Mr. Blizzard's Brigade

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Mr. Blizzard's Brigade
Wario in Mr. Blizzard's Brigade from Mario Party 4.
Appears in Mario Party 4
Type 4-Player mini-game
Time limit 60 seconds
Music track Twist and Shake
Music sample

Mr. Blizzard's Brigade is a 4-Player minigame from Mario Party 4. The minigame takes place on a small frozen pond within a snowy forest.


A snowball rolls down the hill and stops at an icy pond with the four players on it. Two smaller snowballs also roll into view, and then three head onto each snowball, forming them into Mr. Blizzards. The characters react in surprise, and the minigame starts.


The objective is for the characters to move around the frozen pond, avoiding the snowballs thrown by the Mr. Blizzards. A few seconds before throwing a snowball, a Mr. Blizzard faces a certain direction, giving the characters a short chance to avoid that direction before the Mr. Blizzard throws a snowball. If a character is hit by a snowball, they freeze into a block of ice for the rest of the minigame and lose. Over time, more small Mr. Blizzards gather around the frozen pond, and the characters have to avoid more snowballs at a time. Sometimes the large Mr. Blizzard throws a huge snowball. The last character standing is the winner, although more than one can win if they escape all the snowballs within the time limit.


Winners perform their victory poses on the frozen pond.


  • Control Stick – Move

In-game text[edit]

  • Game Rules"Run on this frozen pond while avoiding the snowballs thrown by the Blizzards."
  • Advice"Move right before the Blizzards throw their snowballs. They'll stop moving just before they throw."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かわして!ゆきがっせん
Kawashite! Yukigassen
Dodge! Snowball fight
French Blizzards Attack
German Schneemann-Brigade Snowman Brigade
Italian Il lago dei Mr. Bufera The Mr. Blizzards' lake
Spanish El pelotón de Frido The group of Mr. Blizzards


  • In Mario Party 6, the 1-vs.-3 minigame Snow Brawl has similar gameplay, but the main difference is that the characters throw snowballs instead of Mr. Blizzards.
  • In Mario Party 9, during the minigame Snow Go, Mr. Blizzards also throw snowballs at players.