paper Macho Shy Guys in the Fire Vellumental Cave.
97 Sweetpaper Valley Plays when first arriving at Sweetpaper Valley before the boulder crushes Olivia.
98 Bob-omb's Memories Plays during Bob-omb's flashbacks and when he sacrifices himself to rescue Olivia.
99 Sad Olivia Plays in Breezy Tunnel before cheering up Olivia.
100 Bob-omb's Determination Plays at Sweetpaper Valley.
101 Scorching Sandpaper Desert Plays in the Scorching Sandpaper Desert and its subregions.
102 My Heart's a-Burnin' Plays when summoning the Fire Vellumental Cave. The song is sung by Olivia.
103 Mega Paper Macho Pokey Plays while battling Mega Paper Macho Pokey.
104 Shroom City Plays in Shroom City after it is reclaimed by the Toads.
105 Snif City Plays in Shroom City while it is taken over by the Snifits.
106 Snif City Royal Hotel Plays in the Snif City Royal Hotel.
107 Hotel Mural Plays when first examining the final mural in the Snif City Royal Hotel.
108 Snif City Royal Hotel - Pool Played by the DJ at the pool in the Snif City Royal Hotel. The song's corresponding sound disc is titled "Pool Party (Jump In)".
109 Temple of Shrooms Plays in the Temple of Shrooms.
110 Dread in the Temple of Shrooms 1 Plays after entering the dark room in the Temple of Shrooms.
111 Dread in the Temple of Shrooms 2 Plays in the Temple of Shrooms after the faceless Toad shadow disappears.
112 Exploring the Temple of Shrooms Plays in the Temple of Shrooms while searching for the "Thrills at Night" sound disc.
113 Paper Macho Mummy Goomba Plays while battling the Paper Macho Mummy Goombas.
114 Temple of Shrooms Disco Played by the DJ Toad at the dance floor in the Temple of Shrooms upon first arrival. The song's corresponding sound disc is titled "Temple of Shrooms U.G."
115 Heartbeat Skipper Played by the DJ Toad at the Temple of Shrooms dance floor and Snif City Royal Hotel pool.
116 Deep, Deep Vibes Played by the DJ Toad at the Temple of Shrooms dance floor and Snif City Royal Hotel pool.
117 M-A-X Power! Played by the DJ Toad at the Temple of Shrooms dance floor and Snif City Royal Hotel pool.
118 Thrills at Night Played by the DJ Toad at the Temple of Shrooms dance floor and Snif City Royal Hotel pool.
119 Yellow Streamer Battle Plays while attacking during battles at Breezy Tunnel, areas of Scorching Sandpaper Desert, and the Temple of Shrooms.
120 Yellow Streamer Battle - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during battles at Breezy Tunnel, areas of Scorching Sandpaper Desert, and the Temple of Shrooms.
121 Disco Devil Plays while attacking during Hole Punch's boss battle.
122 Disco Devil - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during Hole Punch's boss battle.

Purple Streamer[edit]

Number Name Notes
123 The Great Sea Plays at the Great Sea.
124 Exploring the Great Sea Plays at the Great Sea after clearing the fog and before defeating Tape.
125 Bonehead Island Plays on Bonehead Island. Arrangement of the Sailor's Song from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
126 Giant Fan of Bonehead Island Plays as the Fan blows the fog away on Bonehead Island. Arrangement of the Fan Thing's music from Paper Mario: Sticker Star, which in turn is inspired by Also sprach Zarathustra.
127 Crescent Moon Island Plays on Full Moon Island.
128 Hammer Island Plays on Hammer Island.
129 Club Island Plays on Club Island.
130 Club Island - Feelin' Fungi Plays when Feelin' Fungi are dancing on Club Island.
131 Heart Island Plays on Heart Island.
132 Spade Island Plays on Spade Island.
133 ? Island - Stone Spike on the Hill Plays on ? Island while Stone Spikes are present.
134 Scuffle Island Plays while battling Paper Macho Soldiers on Scuffle Island.
135 Origami Workshop Plays in the origami workshop on Mushroom Island.
136 The Fold of Life Plays when the Origami Craftsman explains how he created King Olly.
137 Diamond Island Plays on Diamond Island.
138 Diamond Island - Hall of Trials Plays at the entrances to the three trials on Diamond Island.
139 Trial of Wisdom Plays during the first and second stages of the Trial of Wisdom.
140 Trial of Wisdom - Final Question Plays during the final stage of the Trial of Wisdom.
141 Trial of Power Plays during the Trial of Power.
142 The Princess Peach Plays on the Princess Peach.
143 The Princess Peach - Restoration Party Plays on the Princess Peach after all of the former passengers have returned.
144 The Princess Peach - Nobody's Home Plays when first entering the main hall of the Princess Peach.
145 The Princess Peach - Drenched in Ink Plays when Mario and Bob-omb discover the ink left by Paper Macho Gooper Blooper on the Princess Peach.
146 The Princess Peach - Stolen Box! Plays after Paper Macho Gooper Blooper takes Bob-omb's lockbox on the Princess Peach.
147 Paper Macho Gooper Blooper Plays while battling Paper Macho Gooper Blooper.
148 Ice Vellumental Mountain Plays at the Ice Vellumental Mountain.
149 Ice Vellumental Mountain - Rolling Snowball Plays when the Snow Spikes roll snowballs at Mario at the Ice Vellumental Mountain.
150 Ice Slider Plays when Mario and Olivia slide down the Ice Vellumental Mountain after defeating the Ice Vellumental.
151 Sea Tower - 1st Floor Plays on the first floor of Sea Tower.
152 Sea Tower - 2nd Floor Plays on the second floor of Sea Tower.
153 Sea Tower - Earth Vellumental Area Plays in the Earth Vellumental area of Sea Tower.
154 Sea Tower - Water Vellumental Area Plays in the Water Vellumental area of Sea Tower.
155 Sea Tower - Fire Vellumental Area Plays in the Fire Vellumental area of Sea Tower.
156 Sea Tower - Ice Vellumental Area Plays in the Ice Vellumental area of Sea Tower.
157 Purple Streamer Battle Plays while attacking during battles at the Great Sea and its islands (besides Bonehead Island).
158 Purple Streamer Battle - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during battles at the Great Sea and its islands (besides Bonehead Island).
159 Unsettling Area Battle Plays while attacking during battles at the Princess Peach, Bonehead Island, and Bowser's Castle.
160 Unsettling Area Battle - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during battles at the Princess Peach, Bonehead Island, and Bowser's Castle.
161 The Shifty Sticker Plays while attacking during Tape's boss battle.
162 The Shifty Sticker - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during Tape's boss battle.

Green Streamer[edit]

Number Name Notes
163 Entering Shangri-Spa Plays when Shangri-Spa's entrance is revealed.
164 Shangri-Spa Plays in Shangri-Spa.
165 Meet Kamek Plays when Mario and Olivia meet Kamek. Arrangement of "The Blue Wizard" used in Paper Mario: Color Splash, while the song originates in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
166 Kamek's Memories Plays during Kamek's flashbacks.
167 Kamek Rebuked Plays when a Shangri-Spa Toad rebukes Kamek for crashing Bowser's Castle onto Shangri-Spa's banquet hall.
168 Sumo Bro Enters Plays when Boss Sumo Bro first appears.
169 Welcome to Shangri-Spa! Plays when Mario and Olivia first bathe in the Spring of Purification.
170 Enter Bowser Jr. Plays during scenes involving Bowser Jr.
171 Hurry to the Spring of Purification! Plays while the party heads for the Spring of Purification after Bowser Jr. is cut up by Scissors.
172 Exploring Shangri-Spa Plays while exploring the other springs to fix Bowser Jr. up in Shangri-Spa.
173 Minions Assemble! Plays after Kamek makes his announcement to the Koopa Troop after defeating Boss Sumo Bro.
174 Spring of Rainbows Path Plays in the cave leading to the Spring of Rainbows.
175 Crossing the Cliff Plays at the cliff leading to the Spring of Rainbows.
176 Shy Guys Finish Last Plays during Shy Guys Finish Last.
177 Tell 'Em How It Works Plays when Emcee Shy Guy explains the rules and announces the results in Shy Guys Finish Last.
178 Today's Contestant Plays when a category is selected in Shy Guys Finish Last.
179 Try the Sudden Death Round Plays during the Sudden Death round's introduction in Shy Guys Finish Last.
180 Ring Scramble Plays during the Ring Scramble game in Shy Guys Finish Last.
181 Race 'n' Place Plays during the Race 'n' Place game in Shy Guys Finish Last.
182 Ninji Skills Plays during the Ninji Skills game in Shy Guys Finish Last.
183 Bath Math Plays during the Bath Math game in Shy Guys Finish Last.
184 Sudden Death Plays during the Sudden Death round in Shy Guys Finish Last.
185 Spring of Jungle Mist Plays in the Spring of Jungle Mist.
186 Paper Macho Chain Chomp Plays when the party is being chased by the Paper Macho Chain Chomp.
187 Princess Unleashed Plays in the Spring of Jungle Mist while the Paper Macho Chain Chomp is loose.
188 Bowser's Castle Plays in Bowser's Castle.
189 Folded Soldier Banquet Plays when the party first enters Bowser's Castle and finds the Folded Soldiers having a banquet.
190 Beware the Handaconda Plays after the Handaconda grabs Olivia.
191 Paper Mistake Buzzy Beetle Plays while fighting the Paper Mistake Buzzy Beetle.
192 Bowser's Encouragement Plays when Bowser declares his joining Mario in defeating King Olly after defeating Scissors.
193 Nervous Olivia Plays when Olivia thanks Mario for saving her repeatedly after defeating Scissors.
194 Bowser's Airship Appears Plays when Bowser's airship appears.
195 Bowser's Airship - Locked and Loaded Plays when boarding Bowser's airship.
196 Bowser's Airship - Launch Plays as Bowser's airship departs.
197 Dog-Eared Fight Plays while battling the Paper Plane Squadron.
198 Dog-Eared Fight - Boss Battle Plays while battling the Paper Plane Squadron boss.
199 Incoming! Plays when the Paper Plane Squadron appears.
200 Battle at Bowser's Castle Plays when the Koopa Troop are fighting the Folded Soldiers in Bowser's Castle.
201 Green Streamer Battle Plays while attacking during battles in the Spring of Jungle Mist.
202 Green Streamer Battle - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during battles in the Spring of Jungle Mist.
203 Boss Fight Plays while attacking during Boss Sumo Bro's and Handaconda's boss battles.
204 Boss Fight - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during Boss Sumo Bro's and Handaconda's boss battles.
205 The Dual-Bladed Duelist Plays while attacking during Scissors' boss battle.
206 The Dual-Bladed Duelist - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during Scissors' boss battle.


Number Name Notes
207 Hotfoot Crater Plays in Hotfoot Crater.
208 Origami Castle Plays in Origami Castle.
209 Olivia's Last Bench Plays when Olivia sits on the bench before King Olly's boss battle.
210 King Olly's Throne Room Plays in King Olly's throne room in Origami Castle.
211 Olivia Transforms - Final Battle Plays when Olivia transforms into a giant hammer in the final battle.
212 King Olly, Origami Overlord Plays after defeating King Olly.
213 The Fanged Fastener Plays while attacking during Stapler's boss battle.
214 The Fanged Fastener - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during Stapler's boss battle.
215 Battle with King Olly Plays while attacking during the first phase of King Olly's boss battle.
216 Battle with King Olly - Thinking Plays while arranging rings during the first phase of King Olly's boss battle.
217 King Olly and Mega Bowser Plays during the sumo battle between Bowser and King Olly.
218 Mega Bowser on the Brink Plays when Bowser is close to the edge during the sumo battle.
219 King Olly on the Brink Plays when King Olly is close to the edge during the sumo battle.
220 Mega King Olly Transformation Plays when King Olly transforms into his sumo form.
221 Mega Bowser Transformation Plays when Olivia transforms Bowser into his sumo form.
222 Olivia's Plea Plays after the first phase of King Olly's boss battle.
223 King Olly's Final Form Plays when King Olly appears in his final form.
224 Olivia's Final Magic Circle Plays when Olivia summons the Magic Circle before the final phase of King Olly's boss battle.
225 The Final Battle Plays during the final phase of King Olly's boss battle.
226 1,000-Fold Arms Plays while using the 1,000-Fold Arms.
227 King Olly Enters Plays during scenes involving King Olly.
228 Luigi Enters Plays during scenes involving Luigi.
229 Vellumental Enters Plays when a Vellumental appears.
230 The Legion of Stationery Enters Plays when a member of the Legion of Stationery appears.
231 Olivia Transforms Plays when Olivia transforms into a Vellumental form.
232 Super Star Plays while using the Super Star. Arrangement of the Starman theme from Super Mario Bros. and Superstar Mario's theme from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.
233 Streamer Removal Plays after destroying a streamer spool.
234 Peach's Castle Grand Opening Plays during a cutscene showing the streamer's removal from Peach's Castle.
235 MAX Confetti Increased! Plays after clearing the red, blue, yellow, and purple streamers.
236 All Streamers Cleared Plays after clearing the green streamer.
237 Sensor Lab Plays in the Sensor Lab and its satellite offices.
238 Toad Radar Plays while testing inventions in the Sensor Lab.
239 Café Plays in cafés.
240 Heading to Peach's Castle with Luigi Plays in the opening scene when Mario and Luigi are driving to Peach's Castle.
241 Game Over Plays on the Game Over screen.
242 Ending Plays in the ending scene showing the Origami Festival. Arrangement of the ending theme from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.
243 Staff Credits Plays during the ending credits.
244 Paper Mario: The Origami King Plays on the title screen.

One World, One Pipe[edit]

The pipe hub
“A functional art installation celebrating large scale plumbing.”

The hub on the other side of the gray Warp Pipe in the lobby contains six colored Warp Pipes leading to different areas of the game (with the first five colors corresponding to the streamer regions), though Mario cannot use one until he has unpeeled the Olly Tape stuck on the other end in the respective area. Attempting to enter a pipe leading to an area not yet visited causes a prompt to appear saying it is blocked on the other side and Mario to exit the pipe.

Number Color Destination
1 Red Overlook Mountain
2 Blue Shogun Studios
3 Yellow Scorching Sandpaper Desert
4 Purple Sea Tower
5 Green Shangri-Spa
6 Black Volcano Peak (Peach's Castle / Origami Castle)

Fish prints[edit]

The largest possible Cheep Cheep and Blooper fish prints
The largest possible Cheep Cheep and Blooper fish prints
The largest possible Cheep Cheep and Blooper fish prints

If Mario has caught a Cheep Cheep or Blooper at any of the fishing spots, a fish print of his largest catch for each fish is hung on the wall in the lobby (the Cheep Cheep on the left and the Blooper on the right). Obtaining the largest fish prints (after catching the Legendary Cheep Cheep and Legendary Blooper) unlocks the Fish Finder trophy.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 大博物館
Great Museum
Chinese (Simplified) 大博物馆
Dà Bówùguǎn
Great Museum
Chinese (Traditional) 大博物館
Dà Bówùguǎn
Great Museum
French Musée Champignon Same as English name (translates to "Mushroom Museum")
German Myko-Museum
Italian Museo Champignon Mushroom Museum
(Museo is Italian for "Museum" and Champignon is French for "Mushroom")
Korean 키노피오 타운 중앙박물관
Kinopio Taun Jung'angbakmulgwan
Toad Town Central Museum
Spanish Museo Champignon Mushroom Museum
(Museo is Spanish for "Museum" and Champignon is French for "Mushroom")

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