World Piece

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World Piece
WorldPiece 7.png
Appears in Mario Party 7
Type 2-vs-2 minigame
Time limit 20 seconds per round
Music Lazy Day Lollygag

World Piece is a 2-vs-2 minigame in Mario Party 7. Its name is a pun on "world peace"


In this mini-game the two teams are placed in two small, separated arenas. A shape will appear in the center of the room, and the two teams must race to match up the shape with two smaller halves.

These half-shapes are scattered around the two arenas, and each team need to grab the correct ones and put them into the large panel at the far end of their arena. When a team does this, they get a point. The first team to earn three points win the minigame.


  • Control Stick – Move
  • A Button – Pick up / Drop

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Combine 2 shapes to make the shape in the center of the board. The first team to 3 points is the winner."
  • Advice"Each shape is composed of 2 halves. If you pick up the wrong shape, you will lose valuable time."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あわせてピース
Awasete pīsu
Fit the Pieces
Spanish Coincidencias Agreements
French Morceaux Pieces
German Re-Form Reform
Italian Form-azione Portmanteau of formazione (formation/team) and azione (share)