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In Mario Party 4, the player can listen to the game's music in the Option Room. Unlike in previous Mario Party games, short non-looping tracks are available.


Song title Description
Mario Party Plays on the title screen.
How Do I Get In? Plays on the file select screen and the main menu.
Play a Lot Plays in the Mini-Game Room.
Try Everything Plays in the Option Room.
Valuable Treasure Plays in the Present Room.
Into the Cube Plays when starting up the selected mode.
Start the Party Plays when setting the game rules in Party and Story modes.
How to Play MP Plays during the explanation of the rules.
It's Party Time Plays at the beginning of a board game, when the board's logo appears and during the flyby of the board.
Are You Ready? Plays when the host explains the board and when determining turn order.
Here's the Star Plays when showing the Star's location.
Start the Battle Plays when a player lands on a Battle Space.
Where the Coins Go Plays on the results screen of Battle mini-games.
The Genie Appears Plays when the Genie is summoned with a Magic Lamp.
The Boo House Plays in the Boo House.
Buy an Item Plays in the Item Shop.
Lucky Lottery Plays in the Lottery Shop.
He's Coming Plays when a player lands on a Bowser Space.
He's Here Plays if Bowser appears after landing on a Bowser Space.
Koopa Kid's Gag (American English)
Mini Bowser's Gag (British English)
Plays if Koopa Kid appears after landing on a Bowser Space.
5 Turns Left Plays before the last 5 turns.
Get an Item Plays when a player gets an item in an Item mini-game or the Lottery.
Get a Star Plays when a player gets a Star.
We Got Doubles Plays when rolling doubles with a Mega Mushroom or Super Mini Mushroom or triples with a Super Mega Mushroom, as well as when winning the 30-coin prize in the Lottery.
Jackpot Plays when winning the 100-coin prize in the Lottery, as well as if a player wins a Lucky Party Ticket.
Good Job Plays at the end of a board game - when counting Stars and coins and awarding bonus Stars.
You're the Star Plays when announcing the winner of a board game and during the final results.
Play Mini-Games Plays on the mini-game explanation screen.
Here's the Ranking Plays on the mini-game results screen.
Twist and Shake Plays in the mini-games Barrel Baron, Cheep Cheep Sweep, Mr Blizzard's Brigade, Mushroom Medic, and Take a Breather.
Swaying Gently Plays in Manta Rings.
Slowly Yet Surely Plays in the mini-games Butterfly Blitz, Photo Finish, Stamp Out!, Trace Race, and Jigsaw Jitters. As the name implies, these minigames are slow-paced.
Hurry! Hurry! Plays in the mini-games Bob-omb X-ing, Domination, Dungeon Duos, GOOOOOOOAL!!, Revers-a-Bomb, Slime Time, and Goomba Stomp. These mini-games are fast-paced.
Try Hard, Folks Plays in the mini-games Bob-omb Breakers, Mario Medley, Money Belts, Team Treasure Trek, Three Throw, and Beach Volley Folley. These mini-games are strategic.
Loud and Sweet Plays in the mini-games Blame It on the Crane, Booksquirm (and its Challenge variant), Fish n' Drips, The Great Deflate, Hop or Pop, Long Claw of the Law, Makin' Waves, Order Up, and Toad's Quick Draw.
Heart-Pumping Plays in the mini-games Bowser's Bigger Blast, Candlelight Flight, Chain Chomp Fever, Doors of Doom, Hide and Go BOOM!, Right Oar Left?, Tree Stomp, and Panel Panic. These minigames are more intense.
Full of Vigor Plays in the mini-games Avalanche!, Pair-a-sailing, and Paratrooper Plunge. These mini-games involve turbulence, and in the case of the latter two, collecting coins.
Languid Cold Sweat Plays in the mini-games Cliffhangers and Paths of Peril. These mini-games involve breathtaking/risky situations.
Fortunes Turn Plays in Reversal of Fortune.
Play with Bowser Plays in the Bowser mini-games.
How Many? Plays when counting the number of Whomps in Domination.
Go Calmly Plays in Rumble Fishing.
You Did It Plays for the winner(s) of a mini-game.
Ha Ha Ha! Plays for the loser of a Bowser mini-game, as well as if the player loses a Story mini-game.
It's a Draw Plays if a mini-game ends in a draw, as well as if everyone is knocked out in Paratrooper Plunge.
Let the Race Begin Plays at the start of Mario Speedwagons.

Unlocked after playing the relevant board[edit]

Song title Description
Midway Madness Plays in Toad's Midway Madness.
Merry-Go-Round Plays in the Item mini-game in Toad's Midway Madness.
Space Rocket Plays in the Mini Mini-Game in Toad's Midway Madness.
Roller Coaster Plays while riding the roller coaster in Toad's Midway Madness.
Greedy Gala Plays in Goomba's Greedy Gala.
Coin Slot Plays in the Mini Mini-Game in Goomba's Greedy Gala.
Goomba Poker Plays in the Item mini-game in Goomba's Greedy Gala.
Chip Cart Plays when riding the poker chip in Goomba's Greedy Gala.
Jungle Jam Plays in Shy Guy's Jungle Jam.
Dashing Shy Guy Plays in the Mini Mini-Game in Shy Guy's Jungle Jam.
Rumble Item Plays in the Item mini-game in Shy Guy's Jungle Jam
Ride Klepto Plays while riding Klepto in Shy Guy's Jungle Jam.
Chant to the Idol Plays when making a wish to the Shy Guy Well in Shy Guy's Jungle Jam.
Happy Stone Shy Guy Plays if the player's wish pleases the Shy Guy Well.
Sad Stone Shy Guy Plays if the player's wish angers the Shy Guy Well.
Boo's Haunted Bash Plays in Boo's Haunted Bash.
Item Trumpet Plays in the Item mini-game in Boo's Haunted Bash.
Boo and the Piano Plays in the Mini Mini-Game in Boo's Haunted Bash.
Big Boo Plays when talking to Big Boo in Boo's Haunted Bash.
Mystery Train Plays when riding the Mystery Train in Boo's Haunted Bash.
Seaside Soirée Plays in Koopa's Seaside Soirée.
Watermelon Item Plays in the Item mini-game in Koopa's Seaside Soirée.
Tropical Fishing Plays in the Mini Mini-Game in Koopa's Seaside Soirée.
Ride the Dolphin Plays when riding the dolphin in Koopa's Seaside Soirée that takes the player to and from the left and right sides of the board.

Unlocked after beating Story Mode[edit]

Song title Description
Gnarly Party Plays in Bowser's Gnarly Party.
Koopa Kid Shuffle (American English)
Mini Bowser Shuffle (British English)
Plays in the Item mini-game in Bowser's Gnarly Party.
Stop Bullet Bill Plays in the Mini Mini-Game in Bowser's Gnarly Party.
Don't Fear the Duel Plays when the host explains the rules of a Story mini-game.
Challenge Plays in the Story mini-games.
Duel with Boo Plays in Mystic Match 'Em.
At Last Plays in the intro of The Final Battle!
The Long Road Up Plays in The Final Battle!
The Final Duel Plays when fighting Bowser in The Final Battle!
You Finally Did It Plays when completing The Final Battle!
Match of Victory Plays in Story Mode, during the cutscene after the player wins a board.
Presents Soon Plays when the host says that the player has to beat them in a mini-game to receive a present.
Perfect Plays during the cutscene if the player wins a Story mini-game.
Oh, No! You Lost Plays during the cutscene if the player does not win a board in Story Mode or loses a Story mini-game.
To the Final Duel Plays during the cutscene after beating Bowser's Gnarly Party and before playing The Final Battle!
His True Feelings Plays during the cutscene after beating The Final Battle.
You Got a Present Plays when getting a present.
Many Thanks Plays during the credits.

Unlocked after playing the Extra Room several times[edit]

Song title Description
The Fun Room Plays in the Extra Room.
Mega and Mini Boards Plays in Mega Board Mayhem and Mini Board Mad-Dash.