Balloon Busters

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Balloon Busters
Mario Party 7
Mario Party: The Top 100
Appears in Mario Party 7
Mario Party: The Top 100
Type 4-player Mic mini-game
Time limit 15 seconds per turn (Mario Party 7)
7 seconds per turn (Mario Party: The Top 100)
Music Fun in the Sun

Balloon Busters is a 4-Player Mic minigame in Mario Party 7, and returns in Mario Party: The Top 100.


The last player blows into the balloon and runs behind the barrier as the first player steps up to take a turn.


The players must say "Bigger" into the microphone in order to inflate it or "Stop" to end the turn. If players lack a microphone, R Button, when enabled, opens a menu for two options: "Bigger" to inflate the balloon or "Stop" to end the turn.

They can do this up to five times per turn, however they can stop blowing after they've put in at least one breath. If the timer runs out, then the player automatically blows into the balloon as many times as they have remaining. When the balloon gets near bursting, the players will begin to cringe and the character who blows in will run much faster when their turn is over. The winner is the player who had their turn directly before the turn when the balloon burst.

In case of Mario Party: The Top 100, there are 3 rounds, and only one player is knocked out each round. The controls are different - instead of saying "Bigger", one blows on it or presses L Button, and instead of saying "Stop", B Button is pressed. When the balloon bursts, the round is over, the player taking their turn is out, and another balloon inflates, starting a new round. The minigame ends once one player remains; that player is the winner.


Mario Party 7[edit]

The balloon explodes, sending the losers flying offscreen. The winner does their victory animation.


Mario Party 7[edit]

  • Microphone – Say: "Bigger", "Stop"
  • Controller – Press R Button, then choose "Bigger" or "Stop"

Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

  • Blow into mic (alternatively, L Button): Pump air
  • B Button: Pass

In-game text[edit]

Mario Party 7[edit]

  • Rules"Say "bigger" into the Mic to inflate the giant balloon, and "stop" to stop. If the person after you pops the balloon, you win!"
  • Advice 1"You can't just blow air into the Mic! You must say the word "bigger.""
  • Advice 2"You can blow up to 5 times during a turn. If you want to quit blowing, say "stop.""

Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

  • Description"Blow into the mic to pump air into the balloon, but be careful not to pop it!"
  • On-screen"Pump air into the balloon without popping it!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マイクでフーフーフー
Maiku de fūfūfū
Blowww with Mic; is a Japanese onomatopoeia for blowing sound.
Spanish ¡Glo-bum! Portmanteau of globo (balloon) and ¡bum! (boom!)
French À Bout de Souffle Out of breath
Dutch De langste adem The longest breath
German Ballerballon Balloon Burst
Italian Gonfiamento lento Slow swelling