Bob-omb X-ing

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Bob-omb X-ing
Bob-omb X-ing.png
Appears in Mario Party 4
Type Extra Room mini-game
Music track Hurry! Hurry!
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Bob-omb X-ing is an Extra Room minigame in Mario Party 4.


The character is on a street surrounded by Bob-ombs. The camera zooms out, and the game begins.


The character must run around an intersection while avoiding exploding Bob-ombs. The player's goal is to survive as long as they possibly can before they are blasted off the course. The Bob-ombs on the course either walk casually around or chase after the main character, either way until they explode. As Bob-ombs explode, more come in from each of the four streets outside the arena. As time goes on, the Bob-ombs' speed increases and more are present in the square at any given time. When the player is blown off the course, the minigame comes to an end.

However, the player can win the minigame by outlasting 10 minutes in the intersection without being blown up by a Bob-omb.


Score Name
0'00''00–0'59''99 Jaywalker
1'00''00–1'59''99 Wounded Walk-On
2'00''00–2'59''99 Lazy Walkabout
3'00''00–3'59''99 Speedy Stroller
4'00''00–4'59''99 Wily Walker
5'00''00–5'59''99 Artful Dodger
6'00''00–6'59''99 'Splodey D. Tour
7'00''00–7'59''99 'Splodey A. Verter
8'00''00–8'59''99 'Splodey E. Vader
9'00''00–9'59''99 'Splodey Star


  • Control Stick – Move

In-game text[edit]

A bunch of Bob-ombs are walking around. Try not to get caught in their explosions.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボムへいスクランブル
Bomuhei Sukuranburu
Bob-omb Scramble

French Gaffe à Bob-omb
Watch Out for Bob-ombs
German Bob-omb-Kreuzung
Bob-omb Intersection
Italian Bob-omba ring
Bob-omb ring
Spanish Invasión Bob-omb
Bob-omb Invasion