Bumper Bubbles

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Bumper Bubbles
Bumper Bubbles from Mario Party 9
Bumper Bubbles from Mario Party: The Top 100
Appears in Mario Party 9
Mario Party: The Top 100
Type Free-for-All minigame
Time limit 60 seconds
Music track Fluff
Music sample
Mario Party 9:

Mario Party: The Top 100:

Bumper Bubbles is a Free-for-All minigame featured in Mario Party 9 and Mario Party: The Top 100. Its name is a reference to bumper cars. This minigame takes place in the sky.


The players swim in their bubbles up to the center from offscreen. They then fall back to the bottom of the screen.


Players float around the screen inside bubbles, trying to collect and keep as many balloons as they can while avoiding Spiked Balls. If a player collides with a Spiked Ball, their bubble pops, releasing all their balloons, and the player falls off the screen temporarily. Players can bump other players by colliding with them. Five balloons spawn every four seconds until the last five seconds of the game. After 60 seconds, the player with the most balloons wins.


Mario Party 9[edit]

  • "Hold the Wii Remote sideways. Tilt left or right to move. Hold Two Button to rise."

Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

  • Tilt motion control Tilt system left / right: Move left and right
  • A Button: Hold to move upward

In-game text[edit]

Mario Party 9[edit]

  • Rules – "Guide your bubble to collect as many balloons as you can. If you hit a Spiked Ball, your bubble will pop and your balloons will scatter!"

Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

  • Description – "Tilt the system to move your bubble and collect balloons!"
  • On-screen – "Collect lots of balloons!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふわふわ風船あつめ
Fuwafuwa Fūsen Atsume
Floaty Balloon Collecting
Chinese 乘著泡泡尋氣球
Chéng zhe Pàopao Xún Qìqiú
Ride Bubbles, Find Balloons
Dutch Bubbels en ballonnen Bubbles and balloons
French Bulles ballons boulets Bubbles balloons balls
German Ballonjagd Balloon Hunt
Italian Ho la bolla fra le nuvole I have my bubble in the clouds. Pun on "avere la testa fra le nuvole", which is Italian for "to be distracted".
Spanish (NOA) Las burbujas locas The Crazy Bubbles
Spanish (NOE) Lluvia de pinchos Spike Rain