WarioWare: Move It!

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WarioWare: Move It!
North American WarioWare: Move It! cover
For alternate box art, see the game's gallery.
Developer Nintendo[1]
Intelligent Systems[1]
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release date Japan November 3, 2023[2]
USA November 3, 2023[3]
Mexico November 3, 2023[4]
Brazil November 3, 2023[5]
Europe November 3, 2023[6]
Australia November 3, 2023[7]
South Korea November 3, 2023[8]
HK November 3, 2023
ROC November 3, 2023
Language(s) Deutsch
English (United Kingdom)
English (United States)
Español (España)
Español (Latinoamérica)
Français (Canada)
Français (France)
Genre Party
ESRB:E10+ - Everyone 10+
PEGI:7 - Seven years and older
CERO:A - All ages
ACB:PG - Parental Guidance
USK:6 - Six years and older
DEJUS:L - General audience
SMECCV:B - Twelve years and older
GRAC:All - All ages
GSRR:P - Six years and older
Mode(s) Single player, local multiplayer[2]
Nintendo Switch:
Game Card
Digital download
Nintendo Switch:

WarioWare: Move It! is the twelfth installment in the WarioWare series, released worldwide for Nintendo Switch on November 3, 2023. First announced during the June 2023 Nintendo Direct, it is the second game in the WarioWare series to be initially released for the console, following WarioWare: Get It Together! The game returns to the traditional gameplay style of the series after WarioWare: Get It Together!'s departure, and utilizes the Switch's Joy-Con motion sensor as its main mechanic.[3] As indicated by its Japanese title, WarioWare: Move It! is a successor to WarioWare: Smooth Moves, which showcased the Wii's motion controls in a similar manner.[2] It is also the first game in the Super Mario franchise to feature Kevin Afghani as the voice of Wario, succeeding Charles Martinet.[9]


WarioWare: Move It! is, like other installments in the WarioWare series, a party game consisting of various microgames with distinct art-styles. Being a successor to WarioWare: Smooth Moves, its gameplay utilizes motion controls, with the Joy-Con (referred to in-game as the Form Stones) as controllers. Unlike previous installments in the series, which primarily take place in Diamond City, the game mostly takes place on a new tropical location, named Caresaway Island.[10][11] As such, the characters of the game wear tropical outfits. The cutscenes of the game make use of full-motion video animation with full voice-acting, like WarioWare Gold.

In the game, the story mode can be played either single-player or multiplayer. Its level selection screen is reminiscent of WarioWare: Smooth Moves and WarioWare: Get It Together!; each level is represented by one to three character heads, while the remix stages are represented by jeepneys that hold select characters. Story multiplayer returns from WarioWare: Get It Together! with slight differences. When playing in multiplayer, players take turns playing single-player microgames, and if one player fails, the second player can preserve the life at stake in a tag-in challenge by playing the same microgame. If the second player fails the tag-in, the life is lost. Occasionally, the players will play a two-player microgame simultaneously and must complete the microgame together.[12]

The party mode of the game features five multiplayer modes (two returning from WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!) which can be played with up to four players, who each choose a crew member to play as.


The game begins with a short video about the history of the Form Stones, followed by an advertisement for Caresaway Island shown on a television by a burger vendor. Wario, driving his bike in Diamond City, notices the vendor and orders fifty garlic burgers, granting him fifty chances to draw tickets. He ultimately gets the winning ticket, a voucher for a free vacation to Caresaway Island with twenty of his friends, much to his dismay. The other nineteen characters of the cast overhear his victory and they all set off to the island via a yacht.


Level / host(s) (if applicable)
Description Unlock criteria
Title card sprite of Wario from WarioWare: Move It!
Stone-Cold Welcome
Choo Choo
"It's me—Wario! I won my way to Caresaway Island, and I'm gonna milk this resort for all it's worth! Don't tell any of those chumps who work for me, but I smell TREASURE!" (First description)

"Wario here! It's official. I do NOT like shrines! Lucky for me, I got out. But the Form Stones aren't too bad. My favorite form is Choo Choo. Wanna ride the rails to a high score?" (Second description)

Available from the start
Story: When the cast finally arrives at the island, they are welcomed by the locals. As a welcome gift, the cast is given Form Stones, which are said to bring good luck. Wario, unimpressed, throws his away, causing a chain of events, leading to an elephant sending him flying into a shrine at Perspiration Peak Volcano, where he is chased by the Woods Watchers for trespassing.

Later, Wario escapes the inhabitants of the temple, but falls off a cliff. He lands on the same parrot he accidentally hit with the Form Stones earlier. Wario is delighted at his luck, and takes a liking to the Form Stones. He laughs as the parrot carries him off.

Title card sprite of Mona from WarioWare: Move It!
Mermaid Meet and Greet
Sky Stretch
"Ciao! I'm Mona! I'm just your typical high schooler from Diamond City. Vacations are all about taking it easy and staring at the waves, right? The Forms Sky Stretch and Knight are perfect for that kinda thing! Come and take a deep dive with me into the ocean and all its wonderful creatures!" (First description)

"Ciao! It's me, Mona! Isn't it fantastic that mermaids live in these waters? It'd be amazing to meet them someday! In the meantime, I'd love to show you the Forms Sky Stretch and Knight. Be sure to warm up before you take a dip, and then shoot for a high score!" (Second description)

Clear Stone-Cold Welcome
Story: Mona is relaxing on the sand reading a magazine while Lulu is swimming with a fish. She discovers a scuba-diving experience, and notices what appears to be mermaids in one of the photos. Excited, she then calls Joe and picks her up on a plane. While on the plane, Mona switches to her scuba diving gear and parachutes from the plane into the water, hoping to find these mermaids.

Later, Mona discovers the silhouette of a mermaid, which happens to be Lulu being caught in a fish's mouth. Mona frantically proceeds to rescue Lulu, just missing a group of real mermaids.

Title card sprite of Dr. Crygor, Penny, & Mike from WarioWare: Move It!
A Curious Case of Cave Art
Crygor, Penny & Mike
Big Cheese
"Greetings! I'm Dr. Crygor. As a genius scientist, I was quite intrigued to discover there are ancient ruins here on Caresaway Island. I'm eager to take my granddaughter Penny and my assistant Mike to examine them close-up! Massage and Big Cheese will be useful Forms to try while we're there. Now then, what might these ancient paintings depict?" (First description)

"It is I, Dr. Crygor, once again. I never imagined myself as a model, but Penny and Mike are obviously naturals... The Forms you need here are Massage and Big Cheese. Score high, and you can see more of my modeling talents!" (Second description)

Clear Mermaid Meet and Greet
Story: While observing some cave paintings in Underarm Jungle, Dr. Crygor, Penny and Mike find a painting of a strange creature. Since none of them can figure out what the creature is, Dr. Crygor uses his latest invention, the Time Obliterator 5.0, to travel back in time to the Stone Age to see how the painting was made. There, the trio meet the actual creature and an ancient Caresawayan who is in need of new ideas for what to draw. After being struck by creative inspiration after meeting the colorful trio, the Caresawayan asks the trio to make poses as inspiration for his art.

The trio starts to get tired until the caveman fervently draws them on the wall, which they are impressed at. Later on, Wario walks by the cave paintings and notices paintings of Dr. Crygor, Penny, and Mike, much to his confusion.

Title card sprite of Ashley & Red from WarioWare: Move It!
Caveat Imptor
Ashley & Red
"It's Ashley. I never wanted to come to this island, but my familiar, Red, won't shut up about it. It's really getting on my nerves... Come with me to check out the Forms Tug-of-War and Scales. I'm not a fan of the sun, but this beach isn't too bad." (First description)

"It's still me, Ashley. This island has weird fruit. I should find more for Red to, uh...taste test. I've got the Forms Tug-of-War and Scales for you. You could try for a high score if you're bored. I'm not going anywhere." (Second description)

Clear Mermaid Meet and Greet
Story: Ashley and Red are making a sandcastle at Sandboxer Beach when Red notices some delicious blue berries nearby and eats them. He shrinks down to the size of a bean and pleads Ashley to restore him back to normal. After multiple unsuccessful spells, Ashley decides to summon some red, cubed berries and feed them to Red to restore him back to normal size.

Later, Red successfully returns to normal size, but then suddenly continues to grow until he becomes a giant. Red asks Ashley what she has done to him, but she only smiles.

Title card sprite of Orbulon from WarioWare: Move It!
Sweet Dreams, Sweeter Fruit
Gift Giver
"Orbulon is me! My invasion of Earth is paused while I marinate in tropical delightments. Forms of mine are Lifter, Gift Giver, and Ba-KAW! What is that sweetness I'm inhaling? Could it be...fff...root?" (First description)

"I continue to be Orbulon! My memory has rejuvenated. Such relief! No longer will I neglect my ship of friends. Forms of mine are Lifter, Gift Giver, and Ba-KAW! Now, shoot your score to the stratosphere!" (Second description)

Clear Mermaid Meet and Greet
Story: Orbulon is eating fruit while making a mess onboard his Oinker. Irritated, the Oinker shakes off the mess but accidentally throws Orbulon out. A group of nearby Woods Watchers are worshipping a statue of a god when Orbulon crashes into it and loses his memories. The Woods Watchers mistake Orbulon for the god depicted on the statue and begin to serve him. Shocked at the sight of Orbulon being overstuffed with fruit, the Oinker emits a signal into his brain where tiny versions of Orbulon work together to restore his memories.

Later, Orbulon's memories are eventually restored and he suddenly remembers the times he and the Oinker spent together. Orbulon proceeds to hug his Oinker but ends up losing his memories again after slipping on a banana peel.

The Bus from Remix1
Not-So-Relaxing Rapids
Remix 1
"I'm Lulu, the hero of Luxeville! Check out the floating cottage where we're all staying! It's pretty awesome! Plus, we've got all the microgames from Mona, Dr. Crygor, Ashley, and Orbulon's stages mixed together here. Come on! It'll be so fun!" (First description)

"Lulu here. I've heard of houseboats, but this is ridiculous! I guess we all got a little carried away...literally! The microgames from Mona, Dr. Crygor, Ashley and Orbulon's stages are all mixed together in this stage. Keep your cool, and score as high as you can!" (Second description)

Clear A Curious Case of Cave Art, Caveat Imptor, and Sweet Dreams, Sweeter Fruit
Story: Inside a riverside cottage, Mike's loud singing irritates Mona and Red, Lulu activates Orbulon's Oinker and flies all over the place, and Dr. Crygor, Penny, and Ashley accidentally set off explosions with their experiments. The ensuing chaos eventually causes the cottage to break off into the rapidly flowing river where it goes over a waterfall, throwing everyone out. Luckily, the gang lands safely on top of a tour bus.

Later, the gang gets off the tour bus and gazes at a statue of King Caresaway the First, until it is destroyed by the falling cottage.

Title card sprite of Kat & Ana from WarioWare: Move It!
The Grand Parfait Adventure
Kat & Ana
At Attention
Hand Model
"Hi, I'm Kat! It's so, so, SO exciting to visit a tropical island! My little sister, Ana, and I are gonna see all the sights! We just got a map of the island, and look! There's an ice-cream shop! I wonder if they make parfaits... The Forms we've been practicing are At Attention, Fashionista, and Hand Model." (First description)

"Kat again! The Caresaway Parfait I shared with Ana was super yummy! I wouldn't mind eating another one! Remember—our Forms are At Attention, Fashionista, and Hand Model. Keep your focus, and try to hit a high score!" (Second description)

Clear Not-So-Relaxing Rapids
Story: Kat and Ana are looking at a map on a parchment, where they find an ice-cream shop advertising a Caresaway Parfait. While they are thinking about the parfait, Leo steals the parchment from them, and they give chase to him into a forest. Deep in the forest, Kat and Ana search for Leo, and find him high above, but he is then eaten by Cractus. Kat and Ana defeat some of the plants surrounding Cractus, but it becomes enraged and sends out more to fight them.

Later, Kat and Ana defeat Cractus, and it coughs up Leo and the parchment. Kat and Ana take the parchment and hurry off to the ice-cream shop, leaving Leo behind. At the ice-cream shop, Kat and Ana receive the Caresaway Parfait and are delighted, but Leo is “still salty” about the incident.

Title card sprite of Young Cricket & Master Mantis from WarioWare: Move It!
Battle on Flashfreeze Cape!
Cricket & Mantis
"Wa-chaaa! Call me Cricket. Even in the sweltering tropics, I train under Master Mantis. He teaches Forms such as Crocodile and Squat. That's odd... It's feeling awfully cold for a tropical paradise..." (First description)

"Wa-chaaa! Call me Cricket. I did not expect to spar with a penguin today. And the tough girl in the costume was a surprise too. Train with Master Mantis and me as we pursue the highest scores! My master's Forms are Crocodile and Squat." (Second description)

Clear Not-So-Relaxing Rapids
Story: The scene takes place on Flashfreeze Cape with Master Mantis overlooking the cliff. Young Cricket is standing on a float, using a special technique to make fish fly up. Cricket then kicks the fish so they land next to Master Mantis. As the two were roasting the fishes, the place suddenly starts to snow. Several penguins began ambushing Cricket and Mantis, which they dodge just in time. They are approached by more penguin warriors, as the head warrior challenges Cricket to "micro-combat." Cricket gladly accepts the challenge.

Later, Cricket defeats the head penguin warrior who turns out to be a fellow disciple Cicada in disguise. She states that she'll have to train harder and runs off. Cricket asks Mantis who she was, but Mantis can't remember exactly.

Title card sprite of Jimmy T from WarioWare: Move It!
Surfin' Surprise
Jimmy T
"The name's Jimmy, baby! And the ocean is our dance floor. Y'hear the beat laid down by the crashing waves? It's a groove. I got the Archer, Lovestruck, and Pounce Forms, man. If you're digging the vibe, press play already!" (First description)

"Alright! Jimmy coming at you live! Surfing with a shark sure was groovy. Hope that wasn't the last time we tango. I got the Archer, Lovestruck, and Pounce Forms, man. If you really wanna get down, you gotta get your score up!" (Second description)

Clear Not-So-Relaxing Rapids
Story: Jimmy T walks on the sand with a surfboard in his hand. He goes out surfing alongside some dolphins. Eventually, he realizes that he had lost his surfboard at some point, and he is currently surfing on a shark, much to his shock. The shark speeds off, leaving Jimmy to hang on for dear life.

Later, Jimmy T waves goodbye to the shark as it swims off. He strikes a pose, which causes a wave of water to rise up behind him. As Jimmy T's wig droops slightly, he declares that the experience was "groovy."

Title card sprite of Dribble & Spitz from WarioWare: Move It!
Makin' Waves
Dribble & Spitz
"How's it goin'? I'm Dribble. My buddy Spitz and me are livin' it up, resort-style! Our Forms are a little different. They got Buttons you gotta press. But don't panic, pal! I know you'll do great out there." (First description)

"It's your pal Dribble. Spitz and me had a great time drivin' on the water. There might be somethin' to this whole "wave racin'" thing. Our Forms got Buttons you gotta press, so watch for that. Open the throttle, and push yourselves to a new high score!" (Second description)

Clear The Grand Parfait Adventure, Battle on Flashfreeze Cape!, and Surfin' Surprise
Story: Dribble and Spitz are relaxing in their taxi out in the water. They eventually drift into the Caresaway Grand Prix, where everyone assumes that they are a last-minute entry in the race. They are surprised about their predicament, but with little other choice, Dribble takes control of the taxi, and all the racers speed off when the race starts, with the High-Octane Hippo slowly following.

Later, a seagull sits on a directional sign, causing it to change direction. Nearly every racer ends up going the wrong way, Dribble and Spitz included. The seagull leaves the sign, which brings it back to normal just in time for the High-Octane Hippo to take the right path and be declared the winner. Later that night, the other racers are still racing, with Dribble confident that the finish is near.

Title card sprite of 9-Volt, 18-Volt, & 5-Volt from WarioWare: Move It!
Quest in the Dark
"It's me! 9-Volt! My mom, 5-Volt promised to take me and my friends 18-Volt and 13-Amp into town. But I can't just shut down my game without hitting a stopping point! You get it, right? Anyway, my microgames feature all things Nintendo. From the classic toys to the newest releases, let's see how many you recognize!" (First description)

"Yep, it's me! 9-Volt! I should've guessed everyone would be at the game store. Playing with my favorite people is definitely gonna be my top vacation memory. Remember—all my microgames are based on Nintendo awesomeness. If you don't keep trying until you get a high score, can you really call yourself a gamer?" (Second description)

Clear Makin' Waves
Story: The scene takes place at Pack-'Em-In Plaza. 5-Volt gives everyone time to go shopping, but 9-Volt chooses stay behind to reach a saving point for his game. Meanwhile, 5-Volt comes across a seemingly abandoned shop. After watching the display TVs, she is lured into the stop, and the door shuts behind her. Later, 18-Volt and 13-Amp approach the shop as well, and are lured in, with the former losing his hair disk. As they go in, a shadowy figure shuts the door behind them. Later, 9-Volt goes looking for the others, and find 18-Volt's disk outside the shop. After hearing screaming from the inside, 9-Volt forces himself to go inside the dark, abandoned shop to save the others.

Later, 9-Volt enters the backroom of the shop and it turns out that the room has tons of video games. 5-Volt, 18-Volt, and 13-Amp are all playing a Pyoro game while Shopkeeper Polario greets 9-Volt. 9-Volt is promptly distracted by the video games, much to Polario's dismay. He wonders if 9-Volt is even gonna buy anything at all.

Artwork of the bus in Rmix 2
Pool-Party Panic
Remix 2
"Hi there! I'm 5-Volt. Vacation is not only about enjoying yourself all day long. It's important to have fun at night too! We're all getting together for an evening dip in the pool. Huh?! Is that an octopus I see at the poolside? How fun! All the microgames from Kat & Ana to 9-Volt's stages are mixed together here. What a wide selection! This is going to be a great night!" (First description)

"Hi there! It's 5-Volt. What an enchanting bus tour! Do you think that poolside octopus will throw us for another ride? May as well ask! All the microgames from Kat & Ana to 9-Volt's stages are mixed together here. Think you can beat my high score?" (Second description)

Clear Quest in the Dark
Story: Kat, Ana, Young Cricket, Master Mantis, Jimmy T., Dribble, Spitz, 9-Volt, 18-Volt, 5-Volt, and 13-Amp are all hanging out together at a swimming pool when a ball they're playing with gets stuck in Poolopus's mouth. They try to pull the ball out, but it slips from their grip and slams into Poolopus's head, upsetting her. She throws everyone into the air and they all land on top of a tour bus.

Later, the gang gets off the tour bus and 9-Volt eagerly asks Poolopus to throw them again.

Artwork of the Voice doing one of the poses in WarioWare: Move It! while wearing Joy Cons.
Lava at First Sight
Volcano Wario
Anything Goes
"Wario's back! Hmph. I'm getting bored of this trip. But I'm not going anywhere until I get some treasure! I know just where to look! Heh heh... Anything goes for this stage. I got microgames with all kinds of Forms! Try to keep up!" (First description)

"It's me—Wario! Yeah, yeah, I know I'm the best. But I don't want a bunch of groupies following me around! How will I sneak off with the treasure now?! Anything goes for this stage. That's right! I got microgames with all kinds of Forms! Try to keep up! Maybe you can even take home a high score as a souvenir. Bwahaha!" (Second description)

Clear Pool-Party Panic
Story: At nighttime, Wario sneaks into the shrine at Perspiration Peak Volcano and attempts to steal all the gold there. He removes a golden statue of the Form Stone God, unaware that it was plugging a hole from which a giant lava hand emerges and snatches him. Wario is pulled into the hole and merges with the volcano, causing his face to appear on it as it erupts, endangering Wario's friends and other people below. The elder of the Woods Watchers urges everyone to start dancing in order to calm the volcano down.

Later, everyone celebrates after succeeding in making the volcano stop erupting with their dancing, thus lifting the curse. Just then, the volcano shoots Wario back into the shrine where he lands on top of the hole where the golden statue was. Wario realizes that he is stuck and struggles to get out while the shocked Woods Watchers begin to serve him as their new god. In the end, Wario criticizes Caresaway Island for being the worst vacation.


WarioWare: Move It! character group art
Group art of the game's cast



Main article: List of WarioWare: Move It! microgames

There is a total of 223 microgames across 11 stages, tied with WarioWare: Twisted! in having the second largest number of microgames in a WarioWare series game. Wario's first stage has 13 microgames, and all others have 21 each.


Main article: Form Stones

In the game, the microgames use different variations of holding the Joy-Con controllers, called Forms. These positions are the following:

Image Form In-game text Position
Form guide for Choo Choo Choo Choo The Voice from above speaks:
"Hold your Form Stones in your hands, keep your arms close to your sides, and bend your elbows at a right angle. Your thumbs must be on top."
The Voice saw that the people were unready and had them brace themselves for anything. This is the origin of Choo Choo, a Form to survive an absurd endeavor.
The player holds both Joy-Con upright in front of them.
Form guide for Sky Stretch Sky Stretch The Voice from above speaks:
"Perform a Grip Hold, then raise both hands high above your head, as if dangling from monkey bars."
When the Voice awoke and performed the Sky Stretch, its arms reached up through the clouds. Everyone on the island could see them for miles, blocking out a beautiful sunrise.
The player holds both Joy-Con horizontally above themselves.
Form guide for Knight Knight The Voice from above speaks:
"Perform a Grip Hold with your hands stacked atop one another. Your dominant hand should be on top."
The Voice saw its people were defenseless, so it gave them a sword. After a few mishaps, it also gave them this Form so they knew not to hold the pointy end.
The player holds both Joy-Con upright with their dominant-hand Joy-Con above their non-dominant-hand Joy-Con.
Form guide for Massage Massage The Voice from above speaks:
"Perform a Grip Hold with both hands held straight out in front of you. Your palms should be facing down."
The Voice used this Form to care for those who built its temple. The workers' exhaustion was magically lifted. As a result, the Voice could work them even harder, and the job was done in three days.
The player holds both Joy-Con horizontally with the face buttons facing down.
Form guide for Big Cheese Big Cheese The Voice from above speaks:
"Perform a Grip Hold with the palms of your hands to your hips, thumbs forward. Then puff out your chest."
This was a Form initially reserved for royals. One day, a king did the Big Cheese in public. It spread quickly amongst the people. And as such, they're all a little cheesy.
The player holds both Joy-Con onto their hips.
Form guide for Tug-of-War Tug-of-War The Voice from above speaks:
"Perform a Grip Hold with both hands in a straight line in front of your navel. Your dominant hand must be in front."
"One, two, three...pull!"
The Voice taught that everyone must pull their weight. Failure to do so would be over the line.
The player holds both Joy-Con pointing forward with their dominant-hand Joy-Con in front of their non-dominant-hand Joy-Con.
Form guide for Scales Scales The Voice from above speaks:
"Perform a Grip Hold with both arms outstretched to the sides. Your thumbs must be on top."
The tilt of your body reflects the imbalance in your heart. In order to master the Scales Form, one must empty one's pockets. The smallest piece of lint can lead to disaster.
The player holds both Joy-Con upright with their arms outstretched to each side.
Form guide for Lifter Lifter The Voice from above speaks:
"Perform a Grip Hold with both arms held vertically in front of you. Your palms should face your head."
This Form captures the strength of a mighty warrior. The Voice had intended for the barbells to be a loaner. But they worked so well that it was too intimidated to ask for them back.
The player holds both Joy-Con horizontally with the face buttons facing them.
Form guide for Gift Giver Gift Giver The Voice from above speaks:
"Open both hands, then place your Form Stones in them."
The rocks are cute in the hand, like small pets. But remember this. You, too, are like a small pet to the Voice.
The player places both Joy-Con face-up onto their palms.
Form guide for Ba-KAW Ba-KAW The Voice from above speaks:
"Perform a Grip Hold with your dominant hand at your nose and the other at your rear. Your thumbs must be at your nose and rear, with the Form Stones parallel to the ground."
Feathers lookin' sleek
and wind blowin' back my comb.
Cluckin' round the island 'cause
that's all I've ever known. Yeah!
The player holds their dominant-hand Joy-Con up to their nose and their non-dominant-hand Joy-Con onto their rear end.
Form guide for At Attention At Attention The Voice from above speaks:
"Perform a Grip Hold with both arms held straight down."
Do not underestimate the simpler Forms. Your mind and body must always be ready, for at any moment you may be called upon to accomplish the inexplicable.
The player stands with their hands at their sides.
Form guide for Fashionista Fashionista The Voice from above speaks:
"Perform a Grip Hold with your dominant hand over your shoulder, thumb facing down. The other hand's palm is at your waist. Its thumb should face forward."
This Form is very popular...and flattering. The Voice was not immune to its charms and would often show off this Form from several angles, asking which was its good side.
The player holds their dominant-hand Joy-Con next to their head and their non-dominant-hand Joy-Con onto their hip.
Form guide for Hand Model Hand Model The Voice from above speaks:
"Let go of the left Form Stone. Hold the right Form Stone in your left hand. Capture your right hand in the Gesture Window. The Form Stone strap should be on the bottom."
Feeling useless and adrift, the left Form Stone stood awkwardly by. Eventually, the island winds carried it off.
The player holds the right Joy-Con with their left hand and points the IR Camera to their free right hand.
Form guide for Crocodile Crocodile The Voice from above speaks:
"Perform a Grip Hold with palms together and arms held straight out. Your dominant hand should be on top."
Your hands should rest lightly atop each other. We do this out of the solidarity with the island crocodiles, which have unusually weak jaws.
The player holds both Joy-Con horizontally with their dominant-hand Joy-Con above their non-dominant-hand Joy-Con.
Form guide for Squat Squat The Voice from above speaks:
"Perform a Grip Hold with your palms at your thighs. Spread your legs and lower your hips. Keep your hands on your thighs without letting go."
Once, when the Voice was angered, it held this Form for three full days. In doing so, the Voice's wrath subsided. What was left behind is the origin of the phrase "mountain pass."
The player squats down and holds both Joy-Con onto their thighs.
Form guide for Archer Archer The Voice from above speaks:
"Perform a Grip Hold with your dominant hand's palm on your chest. Hold the other arm straight out. Turn your chest to the side, as if you're drawing a bowstring.
"Father, the hunt went so well today!"
"Yes. It's lucky for us that we've practiced the Archer form."
Parent and child returned to their home as the skies above practiced Sunset Form.
The player holds both Joy-Con upright with their dominant-hand Joy-Con close to their chest and their non-dominant-hand Joy-Con outstretched in front of them.
Form guide for Lovestruck Lovestruck The Voice from above speaks:
"Perform a Grip Hold with your palms at your cheeks. Pull in your arms with thumbs facing upwards. Keep your hands at your cheeks, and don't let them slip."
The Voice fell deeply in love, resulting in the dawn of this Form. It turned out to be more of a short-lived crush, but the name stuck.
The player holds both Joy-Con onto their cheeks.
Form guide for Pounce Pounce The Voice from above speaks:
"Place the Form Stones on a flat surface. You don't need to crouch. The front sides should face up. Do not remove the straps."
See the Form Stones enjoying a respite from human hands. Little do they know that the silent calm is about to be broken by the people's revels.
The player kneels down and places both Joy-Con on the floor with the face buttons facing up. Alternatively, they can place them on a flat surface in front of them.

Extra stages

Level Description Unlock criteria
Megagame Muscles "It is I, Dr. Crygor. All this time soaking up these island pleasures has made me weak. Perhaps a dancercise routine is called for here... Let us engage in further experiments with innovative muscle-building techniques!" Clear Lava at First Sight
A stage hosted by Dr. Crygor, Mike, and Mr. Sparkles that tracks the player's movement, similar to the Kelorometer mode from Smooth Moves. The stage can also be played as a competitive two-player stage, with Mike representing P2.
All Mixed Up "Welcome to this island's main draw, the Temple of All Mixed Up. All of the microgames you've played here on the island are shuffled together. Try for a high score, and remember to have fun." Clear Megagame Muscles with 4400 mus. or more
All the microgames from all stages are mixed.
Super Hard "Here we have the storied Temple of Super Hard. The microgames here move at an incredible speed right from the get-go. Keep your wits about you as you go for a high score." Clear All Mixed Up with 30 points or more
All the microgames are mixed at high speed. Unlike the previous WarioWare games, except Touched! and Gold, this tower is orange rather than red.
Thrill Ride "Presenting the esteemed Temple of Thrill Ride. It starts off hard as nails--and it's all over if you fail even once. Try for a high score, and remember to have fun." Clear Super Hard with 20 points or more
All microgames from all stages are mixed and only one life is available. Microgames are at Level 3 and never speed up.
Double Act "You see before you the Temple of Double Act, which can only be entered by pairs of seekers. Only two-player Co-op microgames are available here. Find a friend and venture inside!" Clear Lava at First Sight
This stage consists entirely of two-player microgames and select Boss Stages.
Switching Gears "It's us, Kat and Ana! This is your chance to take turns. While one person is playing, the other uses the contraption to make the games easier to see. Try it with your family or friends!" Clear Lava at First Sight
A two-player stage hosted by Kat & Ana where one player plays microgames while the other tries to keep the screen open.
Showdown "I am Master Mantis. I present to you this two-player battle mode. Both challengers play the same game side by side. The first to lose all their stock will know defeat. Test your skill against only the worthiest of opponents." Clear Lava at First Sight
A two-player battle stage hosted by Young Cricket (representing P1) and Master Mantis (representing P2) resembling Battle Time from Gold and Duelius Maximus from Get It Together!


Minigame Description Unlock criteria
Dirty Job "I'm Mona! My gig today is cleaning dirty kitchenware. Good thing I've got my Mona Soaker to keep them sparkling! This can be a two-worker job if you want. When 5-Volt and I team up, the work goes even faster!" Clear Thrill Ride with 10 points or more
A vertically-scrolling shoot-'em-up minigame where the player controls Mona cleaning dirty kitchen utensils and dishes by shooting at them with water guns. Can be played in co-op, where P2 controls 5-Volt.
Pyoro W "This is a secret hangout where you can enjoy Pyoro W. Tilt the islands to roll Pyoro around. Power up Pyoro on the left island, and guard the flowers on the right island." Unlock all microgames
A minigame where the player controls two islands with their Joy-Con controllers by tilting them. The goal is to defend flowers on the right island by rolling Pyoro into enemies that move towards the flowers. Can be played in co-op, where P2 controls a second pair of islands with a female Pyoro.

Party Mode

Minigame Description Number of Players
Course icon of Galactic Conquest in WWMI
Galactic Conquest
"Reaching the goal isn't everything. Points are the key to victory in this dice game! Everyone will play microgames against one another. Whoever wins rolls the die to advance. Points can swing back and forth depending on how the microgames go, and tiles have an effect too! Once someone reaches the goal, the player with the most points wins!" 2-4
A mode where the players earn points by playing multiplayer microgames, and traverse a game board by rolling dice. When a player reaches the goal, the player with the most points is the winner.
Course icon of Listen to the Doctor! in WWMI
Listen to the Doctor!
"The doctor at this hospital is a bit of an oddball. They prescribe behaviors for you as you play microgames. Whoever follows the doctor's orders best is the winner!" 2-4
A remake of the mode of the same name from Mega Party Game$!. Players take turns playing microgames while performing a secondary action, and are judged by the other players based on their performance. The player with the most votes at the end is the winner.
Course icon of Medusa March in WWMI
Medusa March
"Dare to face the terrifying Medusa! No, not FACE her face her! Clear microgames to close in on the Medusa. When she turns around, STOP! Move one iota while her gaze is on you, and you'll be turned to stone. Whoever makes it to the Medusa first is the ultimate hero!" 2-4
A mode where the players must reach Medusa by running in place and clearing microgames. The player that reaches Medusa slays her and wins.
Course icon of Go the Distance in WWMI
Go the Distance
For Experts
"Ever wonder who's the best at a microgame? Wonder no more! Take turns at challenging games. With every loss, your stock goes down. Whoever's left with stock to spare is the champion!" 2-4
A survival mode that resembles Survival Fever; players play microgames either together or by taking turns. The last player standing is the winner.
Course icon of The "Who's in Control?" Show in WWMI
The "Who's in Control?" Show
For Experts
"Split four players into teams of two, and try to trick each other! Two teammates will both play a microgame. However, one of them is pretending to play! The other team must guess who is really playing. Whichever team sees through the shenanigans the most times is the winner!" 4
A 2v2 mode where players are split into two teams. One team is chosen to play microgames and reach four successes, the catch being that one player is in control of the microgames; while the other player is only pretending to play. The other team must then guess which player was actually playing the microgames.

Copycat Mirror

Copycat Mirror is an additional game mode hosted by Ashley and Red involving one player standing with their back to the TV and copying the other player's movements.


Main article: List of WarioWare: Move It! staff

Like its predecessor, WarioWare: Move It! was primarily developed by Intelligent Systems and supervised by Nintendo. Goro Abe, the lead of the series, continued to serve as the chief director. Waki Shigeta, who was the art director for the previous installment, also directed the entire game development. Ko Takeuchi once again worked on the character art and illustrations. The characters' English voice actors from WarioWare: Get It Together! all return except Charles Martinet, who was succeeded by Kevin Afghani. In the credits, there is also a list of the developers’ favorite food.


Promotional image for a WarioWare: Move It! lunch box available for pre-ordering the game from the European My Nintendo Store
A promotional image showcasing the lunch box

By pre-ordering the game through the My Nintendo Store in Europe, customers will receive a lunch box.[13]

In Japan, Nintendo ran an ad campaign for the game featuring the comedy duo Chidori.[14][15]

On the day of the game's release, Nintendo released a parodic launch trailer in the form of a "Launch WAHmmercial" on its YouTube channel.[16] This trailer parodies TV infomercials by introducing how the game can help the player through typical life situations. Within the trailer, fake testimonials are made for the game from fake sources such as Toilet Tribute, Dr. W.A. Rio, and Someone Named "Dan". In this scene, some testimonials tease the viewer for pausing the trailer to try to read through them.


WarioWare: Move It! received mixed to positive reviews. Critics have generally praised its microgames and controls, with some even deeming it better than WarioWare: Smooth Moves. However, the game has also been criticized for its scarcity in post-game and multiplayer content, such as the amount of minigames and multiplayer modes available.

Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Nintendo Switch Shaan Joshi, We Got This Covered 3/5 "WarioWare: Move It! offers up plenty of hilarious, colorful, and creative microgames — it's just a shame that players will have to contend with an unwavering dedication to motion controls and a story mode that only lasts a couple of hours."
Nintendo Switch Adam Cook, God is a Geek 9/10 "WarioWare: Move It! is a hilarious, bonkers game that shouldn’t be missed, and the best WarioWare title since Smooth Moves and the earlier handheld titles."
Nintendo Switch Ryan Janes, Nintendo Insider 7/10 "WarioWare: Move It! delivers another wild and wacky assortment of microgames that make some of the best use we’ve ever seen from the Joy-Con’s motion functionality. The variety of actions you’ll perform is truly impressive and there’s little denying the quality of ideas on display here. In a package more catered to multiplayer though and with few extras and surprises to distract in the longer term, Move It! isn’t likely to keep the attention of those playing alone for much more than a weekend. Still, WarioWare is just as fun and unpredictable its ever been, even if it is a little lighter in content this time around."
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 75


For this subject's image gallery, see Gallery:WarioWare: Move It!

References to other games

  • Donkey Kong Jr.: One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • Mario Bros.: One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • Hogan's Alley: One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • Punch-Out!! (NES): One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3: One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • Dr. Mario: One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • Pilotwings: One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • Mario Paint: The Baker and his brother are among the drawings that can appear on the title screen.
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island: One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • Wario Land 4: Cractus returns in Kat and Ana's stage.
  • WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!: The game's Game Pak appears in the 1st level of the WarioWare Series microgame.
  • WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!: Listen to the Doctor! returns, along with the doctor. The game's Game Disc appears in the 3rd level of the WarioWare Series microgame.
  • Pikmin 2: One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • Mario Pinball Land: One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • Super Mario 64 DS: One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • WarioWare: Twisted!: A microgame featuring characters from Mewtroid appears.
  • WarioWare: Touched!: The game's Game Card appears in the 2nd level of the WarioWare Series microgame.
  • Rhythm Heaven series: The Barista can be seen in the crowd during the introduction to Dribble & Spitz's stage.
  • WarioWare: Smooth Moves: WarioWare: Move It! is a successor to this game, with the Japanese name of WarioWare: Move It! (Chō Odoru Meido in Wario, "Super Dancing Made in Wario") being based on the Japanese name of WarioWare: Smooth Moves (Odoru Meido in Wario, "Dancing Made in Wario"). The microgames in WarioWare: Move It! are again controlled with motion controls via Forms; in particular, the simultaneous usage of one controller in each hand is similar to the microgames in Orbulon's stage in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. Wario's stage is visually similar, involving him running away from a threat after acquiring the artifacts around which the game is centered. Many microgame graphic styles are similar to this game's, often involving simplistic and rough 3D models, environments and texturing. Several microgame music pieces from this game are rearranged. The final boss is a version of Wario Dance Company and involves similar looking characters, gameplay and dance steps. Megagame Muscles replicates the gameplay of the Kelorometer game mode.
  • WarioWare: D.I.Y.: The rocket from Orbulon's stage in this game appears as one of Orbulon's memories.[17]
  • WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase: The story for Dribble and Spitz's stage once again involves them competing in a race.
  • Nintendogs + Cats: One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • Wii Play Motion: One of the microgames is based on the Pose Mii Plus minigame from this game.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • Game & Wario: The calico cat seen in Gamer appears briefly in Polario's shop during 9-Volt's stage.
  • WarioWare Gold: Long-Lost Love and Distant Darling appear in a microgame. The characters reuse their designs from this game, as well as some voice clips in the story stages. The carotene logs that Orbulon brought to the potluck in this game appear as memories in the background of Orbulon's stage. Mr. Sparkles returns after being absent from Get It Together!.
  • Ring Fit Adventure: One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons: One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • Paper Mario: The Origami King: One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • WarioWare: Get It Together!: The character heads in the stage select screen and the 4-player minigames share a similar art style to the 3D models in this game. The Moai heads from Orbulon's stage in this game appear in the background of Orbulon's memories. Some of the announcer's and the characters' voice clips are reused in the story stages as well as the main sound effects from this game.
  • Metroid Dread: One of the microgames is based on this game.
  • Fire Emblem Engage: One of the microgames is based on this game.

References in other games

  • Tetris 99: A theme based on WarioWare: Move It! was made available during the 37th Maximus Cup.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 超おどる メイド イン ワリオ[2]
Chō Odoru Meido in Wario
Super Dancing Made in Wario

Chinese (simplified) 超级舞动 瓦力欧制造
Chāojí Wǔdòng Wǎlì'ōu Zhìzào
Super Dancing Made in Wario

Chinese (traditional) 超級舞動 瓦利歐製造[18]
Chāojí Wǔdòng Wǎlì'ōu Zhìzào
Super Dancing Made in Wario

Dutch WarioWare: Move It![20]
French WarioWare: Move It![21][22]
German WarioWare: Move It![23]
Italian WarioWare: Move It![24]
Korean 끝내주게 춤춰라 메이드 인 와리오[19]
Kkeunnaejuge Chumchwora Meideu in Wario
Super Dance Made in Wario

Portuguese WarioWare: Move It![25]
Spanish WarioWare: Move It![26][27]

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  • This is the first game in the WarioWare series to feature a microgame based on a video game in which neither Nintendo or Intelligent Systems is credited as a lead developer, as Fuse Games (later known as Silverball Studios) is credited as the sole developer for Mario Pinball Land.
    • Additionally, as Wii Play: Motion had its individual games developed by numerous different developers outside of Nintendo proper, this status technically also applies to its microgame in Move It!, which is based on Skip Ltd.'s Pose Mii Plus.


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