Mario Speedwagons

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Mario Speedwagons
Mario Speedwagons from Mario Party 4.
Mario Speedwagons from Mario Party: The Top 100.
Appears in Mario Party 4
Mario Party: The Top 100
Type 4-Player minigame
Initial record 1'00"00 (Mario Party 4)
0:20.00 (Mario Party: The Top 100)
Music track Let the Race Begin (note: this is the only jingle that plays in the minigame)
Music sample

Mario Speedwagons is a 4-Player minigame found in Mario Party 4 and Mario Party: The Top 100. Its name is a pun on the name of the American rock band REO Speedwagon, whose name comes from the name of the vehicle the REO Speed Wagon. If the player reaches the goal in under 10 seconds in Mario Party 4, they unlock Boo's picture frame in the Present Room. This is the only minigame in Mario Party 4 to have no music (other than the "Let the Race Begin" jingle) and one of only two minigames in Mario Party: The Top 100 to have no music, the other being Don't Look.


The camera zooms across the speedwagon each character controls. Then, the screen splits four ways, showing the rear of each character's vehicle. The traffic signal flies in, and after the "START!" signal (3–2–1 countdown in The Top 100), the signal's lights turn on. When the green light flashes, the race starts.


The goal is to be the first one to cross the finish line in a drag race. Each participating character drives their own top fuel dragster, complete with unique coloration (player color in The Top 100). Along the way, the car's gears need to shift as it picks up speed. This is indicated by the gear numbers flashing in the bottom right corner (Touch Screen in The Top 100). However, correct timing is required, as early or late shifts result in a decrease in speed or no increase in speed, respectively. Likewise, accelerating too quickly at the start can cause the car not to move very much, like in the Mario Kart series.

This is also the third minigame in Mario Party: The Top 100's Decathlon.


At the "FINISH!" signal, the screen with the winning player zooms in, with the player's wagon having a parachute flying off it. After that, in Mario Party 4 only, the scene changes to the winner podium, where the players are in their respective positions. The winner does their victory pose, and the losers do their losing poses.


Mario Party 4[edit]

  • R Button – Accelerate
  • A Button – Change gears

Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

  • A Button: Accelerate
  • R Button: Shift gears

In-game text[edit]

Mario Party 4[edit]

  • Game Rules"Time to race on the speedway! Step on the gas when the light turns green!"
  • Advice"You can hit the gas a little before the green light for a good start. If you overdo it, you will spin out and ruin your start."

Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

  • Description"Shift gears to speed up and reach the goal first!"
  • On-screen"Shift gears to accelerate and race to the goal!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゼロヨングランプリ
Zeroyon Guran Puri
"04 Grand Prix"; slang for "400-meters linear race".

Dutch Schakelformule
Gear Change Formula
French Départ Arrêté
Stopped Start
German Rauchende Reifen
Fuming Tires
Italian Corsa pazza
Crazy race
Spanish Un día en las carreras
A Day at the Races